Lindsay Lohan Spends Big To Bleach Away Freckles

A source tells In Touch magazine that Lindsay Lohan is going to desperate measures to get rid of her much hated freckles. Every night, the teen queen applies a specially forumated, prescription only skin bleaching cream all over her skin. “Because it’s specially made, it costs a lot – over $100 a jar,” the source revealed. “She buys lots of jars at a time and applies it all over her face and body. And she has so many freckles that she’s going through a jar a day!” Lindsay’s rep insists the story is “completely untrue.”

Harry Winston Helps Lindsay Lohan Evade Snappers

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan made a quick pit-stop at “the Harry Winston shop to get away from [paparazzi] and started trying on pink diamonds,” according to a source. While there, Lohan had her pricey wristwatch fixed because it had already broken. “Harry Winston employees had their watchmaker fix it and when she left, surrounded her with oversize umbrellas and walked her to her car,” the source added. In return, LiLo agreed to wear some items from the jeweler to the Jingle Ball Friday night.

Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas Wish

Jeannette Walls of reports Lindsay Lohan was asked what she wanted for Christmas and replied, “If I could have one thing for the holidays, it would be for no tabloids to write anything about me.”

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Spends Big To Bleach Away Freckles

  1. alm81 says:

    She’s a redhead with freckles. If she hasn’t come to terms with that yet, then that’s pretty sad.

  2. blayze21 says:

    she better be careful before she starts lookin like Wacko Jacko… she’s so superficial. she’s goin to be one of those old ladies that Botoxes 3 times a day an looks fake as hell well she got fake breast bleached freckles whats next loho?

  3. divalamb says:

    freckles are cute on some people but she has SO many. My cousin’s had them but as she got older they just faded with time.

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