Lindsay Lohan: The Next Britney And/Or Christina?

Contributed Anonymously:

I don’t know if this is just me that’s noticing this, but I am starting to think that Lindsay is trying to be a mix between Britney Spears/ Christina Aguilera / when it comes to her music and her image. I am not trying to hate or judge too much, I think Lindsay is a great actress, but as a singer? Hard to say so far.

I recently saw her recent music video, and I don’t know, I wasn’t really all that impressed. For one, her voice is just OKAY, the song is just OKAY, the music is just OKAY, but other than that her voice doesn’t really stand out. Her whole sex appeal kind of distracted me. It just seems kind of funny to see her in a Disney movie in the movie theatres, and then see her busting out and stuff in a more sexual image when I turn the channel to MTV.

Now, I know, Lindsay is not that bad when it comes to her sex appeal, she isn’t really all that revealing, and I know that she’s 18, is young, and is naturally going to want to express herself and just be normal, what 18 year old wouldn’t want to be like that sometimes? But when I see her, I just find that she seems to be struggling to find an identity, musically. She said that she’s inspired by Britney, Christina, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, etc. And apparently, you can see that she is, since everything about her music so far and her image seems to be based on the influences of those pop stars.

But still, who is Lindsay Lohan? Is she trying to be another Britney Spears? Is she trying to be another Christina Aguilera? I just don’t feel her…I know she’s trying…but she seems to just be kind of dull, doesn’t seem to know where she is going. Before seeing pursuing a singing career, when I saw her in movies I thought of her as a cute, charming, and down to earth person, and now when I see her I see a girl that seems to try too hard to be cool, and to be sexual.

What do you guys think? Is Lindsay trying to be another Britney? Another Christina? Or will few years from now, will people be saying, Lindsay who? Lindsay who cares?

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