Lindsay Lohan Tweets About Gas Station Drama

checked in with fans on her Twitter (@sevinnyne6126) on Saturday night (May 16) after her pal Patrick Aufdenkamp got denied trying to buy cigarettes, then having the paparazzi and a “creepy guy” come along to take pictures. The singer/actress tells readers:

Okay – was just at a gas station on the way to an Asher Roth concert with my friend Jamie, Patrick, Roman, and my sister-the guy inside wouldn’t sell Pat cigs, so I went in, the guy is gonna sell them to me, but then see’s paparazzi take pics n flashes and decides not to… soo-discriminating. Against actors, designers, singers and celebs?

Then a guy creepy guy comes up & starts video taping! Not a PAP! Appears outta nowhere says he knows where I live (obviously off camera) & says he is helping me!! But when I, 2 minutes later asked him 2 delete the photo-he says no. It’s for his own protection that he cannot! Oh-sorry? You’re the stalker that is scaring me… he says “I won’t put it out anywhere” and I said, well then why can’t you delete it sir? He got aggressive & sprinted off like a little bitch running from the boogeyman.

Just giving you all a heads up if you see the FALSE/tabloid version! Xoxox linds

Lindsay Lohan Shops In Paris, Loves Adam Lambert

Lindsay Lohan and her younger sister Ali were photographed shopping at Balmain in Paris, France on Tuesday (May 12). Upon entering, Lindsay got a bit camera shy and tried to cover her face. Check out pictures from Zimbio.

Meanwhile, LiLo has revealed who she’s supporting this season on ‘American Idol’, writing on her Twitter page (@sevinnyne6126):


AHHHHH!!!! Obsessed (like Beyonce’s movie) with K’naan and my boy Adam Levine’s track – it is quite amazing, to say the least*

NOT obsessed with covers of new rock records though – leave the greatness alone!!!!!!

Might Take Lindsay Lohan Back

A source close to Lindsay Lohan and tells People that the couple could be on again. “Sam might eventually take Lindsay back … It wouldn’t surprise anyone.”

A LiLo pal added that her prior breakups with the DJ didn’t last. “It’s a cycle that can go on forever,” the friend said. “Now that things have died down a little and Lindsay is behaving herself and showing Sam what she wants to see, Sam’s strength to stay away eases up.”

Meanwhile, sources tell the mag Lohan spent Tuesday night an her ex’s Los Angeles home. Read more.

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