Lindsay Lohan Visits ‘Late Night’

Lindsay Lohan was on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday (June 22) to promote her new film ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. The teen queen discussed her new hair color, the doll she has that no longer matches her new look, adjusting to all the tabloid attention she’s getting, how she scares very easily, turning 19 on July 2nd, being driven 190 MPH for the film, and more. Read on for a rough, computer generated transcript.

Conan: All right, everybody. We’re back. How you doin’, baby? My first
guest is an actress and a singer who can currently be seen in the new film
“Herbie: Fully loaded.” Please welcome Lindsay Lohan.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Well, hello.

Conan: Thanks so much. I never know when I’m getting a kiss. So I always look like a handshake.

Lindsay: I know.

Conan: And then I look like a nerd.

[ Laughter ] Thanks for being here.

Lindsay: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Oh, of course. Yeah, yeah. Congratulations. Things are going
so well for you.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Conan: Yeah, you know, I don’t want to be — you look fantastic. I was a little hurt when you shifted from being a redhead to a blonde. ‘Cause there’s only like — there are very few of us. There was you, there’s me.

Lindsay: I know.

Conan: And there’s Elmo. Yeah.

[ Laughter ] And, like, Ralph Malph from “happy days.” There’s like

Lindsay: Elmo’s a different red.

Conan: Exactly. Yeah, but I mean, you know, so I was — I took it personally. I thought that you thought, “hey, redheads, that’s not the way to go.” You know?

Lindsay: I’m sorry.

Conan: Yeah.

Lindsay: It’s for a movie role.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: So I will be back to red.

Conan: You will be back.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Well, that’s nice. That’s nice for me. ‘Cause I remember, we
have actually your doll. Your — this is a doll, I guess, that’s a big seller. This is a doll of you.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: It looks a lot like me.

Conan: Yeah. Well, you don’t think so? It’s very nice.

Lindsay: The hair’s similar.

Conan: Yeah, that’s like really bright, bright, bright, bright, bright red. ‘Cause the doll that we sell here at the NBC store —

Lindsay: No, elmo is bright, bright, bright, bright, bright, bright,

Conan: Look at that. This is a conan doll.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Has sort of an orange —

Lindsay: They should hold hands.

Conan: You think they should hold hands? My doll’s too shy.

[ Laughter ] My doll — yeah, my doll’s like, “ahh, she doesn’t like

[ Laughter ] “Get back here, conan.” “No! I have acne.”

[ Laughter ] Press a button, and mine breaks out. It’s really sad. But you’re going to be back. You’re going to come back, which is good.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Now so much has happened, you know, in your life the last two
years. It’s all good. You’ve had so much success. You have to adjust to this tabloid thing.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Which, as we all know, is getting out of hand. And sometimes,
now, you pick up the tabloids and you learn things about yourself. Is that right?

Lindsay: I — you know, it’s really funny. I just was reading the paper yesterday, and it said I was dating someone. And it was secretive for two
months and I’m completely in love and now I’m engaged.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: It’s not true.

Conan: Right, right.

[ Laughter ] But still, do you ever, like, read it quickly and go, “wow, who is this guy?” You know —

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Yeah?

Lindsay: Happens all the time.

Conan: You’re like, this sound looks a good idea.

Lindsay: It’s kind of sick.

Conan: Yeah, yeah. I just want to be in the tabloids. I don’t care what I have to do.

[ Laughter ] I’ll walk around naked. They’re like, “no, we’re not interested.”

[ Laughter ] Maybe the naked thing isn’t helping me.

Lindsay: Maybe, maybe that’s what it is.

Conan: Is it hard for you now? I would think, like, if you just want
to meet somebody, you know, they might be intimidated by you because you’ve become a big star. You know what I mean?

Lindsay: I don’t — that’s so strange. []

Conan: Yeah, yeah.

Lindsay: I’m very normal. I’m very honest. I do have a very strong personality.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: Maybe a little too honest sometimes.

Conan: Right, right. But do you ever think there’s probably, like, some nice guys out there that would be intimidated because of the success you’ve
had, like, “well, I can’t go up to her”?

Lindsay: I would hope not.

Conan: Yeah.

Lindsay: I’m a very open person. I’m more than willing to —

Conan: Okay, we’re not talking to the audience, by the way.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I am.

Conan: Guys are starting to line up in —

[ Laughter ] Now, I read that — I don’t know if this is true —

Lindsay: Someone raised their hand.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Yeah. That shows a lot of confidence. “I don’t care. I’m here
at a tv taping. I’m going for it!”

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] You know, it’s like, “why not?” God love that guy. It’s not happening!

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Man in audience: I love you.

Conan: I love you, too, sir.

[ Laughter and applause ] Oh, he meant you. Oh, I’m sorry. You — I
read that you scare easily, is that true?

Lindsay: I get scared very easily. Please don’t scare me.

Conan: Boo!

[ Laughter ] I’m sorry. I can be very scary. I’m sorry. I didn’t —
is that true? You scare — like, you can’t go to a scary movie or anything?

Lindsay: No, I love scary movies.

Conan: Okay.

Lindsay: But I get scared very easily. I can be staring at someone and they — like you just did.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Well, people are very frightened of me often. I can look kind
of insane.

Lindsay: And I wear an eye mask to sleep.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: ‘Cause I’m afraid. I get freaked out sometimes.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: I just — I don’t know.

Conan: You know what my wife hates? When I turn to her really slowly. She can’t stand it.

[ Laughter ] Like —

Lindsay: Yeah, I don’t like that.

[ Laughter and applause ] You’re freaking me out.

Conan: I’m sorry.

[ Laughter ] Isn’t it weird, though?

Lindsay: Kind of what your doll looks like.

Conan: Yeah, it’s like —

[ Laughter ] My doll can do it, too. Get my doll to turn.

Lindsay: Oh, no.

Conan: We’ll get tight and slowly turn.

[ Laughter ] “Compete with creepy turn,” it says on the box. Well, let’s talk about something happy then, rather than you getting scared. Your birthday’s coming up, July 2nd. Do you know — are you going to have a big blowout? Do you know what you’re going to do?

Lindsay: I’m going to be working, but I think I’ll try and make it either to new york or L.A. And make sure my family comes up. And, you know, I’ll
get together with some friends, probably do something.

Conan: Right. So you like birthdays? Some people don’t like, you know, like the cake and hats. But, you know, some people don’t like that. They
— it’s weird. ‘Cause I’m a performer. I like to be out in front of people,
but whenever —

Lindsay: I think I do, too.

Conan: Yeah, exactly. But this is the thing. When people are bringing you a cake and everyone’s looking at you, that’s when I get shy. I don’t know about you. But that’s when I’m like, “don’t look at me.”

Lindsay: Yeah, you get a little shy.

Conan: Yeah, it’s a weird thing.

Lindsay: ‘Cause then the pressure’s on, and everyone’s looking at you, waiting for you to — I’m always nervous that I’m not going to be able
to blow all the candles out on the cake.

Conan: This is my secret. I just wipe them off.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I don’t really recommend that.

Conan: And then I say, “everybody out,” really angrily.

[ Laughter ] Do you like the nickname? Some people are always trying
to, you know, like, give you nicknames. Do you ever notice that? Like, you know, L. Lo or something like that?

[ Laughter ] Does that stuff make you laugh or — I never had one of
those. I’m like C. Rat or something.

[ Laughter ] But is there ever — do you like those, when people come up with —

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Yeah, they’re kind of fun. Why not?

Lindsay: My friends call me all sorts of things.

Conan: Right, right. Mine, too.

[ Laughter ] But they’re not pleasant.

Lindsay: You know.

Conan: Yeah. Okay, let’s talk about “Herbie: Fully loaded.” There’s
a lot of driving in this movie.

Lindsay: Did you say “erbie” fully loaded”?

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I do the — to me, the “h” is —

Lindsay: Did you see the movie?

Lindsay: Yeah, I do — the “h” is silent. “Erbie.”

[ Laughter ] Isn’t that nice? Herbie. It’s like herbs and spices.

[ Laughter ] I’m going to get America saying it my way. But are you
a good driver?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Yeah?

Lindsay: I wasn’t with the paparazzi incident.

Conan: Yeah, I heard about that incident. That’s unpleasant, yeah.

Lindsay: But, yeah, I a good driver. I had to take Nascar lessons. And I went to the Richard Petty driving school.

Conan: That is so cool. []

Lindsay: Which was really fun. It was scary.

Conan: How fast can you go on the track?

Lindsay: We — I wasn’t driving when we went. We went, like, 90 — 195.

Conan: 195?

Lindsay: 190. I’m exaggerating. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: After like 120, it doesn’t matter, you know?

[ Laughter ] That’s so cool.

Lindsay: And I was freaking out. And I started — I almost started crying. I was shaking.

Conan: Right.

Lindsay: ‘Cause they get really close to the walls. And you — I mean, if you do this with the wheel, you’re off the track and you’re done for.

Conan: Right, right. I think that would be very scary.

Lindsay: It was scary. But it’s fun. It’s very exhilarating. I liked

Conan: Yeah, I would think so. People say you can actually, you know, feel like you’re just living on the edge when you go that fast. I’ve never
done that. I get up to like 60, and that’s it.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Well, you — if you — I like cars. And I have a fast car.
And, you know, when you are a fast car, you don’t drive it as fast, I think, as you think you will.

Conan: Right, right. Well, a lot of times you can’T.

Lindsay: You get tickets.

Conan: Yeah, a lot of times they say, like, someone buys a fast car,
and they’re like, this thing goes up to 240. And like, where are you going?
Where are you going with this car?

[ Laughter ] Where can you drive that in the world?

Lindsay: I think it’s a power thing. It’s for guys.

Conan: Right, knowing it’s there is kind of cool.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Conan: Which is where my Ford Taurus comes in.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] It’s really loaded.

Lindsay: Now, you are going to get, like, five free Ford Tauruses?

Conan: Exactly. That’s a total value of $60,000.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Hey!

Conan: Sorry, ford.

[ Laughter ] But I mentioned it a lot, and they never sent one. So I
had to pay them back. We have a clip here from — I call it “erbie.” But you say “Herbie.” From “Herbie: Fully loaded.” What do we need to know about this clip?

Lindsay: I believe this clip is — I just graduated from college. My
father’s taking me to get a car, and he takes me to a junkyard to get a car.

Conan: Cool.

Lindsay: And this is where I meet Herbie. Erbie.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: See, I’ve got you doing it now. Let’s take a look at this clip.

Lindsay: What do you think, hon?

Lindsay: Nothing’s calling out to me.

Lindsay: Oh, now, trust me. There is a certified pre-owned champion
out there just waiting to get discovered.

[ Car horn blaring ]

Lindsay: Dad, it’s perfect. Okay, just think. If this horn hadn’t gone off, I wouldn’t have found this Nissan.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You really have a —

Lindsay: Form a bond.

Conan: Yeah. Yeah, you really feel like the car is alive. That’s why
you can get confused. “Herbie: Fully loaded” is in theaters right now.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Lindsay: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Yeah, nice to see you. Lindsay Lohan.

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