Lindsay Lohan Visits ‘The Early Show’

spoke with ‘The Early Show’ host Hannah Storm about her new film ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, the new blonde hair, working with co-stars Matt Dillon and Michael Keaton, her paparazzi accident, the stories about being too thin in the tabloids, and more.

Asked about her blonde hair that constrasts with her ‘Herbie’ look, Lohan said, “It’s for a film. A Robert Altman film ‘Prarie Home Companion’. I play Meryl Streep’s daughter. I actually haven’t seen her recently, but her hair, I wanted to go lighter, just to look more similar to her.”

On working with her ‘Herbie’ dad Michael Keaton, she said, “I kind of drove him crazy sometimes because, and I’m not like this and I don’t do this, but I was on the set and my cellphone rang in the middle of a scene and I answered it. I was like, ‘Hold on’, just to mess with him. He’s fantastic. He laughed about it. We had a lot of jokes.”

Opening up about her accident with the paparazzi, Lohan said, “I don’t think I really realized what was going on. I pulled a u-turn to get a police officer’s attention, but they can’t really do anything, because it’s legal. I’m sure that’s harassment at that point. They all turned around, it actually looked really cool. I looked in my rear-view mirror and said, ‘That’s out of a movie’. Ten cars making a u-turn. I literally turned and the guy tried to block me. I said, ‘What are you doing? You already got my picture. Leave me alone.’ He kind of smirked at me and I turned to my friend and said I can’t believe, bam, right into my car. I saw my friend fly and my door got jammed and it just all happened so fast.”

Watch the interview via below the cut.

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