Lindsay Lohan Visits ‘The Late Show’

visited ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Tuesday to promote her new film ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. The singer/actress talked about playing lacrosse, plans for her 19th birthday, her accident with the paparazzi, the controversy surrounding her dramatic weight loss, her love life, and the film. Read on for a computer generated rough transcript.

Dave: Our first guest stars if a new motion picture entitled “Herbie
Fully Loaded”, i wish i was fully loaded. It opens tomorrow, here is the
lovely Lindsay Lohan, ladies and gentlemen. (Applause)

Dave: How are you doing.

Lindsay: Good, how are you?

Lindsay: I’m fine. You look tremendous. You’re just absolutely gorgeous.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Dave: Thank you.

Lindsay: Thank you so much.

Dave: And today of course being the first day of summer and when you
were a kid growing up, was it long island more or less where you grew up.

Lindsay: Yes.

Dave: What did summer mean for you as a kid, well, are you still a kid for heaven’s sake, aren’t you.

Lindsay: Yes, I will be 19 soon.

Dave: 19 soon.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Dave: Oh my goodness.

Lindsay: So what did summer mean to me no school.

Dave: What kind of things. No school, sure.

Lindsay: Played sports. I was big on sports.

Lindsay: What kind of sports.

Lindsay: I played soccer, basketball, lacrosse.

Dave: Which were you best at.

Lindsay: Basketball.

Dave: Uh-huh. What about lacrosse. That is a vigorous physical game
did you ever get your teeth knocked out or anything?

Lindsay: If i was playing with my brother, yes. But no, in girl’s lacrosse they actually there is this rule that are you supposedly in a bubble so
no one can, you know, throw the lacrosse stick into the bubble.

Lindsay: That must, in addition to being an exciting competition it
must be a beautiful sight with all those bubbles on the field. Like something
the french would do for the Olympics. And you say so soccer, it was basketball,
lacrosse, were you ever knocked out?

Lindsay: No, i was tripped a few times kicked, you know, my friends,
if we lost we-of-they would spit on their hands and shake the girl, lovely.

Dave: That’s bad sportsmanship, of course.

Lindsay: I know, you know, sore losers t happens. []

Lindsay: And are you still active, do you have exercises and stuff that you do? Do you still play any sports now?

Lindsay: I haven’t — I mean i play basketball once in a while and sock we are my little brother. I work out.

Dave: What does that entail.

Lindsay: Not very much, i don’t like running. I like — i will walk.
I lift, not very much.

Dave: Somebody was telling me the other day that if you get like a trampoline, one of those small portable trampolines and you hop up and down on the thing you just want me to look silly.

Dave: No, but are you right, of course i would look even sillier doing that myself so i would have to do it in the dark. But if you have ever
horde anything like that, that it does something for the health of one’s cells.

Lindsay: I have never heard that. But then I’m doing well because we
have a trampoline at the house, my brother and sister, I’m on with it them whenever I’m home.

Dave: So your cells are probably in great shape.

Lindsay: Probably amazing.

Dave: Next time you go for a checkup have them look at your cells.

Lindsay: I will.

Dave: And you will be 19 soon does that mean birthday, a giant birthday party.

Lindsay: Yeah, you know, my friend and I are having a contest.

Dave: You say your friend s it a girlfriend of yours.

Lindsay: A girlfriend, not a boyfriend. My friend, it was just her birthday and she had like ten birthdays, she kept saying it was her birthday and
kept getting cake at dinner. So we’re having a contest. I started my birthday
the other night after the Herbie fully loaded premier.

Dave: Good idea. No, i wasn’t making fun of it. I was trying to explain to people what the movie is all about.

Lindsay: Okay.

Dave: Was I right about that.

Lindsay: It is a very fun family film.

Lindsay: That is exactly what i said, didn’t I say that.

Lindsay: In your own way.

Dave: Right, that’s it.

Lindsay: And you too over there.

Lindsay: Paul: In our own way we were telling what the move see really about.

Dave: That’s right, that’s right.

Lindsay: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So you go to the
premiere and start your birthday officially begins after that.

Lindsay: Yeah, so i just — i was small, I had friends did a small dinner. But I possibly will have something else. I will be in Minnesota, I’m filming a movie over there.

Dave: Wow!, So are you all over the place then aren’t you.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Dave: When you say small dinner is it portion size is what you are talking about?

Lindsay: I don’t eat according to most people so i probably won’t even eat at the dinner.

Dave: Have you lost weight, because people are always say, she is losing weight, are you losing weight.

Lindsay: Yeah, you know, after, when i was filming Herbie I got fairly ill and I was in the hospital and I lost some weight. And then there is
the pressure to keep it off. But I just started eating healthier, I was eating a lot of junk food. I’m 19, i hit puberty when i was 17 so — I’m sorry, was that inappropriate.

Dave: Would you like a Slurpee? (Laughter)

Lindsay: But I’m growing and just in front of the public.

Dave: And at your age your met an liss am is racing like mine stopped years ago. Well good, I’m glad things are good along that front. Tell me
about this, you’re being chased by a photographers, packs of parasites feeding weasels.

Lindsay: Tell me how you really feel.

Dave: And you were in an automobile accident with them, is that what

Lindsay: Yeah w we were just chased here actually also.

Lindsay: Really? You know, nobody chases me anywhere. (Laughter)

Lindsay: Should I chase you.

Dave: Yeah, do you mind. (Applause)

Lindsay: I was, you know, i had a quiet lunch with my friend.

Dave: Same friend.

Lindsay: No, different friend. I actually have more than one friend,
it’s kind of funny.

Dave: Let me ask you, do you have a boyfriend.

Lindsay: No, do you want to hear my paparazzi story.

Dave: Yes, we will get to that in a minute. But you don’t have a boyfriend.

Lindsay: I don’t, but i read today that I do, which is kind of funny. And I’m getting engaged and I’m in love and have been hiding it for two

Lindsay: None of that is true then is it.

Lindsay: I don’t know.

Dave: It is not true, but you go out on dates with guys, do you go out —

Lindsay: Not recently, no.

Lindsay: Could you go out —

Lindsay: In groups of people if there is people there that you like
but —

Lindsay: Like a guy might not call you up and say let’s miniature golf or something, i don’t —

Lindsay: Well, a friend of mine was like let’s go miniature golfing.
Funny you said that,ut no. I have been working too much.

Dave: I know, me too. But if you had a boyfriend, you probably wouldn’t even tell me right here, would you.

Lindsay: I wouldn’t tell you.

Dave: So likely you have a boyfriend.

Lindsay: I don’t know.

Dave: I don’t know.

Lindsay: Again, how do you know that i don’t have an engagement ring
and it is in my dressing room and I just didn’t want you to see it.

Dave: I have been through stuff up there and i — (applause)

Dave: Whenever we have a guest on it i like to go through their belongings.

Lindsay: Okay.

Dave: All right, anyway, let’s get back to the story about the photographers, they are chasing you and then what happens it?

Lindsay: I started to see more cars build up and there ended up being about eight to ten cars. And i didn’t know what to do so I was calling
the police and they couldn’t do anything.

Dave: Wait a minute, the police couldn’t do anything, why couldn’t the police do anything?

Lindsay: Because they can take your picture, they are allowed. They
can just say they weren’t following you.

Lindsay: But if they were driving recklessly.

Lindsay: That is harassment but they obviously didn’t.

Dave: You about I with have told the police yes, but they are driving recklessly.

Lindsay: I said it’s endangering the people and cutting people off.

Dave: And the police said we can’t help you.

Lindsay: I got hung up on. So I saw a police car drive by and i was
on, if anyone knows L.A. Third and, there is construction going on, and there is cones up. And I’m just going to make the u-turn, cars coming, it’s fine and I think I can, after Herbie I think I can just drive really fast all the time.

Dave: Sure.

Lindsay: So i pulled the u-turn, they all make u-turns it, which actually looked kind of cool from the rear view mirror all these cars making u-turns.

Dave: Half a dozen or more.

Lindsay: Yeah. And one tried to kind of corner me in, blocked blocked all of the cars, I screamed out of my window what are you doing, you already got the picture, please leave me alone. He smirked at me which was creepy and i turned my head to my friend, i cannot believe, and bam into my door, all i see is my friend’s head lie into the window. Oh my god, I started
hysterical crying, freaking out. And they continued to take my picture.

Dave: So the guy did it deliberately to get you in an agitated moment.

Lindsay: I feel like they put you in a position where they will get
the first shot.

Lindsay: And I always say well thank god i didn’t get in an accident, I feel like they are going to try to make me get into an accident. And
I almost got hit again the other day.

Dave: So they were all arrested. The police finally come.

Lindsay: One of them was. So you know, i have to speak to police again and make another statement.

Dave: I will do anything i can. Whatever you — whatever you need.

Lindsay: They’re not going to start chasing you.

Dave: They don’t care about chasing me. But I’m glad you weren’t injured

Lindsay: I have a lot of bruises, makeup does wonders.

Dave: Well, thank god. And to drive the Herbie loaded car you had to
take driving lessons, special driving lessons.

Lindsay: I did and i understand that —

Lindsay: He was at the premiere of Herbie fully loaded.

Lindsay: I said I really wish you could come, and it got to her somehow.

Dave: She is tremendous, she is like the real deal. []

Lindsay: She’s amazing and she’s beautiful is so we had fun.

Dave: The whole thing was my idea. (Laughter)

Lindsay: So then why isn’t she here.

Dave: Because she’s out driving. That is what she does. She is racing cars.

Lindsay: She wasn’t driving the other day.

Dave: That is exactly what she does. Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back we’re going to take a look at a clip from “Herbie fully loaded”


Dave: Lindsay Lohan, ladies and gentlemen. Now the movie “Herbie fully loaded” opens tomorrow and tell people who is in the cast of the movie.

Lindsay: Who’s in the cast.

Dave: Yeah.

Lindsay: Matt Dillon. Michael Keaton.

Dave: That’s trum does to have Michael Keaton in the movie.

Lindsay: He is amazing.

Lindsay: He is an old friend of ours, he is going to be here tomorrow.

Lindsay: Yeah, maybe i should —

Lindsay: Was he nice, working with Michael Keaton.

Lindsay: He is fantastic, working with actors like that, that are so
established, it is nice to get a lot of advice and just watch them on the set.

Dave: Good. So what are we going to see in the clip.

Lindsay: We are seeing the final race of the movie.

Lindsay: You play a race driver.

Lindsay: I’m driving Herbie, I’m a race driver. And you know, Michael Keaton is isn’t supportive of me going,.

Dave: He plays your father.

Lindsay: I question, i make it into the finals, i qualify and at the
race and this is me racing.

Lindsay: What is Herbie loaded with?

Lindsay: Me.

Dave: Oh, with you. That certainly is a load, isn’t it?

Lindsay: Oh god.

Dave: Okay. Let’s take a look here now.” Herbie, fully loaded “opens

Dave: .

Lindsay: Okay, I’m leaving.

Lindsay: That would be something if that was Herbie (applause) there
was a mixup in the control room. Okay. Herbie.

Dave: We’re professionals.

Lindsay: Really?

Lindsay: Here’s Herbie fully loaded.

Lindsay: We’re right back in. Wide just behind the leaders in turn three, oh, she takes a shot and another one. And now one from casey kay, herbie
is getting pounded in the middle of this.

Lindsay: Gas it now, gas it right now.

Lindsay: I’ve heard of running over the competition but I’ve never seen it done like that. (Applause)

Dave: Opens tomorrow. Lindsay Lohan, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you
so much, always a pleasure.

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