Lindsay Lohan Visits ‘The Tonight Show’

dropped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday to promote her new film ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, which hits theaters next Wednesday. Lohan talked about her problems with the paparazzi, all the talk about her weight loss, the Backstreet Boys — who performed later in the show, and dating Aaron Carter. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: My first guest has become one of the biggest young stars around. And a very nice young woman. She’s starring in the new movie “herbie: Fully loaded,” opens next Wednesday. She’s on the cover of “elle” magazine. Please welcome the lovely Lindsay Lohan.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Good to see you, kiddo. Welcome back.

Lindsay: They were playing my song when I was standing back there. Thank you, guys. That was awesome.

Jay: We do our homework.

Lindsay: So I almost didn’t make it here.

Jay: Yeah, what happened?

Lindsay: We were running a little late. You know girls.

Jay: Yeah, I know.

Lindsay: Actually, it was because my little brother is getting on a
a plane with my family to come here to visit me for the premiere this weekend
and heard that there was a small earthquake.

Jay: Oh, yeah.

Lindsay: And it’s thundering and lightning in new york. And he was like, “I’m not getting on the plane.” He’s 9. It’s his birthday today. I forgot
to wish him a happy birthday.

Jay: Well, you just did.

Lindsay: Happy birthday, Cody.

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, that’s — well, that’s scary. You got
lightning, and then you hear there’s an earthquake where you’re going. That’s not good.

Lindsay: Well, he doesn’t like flying anyway. My mom puts it in his

Jay: But he’s okay?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: So he’s in the air now.

Lindsay: I don’t know.

Jay: Oh.

Lindsay: He wouldn’t get in the car.

Jay: Oh, wow. Well, hopefully, he’ll get here.

Lindsay: I was like, “Cody, I have to go. I’m going to do Jay Leno.
I have to get off the phone.” He was like, no! He’ll get over it.

Jay: Well, you made the right choice.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: My brother would have been the right choice. I should have
stayed on the phone.

Jay: No, you did the right thing. I’m sure he’s fine. Now I was worried about you. A couple of weeks ago, I’m watching the news and I see this
car accident thing. Well, what happened there?

Lindsay: I was worried about me, too. I don’t think I realized what
happened until it actually — until the day after when everyone was saying things about it. I was driving, being chased. And I was with my friend. And I was trying — I was on the phone with the police. And they couldn’t do anything, so they hung up about three times.

Jay: When you say you’re being chased — now I know you. You’re a very nice person. When you’re out there, I see you stop, you take pictures.
Now you’re not the type of person, “oh, get away from me.”

Lindsay: Oh, no. I’m nice to them.

Jay: So why are they chasing you?

Lindsay: I don’t know. You know, they start calling each other, and
then ten cars build up. And it was — they were cutting people off. And it was dangerous for other people in cars. I mean, they have children in cars. So I saw a police car drive by. It was on third and we pulled the u-turn. And then as I’m going to pull away, he cornered me. And I was like, “what are you doing?” And he looked and me and smirked and then drove into my door, the second I turned my head. And I felt the door, like, someone drive into the door. I started freaking out. I got my door jammed.

Jay: So this is a paparazzi guy, obviously.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Now is he —

Lindsay: And then they came over and kept taking pictures.

Jay: So he — but I suppose — why is that? The idea if they can catch you scared or upset that’s worth more?

Lindsay: I think — I don’t even know. It’s just — it’s gotten to a
a point now where it just gets so ridiculous. They kind of put you in a situation where they can get you to react a certain way, and then they can get that first shot. I think. I’m just thankful that no one was seriously injured.

Jay: Yeah.

Lindsay: My friend hurt her head. I have bruises all over.

Jay: Well, show your car. Show what happened to your car.

Lindsay: Oh, my god.

Jay: There you go. I mean, that’s not taken lightly. I mean, that’s
a real — it’s not like somebody dinged you. I mean, that’s a real smash.

Lindsay: I know. I try to make light of it. I had really good shoes
on and h bodn em ’em? You should sue them.

Lindsay: You know, I’m working on just promoting Herbie but I’m going to get into that.

Jay: You know, I kind of know what you went through. ‘Cause one day,
I’m going down burbank. And I see all these photographers parked, and they’re
standing, and I said — I go, “hi, you guys.” “Hey, Jay, how you doing?” I said, “what are you doing?” We’re waiting for you. You know, that’s what
they said. You know, “we’re waiting for Lindsay.” And I said, “oh, oh.”&

> Ibe.

>Yed , , I had her myrent.”F13 f you did?&-P3usted ? And they start chasing me.

[ Laughter ] So I go, “see ya.” “Go, go, go, go!” And I’m going down
— and they’re coming after me.O ad m in ” ae ey coming after me?” I’m a 55-year-old guy. Get away from me.

Lindsay: I was driving. And I was — this was yesterday. And they were chasing me again, obviously. And I was — Nicole Richie had gone by a friend of ours house. And I kind of tricked them and let my friend get in my car, and then jumped in my car and tricked them into following her, and they
followed her.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: And the other thing —

[ Applause ] The other thing that people seem to be obsessed about is your weight. Now I’ve seen you wolf down cheeseburgers. Why are they obsessed
about your weight?

Lindsay: You know, the thing is, people go through a time in their life when their growing up. I’m going to be 19. My body is still changing. And
it’s just people see people when they’re older and they’ve already lost weight. You know, I’m learning to eat healthy, working out. I’m healthy. My mother would kill me if I wasn’t.

Jay: You look great. Now what is this I heard — that you might be in “Playboy”?

Lindsay: What?

Jay: That’s what I heard.

Lindsay: That’s so uncomfortable.

Jay: Kevin said it to me, and sa –

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Didn’t you ask me that last time I was here?

Jay: No, Kevin bugged me about it, and I said, “Kevin, I’ll ask her
when she gets here.”

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I also —

Jay: You’re not going to do it, are you?

Lindsay: Obviously not.

Jay: No, no.

Lindsay: My sister called me and said that she was reading the magazine and it said my mother was going to be in playboy. Now my mom works at the PTA at school, I’ll have you know.

[ Laughter ] So it’s kind of embarrassing for my 12-year-old sister
to read that to me on the phone. It’s not true.

Jay: But, you know, that would get a lot of single dads to come to more PTA meetings.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: My mom’s hot.

Jay: So you’re not going to do it then, right? Good.

Lindsay: I have no words. No.

Jay: ‘Cause Disney would be upset. Walt would roll over.

Lindsay: Disney? I think a lot — my grandmother would be upset.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Now would you be upset — let’s say your mom did it. Would you
go, “ma!”

Lindsay: I would never speak to my mother again. That’s disgusting!

Jay: Really? It is.

Lindsay: My brother and his friends see my mom naked.

Jay: Your brother is 9. He should not be reading “playboy.”

[ Laughter and applause ] I never thought of it that way. Yeah, yeah. Well, let’s — I’m glad, I’m glad. You made the right choice. ‘Cause I
was going to say, “no”

Jay: No, no. We’ll be right back. More with lindsay, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Pick one, your job or your wife. That’s the choice this man
faces. If he walks down the aisle with his bride, he’s fired.

Jay: Welcome back, with Lindsay Lohan, from “Herbie: Fully loaded”,
you look great. Are you in love?

Lindsay: No. But I was watching the show the other day. And, I saw Tom Cruise. I know he is in love. So, in honor of tom cruise, for everyone who is not in love, I’m gonna pull a Tom.

[ Cheers ]

Jay: Oh, wow. Very good.

Lindsay: I had to. I love Tom Cruise. But I just had to do it. Also
for dean, my security guard.

Jay: And you’re blonde now, is this new?

Lindsay: This is, this is for a new role.

Jay: Oh okay, for a part okay.

Lindsay: I am playing Meryl Streep’s daughter, which I’m very honored.

Jay: Very good. Now, tell us about “Herbie: Fully loaded.”

Lindsay: All right, the movie.

[ Light laughter ] Herbie is — it’s a Nascar movie. It’s obviously
a Disney remake. And you know, I love working with Disney. They have a
way of taking remakes. And they have everyone — the original generation
of people that have seen it. And then, you know, they update it in the
perfect way, so that it’s a family movie, and it’s uplifting. And it still
has all the great elements from the original. And we have Danica Patrick,
who’s out now, who’s also a a female race car driver. Which is great.

Jay: Did you see her at Indianapolis — did you watch that race?

Lindsay: I did, I saw her — well I saw a bunch of stuff on her after, I didn’t watch the entire race.

Jay: Yeah she did very good. That’s the first woman ever to lead —

Lindsay: Well it’s perfect timing.

[ Cheers and applause ] And she’s beautiful.

Jay: Yes she is beautiful. So it’s nice, it’s very empowering for women.

Jay: Now, you play a tomboy in this one, right? What’s the idea, what’s your character like?

Lindsay: She is a tomboy. She is just graduating college. She is a skateboarder. A skater chick. And you know, she’s kind of coming into her own. And, wants to be a race car driver, and doesn’t have as much support from her father as she’d want, ’cause he doesn’t feel like it’s safe. But, she does it
anyway. And you know, it’s basically about following your dreams.

Jay: Now, do you like to go fast? Are you a car girl?

Lindsay: After that accident, I could have used Herbie.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, I like fast cars. I know you do.

Jay: Yeah, I love fast cars. Now, can you drive a stick?

Lindsay: I had to learn for the movie. But, I tried it on a BMW after, and I prefer driving the VW, because it was a lot easier.

Jay: Okay see, now a real race car person would not say, “well the BMW is nice, but I prefer the VW.”

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Well, I was acting, Jay. That’s my character that prefers.

Jay: Oh your character prefers it, oh okay.

Lindsay: But, I did get to drive — they turned Herbie into a a Nascar.

Jay: Now did you do this when you were learning to drive? Did you have one of these?

Lindsay: No, I was pretty good.

Jay: Really, you got it right from the get-go?

Lindsay: There were a few times when it was a little unsafe to be around the car.

Jay: Did you stall a few times?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: And did you go to racing school?

Lindsay: I did. I had to learn, you know, just maneuvering. You know
what the hardest part for me was? Getting in and out of the car. The Nascar.
Well, ’cause you have to slide in. And, I wasn’t used to being in a fire suit and a helmet. All of that jazz.

Jay: That’s what you should have when you have the paparazzi on you.
You should wear the fire suit and the helmet. So they don’t —

[ Laughter ] When they pull up, it’s just, “ooh look a chick in a helmet.”

Lindsay: That would be a little bit more obvious, I think, someone driving with a helmet and a a fire suit.

[ Laughter ] Hi, I’m not trying to get anyone’s attention.

Jay: But, they wouldn’t know it was you, that’s what I’m saying.

Lindsay: Well, now they will, ’cause they heard me.

Jay: Let’s show the scene. What is happening here? Okay, this is when — what’s happening here?

Lindsay: Herbie is kidnapping me.

Jay: Okay. Herbie the car is kidnapping you.

Lindsay: I’m actually about to race Matt Dillon.

Jay: Okay, here, take a a look.

Lindsay: I don’t want to race.

Lindsay: Race, race, race!

Lindsay: What are you trying to do to me, you crazy little car?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Good! Now, you know, the backstreet boys are here.

[ Screams and applause ] Didn’t you used to date Nick’s brother when
you were younger?

[ Audience ohs ]

Lindsay: I saw Aaron two weeks ago or so. It was just, we are friends. It is cool.

Jay: Where did you see him? Was it across a room? Was it one of these?

[ Laughter ] Was it one of those eyes meet across the room?

Lindsay: You know you always see everyone — it’s very incestual. So, you see someone who’s dating your friend, and then you dated them. But no, I saw him, I was actually in Miami, seeing a a concert. The Backstreet Boys performed. They were great.

[ Cheers ]

Jay: Now, is there any special guy now at all?

Lindsay: Any special guy?

Jay: Yeah.

Lindsay: No. Even if there was, I wouldn’t tell you.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You know what that means?

Lindsay: I made that mistake last time.

Jay: That means yes there is — see when you say that, that means
yes there is.

Lindsay: No, there isn’t. But, it’s nice to leave everyone wondering.

Jay: That’s true, they will be wondering. Lindsay, congratulations.

[ Screams and applause ] “Herbie: Fully loaded.” We’ll be right back
with jeremy piven, right after this.

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