Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Tempted By Liquor

Lindsay Lohan swears off Bogie's Liquor

checked in with her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) on Saturday night, talking about being on the set of her new film ‘Lovelace’, where she plays adult film star Linda Lovelace, and catching heat for being around alcohol while being on probation and wearing a SCRAM bracelet. The 23-year-old writes:

Filming – it feels good being on set!

The website that keeps trying to be so negative couldn’t be more wrong in regards to me putting myself in places where I may be “tempted”..

and on top of that… everyone one is different, therefor – certain situations, people, and places will effect everyone differently –

I’m doing and feeling great, filming right now and so happy… I really feel lucky :)

#captainOBVIOUSreturns–this is a place I will NOT be hangin’ at! right @amadio ??

Calum Best Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan’s Current Problems

Calum Best tells ITN his former lover Lindsay Lohan’s problems could be partly because she is so famous that she doesn’t get a minute to breathe. “I don’t like to pry into other people’s business, but all I can say is I wish her all the best,” the British star said at a Samsung event last week. “The problem sometimes is with people that are that famous – they get so hounded that they don’t get a minute to breathe and it can be overpowering. And if you don’t have supporting people around you then it can be tough too. So all I say to her is I wish her all the best.” For his own part, Calum says he’s cleaned himself up.

Video of the comments at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Tempted By Liquor

  1. Jeff Williams says:

    And I promise not to be tempted by Lindsey Lohan. LOL!

  2. tr says:

    I also can’t imagine that Lindsay whom we all know as at this moment is the exact same Lindsay in which starred in Herbie the love bug as well as mean girls. It is just a complete travesty to find out how the legal courts have taken care of this and exactly how a Hollywood organization paid 7 figures for that story right after she gets outside of prison. absolutely nothing hotter then Hollywood glorifying criminal action. The whole Lohan household are fully out of their brains. Dina and Micheal did a really excellent job…not.

  3. Hayden Winters says:

    I am not sure if sending someone to prison would help anyone to fight their addiction!

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