Lindsay Lohan Would Be Smart To Stick With Harry Morton

The Chicago Sun-Times checked in with a Harry Morton source in wake of the reports he’s engaged or even married to Lindsay Lohan. “Yes, this is certainly a serious relationship, but they’ve only been dating for such a short time. … I’m pretty sure they’re not even yet engaged, let alone married,” said the source. “But she would be smart to grab Harry if she can — he’s a terrific guy who’s very anchored. He doesn’t do drugs or drink. Plus he’s as nice and smart as he is handsome.”

Promises A Different Third Album

tells OK! magazine expect more music from her, despite the poor sales of her previous effort, ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’. “I’m really looking forward to putting a record together again,” Lohan said. “I’ve been working on lyrics. This album will be different from the others.”

Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard, Ignores Boyfriend In London

The Mirror reports Lindsay Lohan was behaving badly at Kabaret’s Prophecy in London the other night, knocking back the vodkas and exchanging numbers with one of 50 Cent’s posse and serial British womanizer Calum Best and ignoring boyfriend Harry Morton. “Lindsay and Harry barely talked all night, she was busy dancing with other blokes and even gave her number out twice,” a source said. “At one stage she demanded that the men’s toilets be closed off for her because she didn’t like the ladies. But all was OK by the end of the night as she and Harry left together.”

Lindsay Lohan And Harry Morton Already Married?

A source close to Lindsay Lohan tells Star magazine the 20-year-old singer/actress could already be married to Pink Taco CEO Harry Morton. The insider says Lohan phoned her mother Dina on 2nd and announced, “Mom, I’m getting married!” The tipster added, “Lindsay explained that Harry gave her a gorgeous ring and that he asked her to marry him.” Friends said that they believe the couple could be married already.

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