Lindsay Lohan’s Cell Phone Number Hacked?

Defamer reports that if you now call the number had for pal on her hacked T-Mobile Sidekick, the following voice message is the response you’ll get: “[burp] I’m a whore… [burp]… I’m a whooooore… [burp]… I’m a fu**ing whore.”

Lindsay’s Dad: Do Reality Show Or Face Lawsuit Hell

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father Michael recently sent the teen queen’s mom, Dina, a letter demanding that she and Lindsay participate in a reality show, ‘Living With the Lohans’ – or else: “Otherwise we go full-boar [sic] and the lawsuits start, the kids get subpoenaed, forensics are done, witnesses are called in, the press gets involved and people go to jail for fraud,” Lohan wrote.

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5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Cell Phone Number Hacked?

  1. divalamb says:

    why would it be hacked and not some stupid message a friend of hers did? whatever the case, he speaks the truth.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    What’s more pathetic than the list being leaked, is the people calling the phone #’s. What the hell do you get out of calling somebody that’s “famous”…the likely responses will be they’ll either Not Answer Hang up on you Or Not give a damn about what you have to say. People can be too crass sometimes.

  3. astrange1 says:

    probably what happened was Lindsay changed her # after the calls started coming and some sick pup then requested the same # and put that message on it. Damn, wish I had thought of it.

    Lindsay was on TV today and said when the whole thing came down she ended up with 142 missed messages in the space of 5 minutes. So yes, that was her real number.

  4. allen says:

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