Lindsay Lohan’s Dad – Livid At Dina – Talks With Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton videotaped the telephone conversation he had with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael, who wasn’t happy with reports circulating that although he’s going to be able to see his daughter in rehab, his ex-wife Dina is attempting to take credit.

Michael said Dina isn’t in support of his attempted reconciliation with Lindsay, that Dina is abusing cocaine, that Dina’s new boyfriend is an alleged rapist, that Dina had been in more than five drunk driving incidents resulting in accidents, which have not been caught by police, and more.

Watch the call below.

‘Newsmakers Of The Year’ Teen Choice Award Scrapped

For those wondering why Larry Birkhead or Sanjaya Malakar were on hand for the Teen Choice Awards, apparently both were nominated for a ‘Newsmakers of the Year’ award – along with Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton – but the idea was nixed.

“Paris was nominated for her 23-day stint in jail, Lindsay for her latest DUI bust and Britney for the infamous head-shaving incident,” a source revealed to the New York Post. “But none of them would dare to show up… all the publicists [for the trio] went crazy on Fox, and they just scrapped the category.”

Cirque Rehab Staff Catches LiLo In Bathroom Romp With Male Patient

News of the World reports Lindsay Lohan was caught with a male patient at the Cirque Lodge in Utah after staff members heard moaning noises coming from inside a cubicle. “Staff were alerted to the bathroom because there were strange noises coming from inside and two voices could be heard,” a source tells the tab. “When they opened the door, Lindsay was in a compromising position with the guy – who’s also at Cirque for drug rehab. He was a good looking bloke – tall, with brown hair and quite muscular… just what Lindsay likes. Rumors spread like wildfire across the place that they’d been having sex. When staff found them they were all flustered and Lindsay’s hair was all over the shop. They looked like two naughty children who had been caught kissing behind the bike sheds.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Reacts To 2x DUI Plea

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has reacted to news that the 21-year-old pleaded no contest to two DUI charges on Thursday, telling ‘The Insider’: “I am overjoyed that the system sees that Lindsay is getting the help she needed by putting her best foot forward and by going to rehab. I think between her attorney, Blair Berk, and her therapists at Cirque Lodge, she’s around people that care about her best welfare and Lindsay as a human being. I just hope I can be part of the right path she is on.”

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