Lindsay Lohan’s Dad: ‘This Was Inevitable’

WNBC spoke with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael, who pleaded for his daughter to contact him following her car crash and DUI arrest. “Lindsay, I’ve been trying to get this message to you for a long time now – I’m here for you, I love you,” the 47-year-old said. “This is about love and forgiveness. I’m your father and that’s all that matters to me is being your father. I don’t want anything from you but to be there for you. I never did honey, and you know that. Unfortunately, other people have different motives. I’m sorry for that, but you know what, you’re the most important thing in my life, and I’m sure mommy’s life and your brother’s and sister’s life, and we just want to all be there for you. Please honey, get in touch with me and let’s get this right. I love you.”

The interview video at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s Father Provides Statement After Car Crash & DUI

Lindsay Lohan’s father has contacted X17 with a statement following the car crash and her subsequent arrest under suspicion of DUI, cocaine possession, and fleeing scene of an accident. “Lindsay needs to find God, get better, clean house and start all over again with the people who were there for her at the beginning: her family,” Michael writes. “Too many people are around Lindsay for the wrong reasons. They want to see what they can get from her instead of caring about Lindsay herself.” Read more, including a photo of 47-year-old Michael sporting a see-thru mesh shirt, here.

Warning From Lindsay’s Dad Just Before Car Crash & Arrest

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael spoke with The Mirror in an article published just hours before the 20-year-old wrecked her Mercedes and was charged with driving under the influence. “In one of our conversations she told me, ‘Daddy, I am just like you! I am you’,” said Michael, 47. “I’m the first to admit I’ve made mistakes in the past – whether it was from acting out, abusing cocaine and alcohol or listening to the wrong people. But I hope and pray my daughter learns from my mistakes. I don’t want her to end up where I did.”

Underaged Lindsay Lohan Parties At Les Deux Until 3:30 AM

TMZ has more footage of Lindsay Lohan before her car accident and subsequent DUI charge, as well as crash scene footage. The site reports that underaged Lohan had been partying at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux until 3:30 AM, well after the 2 AM closing time. The 20-year-old stayed in the club’s exclusive back room.

Footage at has since been removed.

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