Lindsay Lohan’s Father Defends Himself On ‘Primetime’

Lindsay Lohan 'Speak'

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael was interviewed on ABC’s ‘Primetime Live’ on Thursday where they talked about his destructive behavior that has been damaging his daughter’s career. They also spoke with Aaron Carter, who dated Lohan and has dealt with similar circumstances with his manager/mother, whom he sued at the age of 16, claiming that she withdrew thousands of dollars from his account, without his permission. An allegation she denies. “They get so caught up in the business and the politics,” Carter said. “That they kind of forget how to be a mother or father. And they just worry about — how much money can i make today?” Aaron added, “I was feeling really confused. Like it was a tug-of-war kind of. I’m sure that’s how Lindsay feels, too.” Read on for a transcript from the segment.

Reporter: Last weekend, he was charged with drunk driving, when his car burst into flames, after crashing into a utility pole. It’s just the most recent crisis in a painful family saga, that’s playing out in the public eye. A young star, grappling with the pressures of new-found fame and fortune. She’s been called the queen bee of the teen girls set. Lindsay lohan, so hot and so cool. Just 18, her new album, “Speak,” debuted at number four on the pop charts. She should feel on top of the world. But listen closely. And you hear some of the turmoil in her personal life. Lindsay Lohan, a fresh face on the silver screen, with “mean girls,” and “Freaky Friday.” She first burst on the scene when she was a freckled-face 12-year-old, in “The Parent Trap.” She played twins separated by the divorce of a feuding mother and father.

It’s scary the way nobody stays together anymore.

Tell me about it.

Reporter: And ironically, now finds herself locked in her
own real-life parent trap. Her father and mother’s bitter, public divorce. Earlier this month, her father went to court, demanding half of what his wife, Dina, earned managing their daughter, Lindsay. That could be millions of dollars.

Michael Lohan: I want Dina to put the kids first and be a mother first.

Reporter: Whether wittingly or unwittingly, a father has thrust himself
into his daughter’s spotlight. Causing embarrassing headlines. Giving interviews.
Press conferences. Statements to the media. And here, the latest pictures from this past weekend. After that fiery wreck that could have claimed his life. Lohan was jailed, charged with drunk driving. And is being held without bail.

>> At the scene he exhibited science of impairment, intoxication. Had
the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, as well.

Reporter: Just before the accident, he explained his side of the story.
Insisting he’s just a concerned father. We wanted to ask him about the behavior that’s created so many embarrassing headlines for his daughter.

Michael Lohan: Good guy, bad boy. Are they true? Am I — yes.

Michael Lohan: Am i looting anybody? No. Have i taken a penny from my daughter []

Reporter: is the latest a long line of child stars who navigated an emotional minefield when fame and money came between them and a parent. It started with Jackie Koogen, a child star from the — his case set the precedent for protection of child stars and their fortunes. Gary Coleman had to sue his parents to recoup millions of dollars in earnings. Macaulay Culkin’s parents used him as their primary means of support. Until the courts wrestled control of his finances away from him. And then, there’s pop idol, Aaron Carter. He sued his manager mother, when he was 16. Claiming that she withdrew thousands of dollars from his account, without his permission. An allegation she denies.

Aaron Carter: They get so caught up in the business and the politics.
That they kind of forget how to be a mother or father. And they just worry about — how much money can i make today?

Reporter: Carter is a former boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan.

Aaron Carter: I was feeling really confused. Like it was a tug-of-war
kind of. I’m sure that’s how Lindsay feels, too.

Reporter: Just this past year Lindsay’s father, who is now separated
from his family and living with his parents, subjected his famous daughter to a Whitman’s sampler of embarrassment. Several restraining orders taken out by your wife. She won’t allow you to see the kids, get close to them. You’re accused of assaulting your brother-in-law. You’re accused of punching sanitation worker.

Michael Lohan: Firstly, with my brother-in-law —

Reporter: But Lohan always has an explanation. He plead guilty to assaulting his brother-in-law, he claims he was provoked.

>> What happened?

Michael Lohan: My brother-in-law got drunk and came to my house.

Reporter: And that sanitation work center.

Michael Lohan: I pushed him after he hit me with a garbage bag.

Reporter: But Lohan pleaded guilty to that charge, too. He was sent
to a rehab clinic and sentenced to anger management classes. And how about that hotel incident?

Michael Lohan: I didn’t know about it until I walked out of court. And
they put cuffs on me.

Reporter: A judge ordered him to pay the bill. It wasn’t always this
way. Michael and Dina got married in 1985. Here, in these never-before-seen home videos, the family during happier times. He was a Wall Street commodities
broker. She was a Radio City Rockette. They raised four, beautiful children. An upscale new york suburb. What was Lindsay like as a little girl?

Michael Lohan: She was a character. A real character. Spunkier than

Michael Lohan: But i knew that she’d go some place with it. Because
she was just that natural. She’s gifted. She’s blessed.

Reporter: But in 1990, Michael Lohan pleaded guilty to criminal contempt, on charges of defrauding clients. He was sentenced to 36 months in jail.
How would you describe those years?

Michael Lohan: Regardless of the ups and downs and the turmoil, Dina and I found a way to get through them. And always be happy. Even when i
was away in prison.

Reporter: It was during that time in prison, that Lindsay started working. It she appeared in more than 60 television commercials, include including
this one for Hines. After “The Parent Trap,” she signed a three-movie
contract with Disney.

Aaron Carter: First time I met that girl, i knew she had the personality
and the talent to go out there and be number one.

Reporter: At the same time Lindsay’s star was rising, her parents’ marriage of almost 20 years was crumbling. Her mother, Dina, took out a restraining order against her husband, on the same day he took out a restraining order against her. She filed police reports saying you were violating the restraining
order. She was at her mother’s house. When my husband called me on my cell phone and stated, I’m coming for you.

Michael Lohan: That’s a lie. When I said I’m coming for you, that’s
when we moved into a new house. And she went to her parents house to pick up the dog. I said I’m coming over to the house to pick you up. They twisted it. Listen, I’m not going to defend a bunch of lies.

Reporter: But you keep breaking the law. You were arrested again for
violating —

Michael Lohan: I went.

Reporter: You go back to the house and violating the restraining order.

Michael Lohan: I did go by the house unjustified. The police said I
could get my clothes.

Reporter: You plead guilty.

Michael Lohan: That was part of my guilty plea. I had to. I plead guilty to what I had to plead guilty for.

Reporter: You feel the family should trust you after all this?

Michael Lohan: There’s no reason why my kids shouldn’t trust me.

Reporter: But you earn trust.

Michael Lohan: Yes. And i never, never, never, have given my children any reason not to trust me.

Reporter: But now, Lindsay Lohan is paying for security for her mother and siblings, as he continues to speak out. She avoids talking about her
father or the divorce. How do you explain all the terrible publicity? You’re embarrassing her.

Michael Lohan: The nature of the beast is bad publicity. People don’t
write about good things. They write about bad things.

Reporter: Do you admit this is hurting her career?

Michael Lohan: No. Has it? It’s got more offers than ever now. Didn’t
— don’t they say any publicity is good publicity?

Reporter: Can’t you remove yourself for a second and be a selfless father. And say for my daughter I’ll do this?

Michael Lohan: I’m a selfless human being. But i will not be selfless
to the extent where people drag me through the mud.

Reporter: If you love your daughter, why is that so important? As a
father myself —

Michael Lohan: To be —

Reporter: I can’t see that doing to my own daughter.

Michael Lohan: I’m not doing anything to hurt my daughter.

Announcer: Michael Lohan says he’s not doing anything to hurt his daughter. When we come back, you decide. When you hear his controversial offer for public reconciliation. When “Primetime Live” returns.

Announcer: Teen idol Lindsay Lohan. A family torn apart. And her father’s controversial plan to reunite them all.

“Primetime” continues, behind the scenes with teen idol Lindsay Lohan and her agonizing family battle. Here’s John Quinones.

Reporter: In 2004, Lindsay Lohan was crowned queen at the teen choice awards. She mentioned almost every member of her family.

Lindsay Lohan: I have to thank my sister, alley. My brother, Cody. My
mom. My friends that are here. T.J., What’s up?

Reporter: At the teen choice awards, she gets up there and thanks everyone but you.

Michael Lohan: That hurt. Do I think Lindsay said that out of malice?
Absolutely not.

Reporter: Lindsay and her father haven’t spoken for months. The restraining order taken out by her mother, forbids him from calling her. If you could
talk to Lindsay, what would you tell her right now?

Michael Lohan: I love her more than anything in the world. With all
my heart. And I’m sorry ts has gotten to the extent it has. Just want to be your dad again, like i always was.

Reporter: Do you think your daughter owes you anything?

Michael Lohan: Parents owe children. Children don’t owe parents. The
only thing children owe parents is respect.

Reporter: But how much does Lohan’s wife, Dina, owe her husband, in their divorce settlement? Even though he admits that his wife was primarily
responsible for building Lindsay’s career, he is demanding half of the money she said as Lindsay’s manager. Indirectly, you’re getting it from Lindsay.

Michael Lohan: If I — if you turn the tables and I was the one who
was the manager for Lindsay, on paper, would she be entitled to half of what I get? I’m the one that supported them all their life. I’m the one that gave them diamond rings and fur coats and their cars and Mercedes and Jaguars and every other thing they had. I paid for everything.

Reporter: That’s what fathers do, isn’t it? We don’t expect to get paid
back for that. You don’t have to take it to court.

Michael Lohan: I certainly do.

Reporter: Dina Lohan declined to talk to us for 24 story. But her husband says he has a great way to resolve the suit. An offer many will find outrageous.

Michael Lohan: We have to commit to being on camera. It’s a sort of
— it’s a Lohan version of the Osbournes.

Reporter: He wants a reality TV show.

Michael Lohan: It would follow us through the course of our divorce.

Reporter: The minute people hear reality show, think they this is the
sleaziest you can get.

Michael Lohan: No. Absolutely not.

Reporter: It’s like blackmail. It’s all about the money, isn’t it?

Michael Lohan: No. I’m giving her a chance to have all the money.

Reporter: You will make money off of this.

Michael Lohan: It’s not about the money. It’s about showing both sides of the coin.

Reporter: We noticed over the course of the interview, Michael Lohan’s conditions about the divorce kept changing. Several times. I’m not not very clear on what it is you want. A week and a half ago, you had a press conference. And you said you want half of the 15% that your wife is making. Then, you say you’ll drop everything if there’s a reality show.

Michael Lohan: I want the entire family to stop living off my daughter.

Reporter: It’s reported you told your daughter, “I wanted nothing to
do with your career, other than to see you happy.”

Michael Lohan: That’s it.

Reporter: I want to be your best friend.

Michael Lohan: I always have been.

Reporter: If your best friend asks you to drop the suit, what would
you say?

Michael Lohan: I would say let’s talk about it. Tell your mother to
drop the order of protection for you. And let’s sit down and talk about it. Watch how much things change.

Reporter: If you drop the demand for money or a reality show?

Michael Lohan: I would — I would definitely consider it.

Reporter: And if there is no mediation?

Michael Lohan: Let the cards fall where they may.

Reporter: Just yesterday, Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother made a tearful plea on behalf of her son, after his DWI charge, asking the young star to emotionally support him. But for now, Michael Lohan sits in jail, awaiting his court date at the earliest, next week.

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