Lindsay Lohan’s Hoarding Provides Retail Sector Stimulus

Lindsay Lohan opens up to ‘The Insider’ correspondent Niecy Nash on her unbelievable hoarding and her personal trouble. “I just need to get rid of stuff,” the 23-year-old confesses as video from inside her home shows stacks of shoes, clothes and boxes piled up in rooms. Watch the preview below.

Lindsay Lohan Hosts Child Trafficking Program

Lindsay Lohan is set to host a program about child trafficking on BBC Three, which had the 23-year-old travel to India and interview the people involved in trying to find solutions to the illegal trade. Watch a report from ITN below and UK residents can check out a trailer at

Lindsay Lohan Fumes After Samantha Ronson Hangs Out With 2 Girls

Lindsay Lohan was said to have had broken up with Samantha Ronson, but after returning home from St. Barts, she turned to her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) to claim the DJ had been cheating on her. LiLo has since removed the Tweets, which said:

Funny how I’m rushing back to see Samantha Ronson when she says she’s with her step-bro alone – and 2 girls? That wasn’t mentioned.”

Trust yourself, and be true to you…

Don’t let others distract you from who you are and what you want :) 2010 xo.

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