Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Poor Things’ Film Not Completely Shelved

‘Extra’ heard from ‘Poor Things’ producer Rob Hickman, who says he’s hopeful the film won’t be shelved after reports of financial troubles and expected jail time for Lindsay Lohan. “We continue to be enthusiastic in our belief of ‘Poor Things’, and our sole focus is moving this film into production,” a statement from Hickman read. “We expect to announce details on a start date in the very near future.”

Lindsay Lohan Not In Rehab, Dina Pleads For Privacy

‘Entertaiment Tonight’ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan is currently in Los Angeles, but is not in rehab, despite reports to the contrary. “I am sick over this. My children, my family, we are like prisoners in our own home because paparazzi is staked outside,” Lindsay’s mother Dina complained to ‘ET’. “Lindsay is in a safe place, and we are trying to strategically work out our next step. We are doing everything in our power in support of Lindsay, and I won’t give up. This is my daughter, and we love her. We are waiting for the press frenzy to die down and leave her alone. And please respect our privacy.”

Lindsay Lohan Bets Pals She’ll Bed David Beckham

The Sun is reporting Lindsay Lohan has bet her socialite pals $50,0000 that she can bed Victoria Beckham’s soccer star hubby David by year’s end. “Lindsay and her pals have been talking about the Beckhams’ arrival non-stop,” a source told Bizarre. “They all reckon David is gorgeous and Lindsay set the challenge to get stuck in. The rich girls all want to meet Becks.” Linds is hoping to make her move when the Spice Girls head out on tour in the winter, though Tuesday’s arrest could mean she’ll be in the slammer when Posh & Co. are on the road.

Lindsay Lohan’s Grandma: She Can Turn It Around

Marilyn Lohan, Lindsay’s paternal grandmother, is speaking out about the 21-year-old’s arrest on DUI and cocaine charges earlier today. “I’m just very upset about the whole thing,” Marilyn tells 24/Sizzler. “She’s such a beautiful girl. We love her and we’re here for her. She can turn it around. With the right guidance and people, she can turn it around.”

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