Lindsay Pagano Gets A New Start

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Recording artist, Lindsay Pagano, recently left WB Records and signed to Let’s Hear It Records. She is currently going between her new/old home in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to complete her new album. It looks like Lindsay may be getting a rare second chance at becoming a star. Along with her new recording team, new home, new website, and new album, she has also adopted a new look. Lindsay has reportedly gone Goth, and intends to incorporate her new look and attitude into her music for a completely new sound. Will it work for her this time? We’ll soon see if leaving her old record label and squeaky-clean image behind, will work for Lindsay. Check out her website at

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One thought on “Lindsay Pagano Gets A New Start

  1. Not_That_Kinda_Girl says:

    She’s pretty and talented. Hopefully everything will work out for her.

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