Lindsay Pagano’s Appearance On ‘American Dreams’ Kept Secret?

Contributed anonymously:

Pop recording artist, Lindsay Pagano, was scheduled to appear alongside Hilary and Haley Duff on NBC’s ‘American Dreams’ last night (November 23). Few people new about Pagano’s part in this, though advertisements and episode summaries can be found only featuring the Duffs however. Why not mention Pagano? Sure, she isn’t as well known as the Duff sisters are, but she was still booked for the show. It seems that it was kept a secret and many Pagano fans have been left disappointed that they missed their favorite singer’s first television appearance in a long time since leaving the spotlight to record 2 years ago. Many are confused and annoyed at the fact that Pagano has been placed on the back burner. Is there a reason behind this? Is it a scheme? Is there anything to it at all? Many would like to know.

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