Lisa & Jess Origliasso Blast Courier-Mail For Implying Incest

Lisa and of are both sounding off on their hometown newspaper The Courier-Mail after they wrote about Lisa buying her own DVD ‘Revenge is Sweeter’ at HMV last week.

Lisa told her Twitter followers (@Lisa_Veronica):

@couriermail just so you know it wasn’t that you wrote that I bought my own DVD that I cared about at all. It was the fact you said “Jess and I have been seen not being able to keep our hands off each other” .. that is SICK and you know very well that’s what I was talking about when I blasted you guys on here!!! That’s why you deleted it off the news story!

@couriermail and don’t worry, I have a screen cap of the article BEFORE you edited it, and will be making sure to find our exactly who wrote a news story so PATHETIC you would imply that Me and my sister are acting incestual. You disgust me.

And Jess just wrote on her Twitter (@Jessicaveronica):

Finds it interesting that the @couriermail never prints the names of their “journalists” who write these articles in “confidential” next to the piece. What are afraid of? Although I guess if u were a real “Journalist” you wouldn’t be writing for the confidential/tabloid section.

At least our “pop music that isn’t considered Art” makes people happy. What do your articles of sarcasm achieve?

Integrity something you lack @couriermail

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One thought on “Lisa & Jess Origliasso Blast Courier-Mail For Implying Incest

  1. Ian says:

    dam I was hoping they were into incest twins are awesome when they are best threesome ever

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