Lisa Marie: I Was Powerless Married To Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 'Will You Be There'

Lisa Marie Presley tells Australian talk show ‘Enough Rope’ that she saw things she “couldn’t do anything about” during her brief marriage to Michael Jackson, who has been charged with child molestation. Presley said she felt “powerless in a lot of ways, in terms of … realizing that I was part of a machine, and seeing things going on that I couldn’t do anything about,” she said. “And don’t ask me what sort of things, because I’m not going to answer. But just stuff.”

Paper: Grand Jury Planned In Case

March 12, 2004 – Santa Barbara News-Press reports Santa Barbara County prosecutor Tom Sneddon, who charged Michael with child molestation, is convening a grand jury to hear evidence in the case. The move apparently is designed to sidestep a public preliminary hearing. Citing unnamed legal sources, the newspaper said potential grand jurors have received summonses to appear later this month.

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21 thoughts on “Lisa Marie: I Was Powerless Married To Michael Jackson

  1. Astris says:

    Had she not been in a hurry to spite her mother and had bothered to think before leaving her 1st husband Lisa would have learned. As it was however, she jumped right in. Lisa Marie is not such an innocent she is a very experienced and very worldly woman,drugs and partying, expulsion from private schools, etc. I know she lost her father, but she should owe up to her part in this failure.
    A marriage how ever well meaning based on lies, different agendas and the like will never work. She wanted to “save him”? Did he really need saving? Yes, maybe. But she should have talked to him first. She can be very bossy and pushy and this was a grown man. He had a mother and mother figures. She wanted one thing he wanted another and however well meaning it didn’t work.
    She didn’t help by bashing him and playing the innocent. Time to let it go.

  2. Sheila Brooks says:

    I just want to say that I am sick and tired of reading about how much Lisa Marie Presley loved Michael Jackson and how hurt she is…… Yes she loved(Danny Keough, Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage and Michael Lockwood)as she married all four and dated another woman as well. Does she even know what love is? It seems not!!! The truth is Lisa Marie is a rich tramp who can’t sing and married Michael Jackson just to try and get more recognition and now trying to play the poor ex-wife of Michael Jackson role. She is sickening! Also, while married to Michael Jackson, she didn’t want to bear his children. However, she had no problem bearing children in her marriage previously before marrying Michael and afterwards with current husband. Hmm…..could it be that Lisa Marie Presley just didn’t want to bear a child by a black man??? Looks that way to me! The person that my heart goes out to is Michael Jackson. She really tried to help him…….lol, I guess by marrying her next husband. Obviously something is wrong with Lisa Marie Presley when it comes to relationships and marriages. Who will be husband #5 ??????

  3. MJfan says:

    Sheila Brooks, you’re an idiot. Lisa did this interview in 2004, not after MJ’s death. And I didn’t know that if you loved someone, you had to have their children??? What the hell? grow up.

  4. Astris says:

    I think she was right in not having children-not that she intended to. Once he found out she was lying she came up with a “custody battle” as an excuse to cover herself.
    She didn’t need anymore children at at the time and he didn’t need any with her!
    As much as people belittle Debbie Rowe she did care and love MJ enough to give him what he needed most, his own children. I can image her own will have enough to deal with when they hear about her. But her kids love her as they should, but what kind of women just goes on and on refusing to own up to her end? If LM really wanted to give MJ children she would have. Thank God it went the other way. He didn’t need that problem and the innocent children sure didn’t.

  5. Fay says:

    I basically agree with everything ASTRIS has said here! I think what Sheila said was dumb, however. If Lisa married a black man (Michael) than having his kids should not have been an issue. She SHOULD have been HONORED to bare his children and the WORLD is saddened that we never got to welcome a child or children from the gene pool of Elvis and Michael. Lisa made a big mistake. I am sure the kids would have been super-adorable and that BOTH Michael and Lisa would have had the good common sense and love not to put them on the stage no matter how much talent they displayed. Still it would have been SO NICE for them to have produced a child or children together. I think Lisa & Michael made a good-looking couple and I think they both NEEDED each other, but I am sure Michael was much more of a handful than Lisa ever intended and maybe she was a bit of a control freak herself — and Michael wasn’t having it!

  6. yosra says:

    FU** you LMP….this statement of her that (i felt powerless and I saw things that I couldn’t do anything…)i know she meant about his dependency on pain killers,,BUT this statement was Very very dangerous at the time of 2004!!!!!!!!!!MJ’s trial was going on,,,and that statement might have been misunderstood by many people at this time,,, I’m Sick of this retard LMP,,she did so much crap to MJ,,all this because he rejected her when she was trying to return him back for years but he said NO..

  7. amanda says:

    that statement that she made on that Australian TV show, when the reporter asked bout MJ she went into detail & then said “i saw things that I couldn’t do anything about & don’t ask me what kind of things cause I’m not gonna say them” & of course the reporter kept asking her over & over & then switched the subject. that statement nearly f**kd up his trial 100%!!! when it got all over the world & news within 24hrs. she then had her publicist make a statement & say “SHE DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY THAT… SHE WAS TALKING BOUT THINGS GOING ON IN THEIR MARRIAGE”
    give me a f**king break Lisa!!! you know damn well what you were doing when you said that!yeah she was probably talking about things going on in their marriage but he was on trial 4 child molestation cases @ that time & she knew very well that saying something like that would be taken completely out of proportion! why even say that if you are not gonna tell us what you saw?!?!? when they were asking her bout MJ in 05 nobody cared bout what happened in their marriage they wanted to see if she would spill the beans on something relating to the charges… well that statement just about does it! what Lisa, are you that stupid you think that just because you are all the way in Australia that people in the US wouldn’t find out about it?!?!? LMFAO!!!

  8. Astris says:

    She knew what she was doing. What did she see? MJ had suffered greatly from that Pepsi accident. LM forgot she was stoned out addict. What hurt her was he was more popular and sought after. As she said he was bigger than her. She is just Elvis daughter. Her greatest accomplishment is her children. She couldn’t even hold on to Graceland and had to sell of 85 percent in 2005 which I’m sure pissed her off.
    It’s a blessing there were no children. I think she chased him after the marriage to show nurse Rowe that the daughter of Elvis could just take what she wanted. Give him 9 children? No! The way she whored, she could have given him a child if she wanted. She said it herself she didn’t. I respect that because that child’s life would have been hell.
    Some people thrive on morbidity. They can’t be happy. They have to dwell on harmful things.

  9. Sheila says:

    MJFan…..Where do you see in my statement that she said this after his death????? You’re a bigger idiot if you think for one minute that LMP ever had Michael’s best interest at heart. How can you call yourself an MJFan knowing what this woman has done to him. Or are you in denial because you like LMP more. Before you go around calling people idiots, try first to read things clearly. I’ve heard the negative things she’s said about him on national TV since they divorced. But not once has Michael disrespected her as a woman. I have seen and heard interviews where she has “After the Divorce” mocked Michael like he was some weird freak! And again I say she had no problem having babies by her other husbands……so why not Michael. And yes, just as said before, she didn’t want black children! Face the fact! And Fay….yes it would if you married that person for the wrong reasons! This woman thought that she was so beautiful that Michael would flip for her on that alone…but he didn’t! She even commented that she knew the type of women Michael liked, and that Debbie didn’t fit that type….(SAYING DEBBIE WASN’T GLAMOROUS ENOUGH) but the joke was on her broke down ass, because DEBBIE IS THE ONE HE WENT TO AND SHE BORE HIM BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! LMP did nothing after her divorce from Michael but try and make him look bad. Astris I agree with you and Thank God! also, that he turned to a woman who really loved him to bear his children. How many woman can love a man that much to have his children and just give them to him as a gift? For this special love Michael made sure that she was taken care of financially. Michael appreciated what Debbie Rowe did for him!

  10. amanda says:

    @ Sheila: I agree with everything ur saying & I don’t respect LMP either but whered you get that LMP said about Debbie “Debbie didn’t fit that type….(SAYING DEBBIE WASN’T GLAMOROUS ENOUGH”? I’ve read & heard many of lmps interviews & I haven’t heard her make that statement about Debbie yet. actually according 2 LMP she doesn’t think she’s attractive @ all. according 2 her 2004 GQ mag. interview she described herself as “a crazy-assed motherfu**ing sh**head” & the reporter asked:
    Do you see yourself as attractive?

    Not particularly. With a lot of hair and make-up then I’m possibly, remotely attractive. But it’s rare. I don’t think I’m ugly but I’m nothing particularly special. I’m not a yoga and health girl. I don’t exercise that much and I eat crap and smoke and bite my nails.
    plus in her Diane sawyer interview she basically admitted she was jealous of Debbie (of course her fans will never admit it) diane asked if it shook her confidence when MJ moved so quickly after her & got another women pregnant & LMP said “yeah, I pretty much had 2 be MOPPED OFF THE FLOOR AFTER THAT 1”
    Of course LMP will never bluntly come out & admit the truth of how much she was so jealous of Debbie & how much she stalked MJ post divorce, begged him to take her back but all the signs are right there in her interviews (i.e. her going on & on about MJ in all her interviews from 03 till 9 months before he died (in her September 08 Marie Claire Mag. interview saying MJ was “the biggest mistake of her life”) & joking about Debbie whenever her name was brought up) LMP WAS NOT MJs TYPE EITHER! LOL! NOR SHOULD HER NAME EVEN BE PUT IN THE SAME SENTENCE AS GLAMOROUS. its so very obvious that MJ had to see that LMP was an ugly sh**faced trash coke-head & had his people give her a makeover while married 2 her (notice how she looked & how her style was pre MJ & post MJ & during mj. pre & post: TRASH. during: CLASSING.) yeah MJ was definitely used to glamorous women in his life (i.e. Brooke shields, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Tatum Oneal, Princess Diana) LMP NEVER stood the standards of any of those women no matter how much she tried or MJ tried 2 help her out with class. @ least Debbie had enough class not 2 go on TV & trash MJ in every interview possible 2 promote an album & I’m sure MJ loved that about her. plus it seems like Debbie has a much nicer & better attitude & that could always take that place of looks. Debbie had a good heart & its what’s inside that really matters. LMP was ugly as hell INSIDE & OUT!

  11. Astris says:

    I think that woman like Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor (and even Tatum O’Neal) set a standard. And Lisa could never come up to it. The appeal wore off very quickly.
    I think her pride was damaged when he moved on so fast. But he warned her. That of course doesn’t make him right.
    I don’t blame him one bit for having Debbie but I think he went about it wrong.
    With Debbie pregnant so fast, but that shows that the man was finished. I’ve said it before the mistake he made was allowing her to chase him like that. Of course he may have figured she’s an adult, if I tell her and she keeps on oh well. LM was use to Graceland, so I think having to deal with certain components with the rest of the world was like having a cold glass of water thrown in your face.

    MJFan, go look at her interviews and read the articles. In the interviews this comes out of her mouth it is not hearsay. I can see the tabloids lying that’s why I don’t touch that trash, but when one goes on and interview and carries on like that clearly they have problems.

  12. Sheila says:

    Thanks Amanda,

    I got the information about what LMP said about Debbie not being Michael’s type from J. Randy Taraborrelli’s Book “The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, Michael Jackson” towards the end of the book it talks about how Lisa didn’t feel that Debbie was Michael’s type. basically that she wasn’t glamorous so she wasn’t a threat to her. The exact words from the book were:

    – Lisa’s friend Monica Pastelle, recalled, “Lisa once told me that she heard Michael was interested in a white nurse who worked for his dermatologist. She laughed it off. She thought he was probably trying to make her jealous, playing games. Lisa went to the clinic where Debbie worked and stated afterwards “After she saw her, she said, “I’m not sure Michael would ever be interested in her, She’s not his type. He likes glamor, However, I think she’s into him”.

    I understand that Michael and Randy were close, but I don’t know how reliable the book is. Also, Lisa was quoted as saying some horrible things about Elizabeth Taylor and Michael even while they were married. She called her husband Michael “an absolute cosmetics freak” what kinda person would use words like this about someone they’re supposed to be in love with….RUBBISH! Anyway toward the end of the book, I got so disgusted with LMP and her negative mouthy comments about Michael and others around him that I never finished the book!

    Sorry, but I have NO respect at all for this phony woman! For her to say that Michael only likes glamor???? Is she saying she’s glamorous????
    I sure hope not….She isn’t…..Her mother (Priscilla Presley) on the other hand is considered a very glamorous woman and I agree. I believe the problem with their mother/daughter relationship stems from just that!

  13. Astris says:

    LM is the one along w/J. Randy who put ut that the kids of Michael were artificially inseminated. That’s what the woman said. Debbie was not glamorous, but then again neither is LM. She dresses up on occasion but it’s not constant.
    Randy is the one who let Karen Faye and LM into MJ’s private space at FL and the two have both posted pics. Randy lied and said he didn’t know who did it. I think it’s about money and he doesn’t have an ounce of respect for Michael’s children or their feelings.
    LM didn’t know Michael very well at all. He never dropped Debbie when he married her, meaning she remained close to Michael and she was good looking enough to marry. Everyone knows Michael loved beautiful women, Debbie did have a heart.
    What I resent to Randy- he has re-written books to suit his wallet and has asked Michael’s fans questions about things. He has now changed his mind about LM and MJ. Evidently to sell more books and as desperate as she is she will very likely tell him things to deceive the public. I resented Shumley releasing those tapes but thank heavens we heard MJ ourselves. LM deceived him before the marriage by promising kids. It was ok if she didn’t want them later, but the lying was not ok.
    Not these attention seeking family members are sitting back while this sick woman trys to deceive the fans by playing his widow. If anyone deserves to go into the private place at FL it’s Debbie.

  14. Alicia says:

    Entire world about their personal issues

  15. Astris says:


    Until a few months before his passing, LM was still talking low down about him. She has not changed, she is playing a role.


    It worked out great. Did Michael need someone that was spoiled, self serving and only wanted to help when it suited her? NO! Once in the marriage both saw what a mistake it was.
    Since LM was reared to believe that she was the queen of the kingdom, she wanted to have the final script on this relationship. When Michael got tired and married Debbie she got mad. She didn’t want him back she wanted to ruin his marriage. The mistake he made was letting her chase him. But then again this is LM, she would have done it anyway. She came to understand that there was more than children when it came to DR & MJ, they had been truly connected by friendship and loyalty and there was trust and love. It didn’t work, but Michael didn’t allow LM to destroy his marriage. He allowed her to make a whore of herself chasing a married made who choose to make love and impregnate his wife, while she stood by and watched.

  16. Alicia says:

    I Really am SAD ! MICHAEL deserved the
    Best, ASTRIS I agree with all that you are
    Saying! Lots of MJ love to u!!

  17. amanda says:

    Sheila: J. Randy Taraborrelli is a tabloid writer, I’d take a lot of things you hear him say with A SERIOUS GRAIN OF SALT!!! he interviewed MJ several times in the 70s & maybe 80s (i.e. notice he only ever uses 1 pic of them 2 prove he ever knew MJ & its the 1 from back in the 70s? that’s because that the only 1) but MJ cut him of cause he was writing fabricated stories in the tabloids bout him (sound familiar?)needless 2 say he became obsessed with mj, wrote stories left & right and of course when he married LMP j. randy had a field day with that 1, he was constantly on E.T. (or any other media show that would pay him) about 3-4 times a week and would make these bizarre stories up about them left and right that even a 5yr. old would know was garbage(ok maybe not but you get my drift). j. randy is so psychotic that you know that Monica Pastelle character he says he gets all his info pertaining to lmp… well that’s exactly what she is…. a character, she’s just a made up character that only exist in his world if you Google the name Monica Pastelle you pretty much only find information on her based on what j. randy has written about, (& by the way that’s very typical for tabloid writers 2 do that, make up fictional characters and say their a certain celebs best friend so they could say that’s “their source” cause some times if they don’t have a source their book or artical or whatever their trying to sell wont get published and they wont get paid so the only thing they could do is make sources up WHICH IS BASICALLY WHAT HE DOES) the majority of his “sources” or “references” that he has in the back of his books come from tabloids or tabloids that he’s made along the yrs., anyways MJ is not his only victim, he also writes fictional books on Liz Taylor, Madonna, Diana Ross, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, etc. BE PREPARED TO LAUGH: & yes all the celebs he writes books about he says he “knows them personally and that he’s one of their best friends, talks to them on a daily basis” (supposedly Ms. Monroe told J. Randy her deepest darkest secrets & he published a book with all the secrets she herself told only him in a book called “The Secret life of Marilyn Monroe”… & again with his “sources”)
    but supposedly this Monica Pastelle chick is LMP’s best friend but yet she’s been telling J. Randy all of LMP’s secrets since she married MJ back in 94 and up until she married her current husband Michael Lockwood but yet LMP continues 2 be her best friend till this day… that should tell you right their that she’s not really LMP’s friend she’s just LMP’s friend who exist in J. Randy Taraborelli’s world.

  18. amanda says:

    oh and about lmp… I don’t know if I’m the only 1 of MJ’s fans who actually think she looks like crap (well you probably do 2) but it seems like there’s a sh**load of MJ fans who only know what LMP looks like from the 94-97 era and not before or after but if people actually bother 2 look up pics of her from the 80s and definitely recent pics of her(i mean have you seen her???) that would see that she CLEARLY WAS NOT MJ’s type. yes MJ is into glamorous women but of course whats inside matters to him also, I’m sure he could deal with bad looks if that person has a beautiful heart (Debbie wasn’t terrible looking back then, of course she was no Liz, Brooke or Diana either but that women had an AMAZING HEART and MJ noticed that) but LMP on the other had, the women is a spoiled potty mouthed brat.
    -she curses in every sentence she makes
    -she smoked pretty much all her life(not saying there’s anything wrong with women who smoke, I’m also an occasional smoker which is how I know its a HUGE TURNOFF FOR MEN)
    -she really has no education(she dropped out of school in the 10th grade)
    -she doesn’t like kids (MJ said himself in the Rabbi Shmuley tapes that LMP “doesn’t care for any children but her own” and that she would yell and hang up on sick kids that would be calling for him… big red flag for those people who actually think LMP was the ‘love of MJ’s life’ or even the only women he ever truly loved… uh big mistake there)
    -she pretty much slept with the universe, lost her virginity when she was 15 to a 24yr old married man on set of one of her moms movies not to mention was screwing girls in high school… long story short THE CHICK HAS NO CLASS!
    which is why I’m pretty much positive when I say MJ had to have given her a makeover when he was married to her plus LMP has stated many time that’s she absolutely hates dressing up and she only where high heel when she has to, well when she was with MJ she always dressed & wore up and wore heels so what does that tell u?there are plenty of people out there who actually don’t live in the mj/lmp world and realize that LMP is a cow but of course there are those who swear that LMP is the baddest. her mom and daughter are gorgeous naturally but LMP unfortunately wasn’t blessed naturally, she needs a sh**load of makeup and airbrushing 2 look decent, I’m a makeup artist & I’m able to recognize those type of things and I could tell real beauty when I see it and LMP doesn’t have it, but her mom really messed herself up though.

  19. Astris says:


    Thank you my dear. Much love to you!


    J. Randy is crap himself. I wouldn’t say altogether that someone LM knows talked to him. She after all pretends to be so private yet couldn’t keep that mouth closed. We know J. Randy is a major liar. And great point about Marilyn Monroe who I can say was dead years before my birth. It amazes me how a good writer or one who writes so much BS can nailed so many clueless victims into believing the mud cakes he sells are delicious.

    About LMP, Yes there are some stuck in the 93-96 era and she has changed many times. Yes, LM dresses up when the occasion calls for it at times, but her personal taste is not glamor.

    MJ loved glamor and class. Liz & Brooke are good examples. Debbie was a looker at one point. There have been people that have fed into this non-sense. If they only step back from the ledge and listen to the facts and listen to the tapes MJ named the loves of his life on his own free will and LM was never mentioned. Diana Ross, Liz Taylor, Brooke Shields and someone else was mentioned. Michael also hated that he didn’t sleep with Brooke when he had the chance and so do I. For someone so madly in love with Lisa why did he propose to Brooke and then marry Lisa only after Brooke turned him down, then afterwards apologize to a girlfriend for doing it. I’m not the shiniest apple in the cart, but what does that say? He was looking for an escape?

    LM is now busy supporting charities and trying to be nice so she can push her agenda. Deceiving MJ’s fans and speaking nicely now that people are looking at her strange. Her fans are some of the most delusional people (not all but most) they will not except facts or the truth. If they loved her they should support her, but what kind of people supports you in lies and claim to love you. People are tired and sick of the manipulations.

    She lost her virginity to a 24 yr old married man? Is that a fact? I mean —-well, she had no problems with adultery at all. And she said that she tried a same sex thing, but I took it from the way it was said that that was as an adult.

    MJ was not into any of that and the mistreatment of sick kids was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Look to see her with a legend of them now.

    Priscilla is beautiful, but I hate she had that hatchet job done on her face. She’ll never look the same.

    As for her daughter she is just not the type that likes dressing up and she’s not the only woman who feels that way. This further shows that she was out of her league with Michael.

    Diana Ross and Liz Taylor take the cake fro glamor, culture and class and ruin him – in a good way. Plus, he has an absolute beautiful mother.

  20. Sheila says:

    LMP is just a fake trying really hard to make a name for herself at whatever the cost.

  21. Astris says:


    I agree!

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