Lisa Marie Presley Didn’t Like Attention Jacko Brought

was on Larry King Live on Tuesday (May 6) where she reluctantly spoke about ex-husband Michael Jackson, and why their relationship didn’t work out. “A lot of reasons but I — you know it was just — it was a messy — you know it’s never — when you have that situation then you have – it’s drawbacks which is, you know, entourages of people,” she explained. “I didn’t like the attention, particularly. I really did sort of thrive in being finally a woman who could take care of someone and have that person be getting all the attention. I liked that whole idea.” Check out the entire transcript here. The show will replay this weekend also on CNN.

Jackson’s Biggest House Hunting Priority

May 7, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday, “According to Entertainment Tonight is house hunting in Florida. Looking for a house in Florida. He told the realtor that his biggest priority – a good school district.”

Goes Shopping In Vegas

May 7, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports that two Sundays ago, Michael stopped into West of Santa Fe, Antiquities, Galleria di Sorrento, Niketown and the Virgin Megastore – apparently to check how his CDs were selling, according to an employee.

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2 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Didn’t Like Attention Jacko Brought

  1. Astris says:

    What all the media MJ got, how she not know that it would be doubly especially with her around?

  2. Cynthia says:

    She wasn’t the focus of attention. And she knew years before that he was the biggest superstar in the world. He was a media magnate.

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