Lisa Marie Presley Is ‘Indifferent’ About Jacko

recently took part in an online chat with fans on, and one fan asked if she hated her ex-husband Michael Jackson. “No, I do not hate Michael Jackson,” she said. “The opposite of love is not hate it’s indifferent. I’m indifferent.” Later, she was asked what she did for fun, and Presley bluntly answered, “I like to sit around with my friends and drink wine.”

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7 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Is ‘Indifferent’ About Jacko

  1. angelica says:

    oh my god, now Lisa is all sad and stuff……..
    she talked bad stuff about Michael beofre, please lisa, don’t be hypocritand to this webpage I said; please do
    not call him ‘ jacko’

  2. Tanya says:

    The opposite of love is indeed hate. But LMP probably chose to feel ‘indifferent’ to Michael so as to not loose her sanity, because to hate someone is such a soul destroying and all consuming emotion it is far better to feel indifference toward them…or at least convince yourself that you do. As for her recreational fun of sitting around with her friends and drinking wine….well she’s achieved a lot in her life, she’s achieved so much that she actually had the audacity to degrade and belittle Michael Jackson and his tallent in all her interviews to try to gain publicity to premote her questionable album. What was it called again?

  3. amanda says:

    if she was so ‘INDIFFERENT’ as she always tried 2 claim why’d she still tlk bout in almost every interview she did from 03-08??? even when the reporter wouldn’t even mention his name she still managed 2 BRING HIM UP!lol! indifferent means that you don’t care no more… sounds more like she was obsessed 2 me!!!
    u could always schedule before interviews what you do & don’t wanna tlk bout like most celebs do (such as PRIVATE things like A DIVORCE) but she CHOSE 2 tlk bout MJ because she was still obsessed with him & knew it would draw attention 2 her & her lame album

  4. Astris says:

    She needed to talk about either him or Nic Cage as she was never interesting enough. The best gift she could give is to close her mouth altogether, but get ready she has something planned. I think it’s time people let her know they’ve had enough!

  5. Tario Mills says:

    WTF his name is Jackson are you that Fu**ing stupid and wtf Lisa is ALWAYS talking about Michael and her I and the whole world knows Lisa still loves Michael deep down

  6. Astris says:

    Please. Lisa wants to save face. People are sick of all this.

  7. SmileyLuvsMJ says:

    I wish he never married her. I have my own beliefs as to why they married and I don’t think they should have gotten married in the first place.

    LMP is a phony! I don’t believe anything she has to say. First, when they were married, she has nice things to say about him. Then, when they divorced she had a lot of negative things to say about him. And then, now that he’s gone she’s trying to get his fans on her side by saying nice things about him. Give me a break. Do all MJFAM a break and STFU about Michael. Let him finally rest in peace without his name being uttered by the likes of crap like you.

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