Lisa Marie Presley Says Jacko’s ‘Not Sexually Seductive’

opened up a bit more regarding her short marriage to to Playboy magazine. Presley says, “He’s not sexually seductive, but there is something riveting about him. He doesn’t let people see who he is. When he [did] … I got caught up and thought I was in love with the man.” Elvis’ daughter also added, “I think I’d be much better as a lesbian.”

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104 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Says Jacko’s ‘Not Sexually Seductive’

  1. jhene jackson says:

    this is tottaly FAKE

  2. jwhatitdolid says:

    Either this is fake, or she is in fact a lesbian for not wanting Michael.

  3. ketren Dent says:

    Either she said it and it was a lie or this article is fake.

  4. Katie says:

    Lisa Marie acted as if she loved being with Michael when the question was asked if they did it in the Diane interview. Anyway, if she couldn’t appreciate Michael then the rest of the world still could. He seduces many women and men around the world just by the way he moves, sings, speak, walks and smiles.

  5. boujihfnio says:

    stupid answers!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paris says:

    All these are just tabloid crap. She was very much in love with MJ, don’t we have enough proof now, read what she wrote in her Myspace blog and also she sobbed and cried during his funeral service. The whole world knew how much Lisa and MJ were in love. Yes sometimes just love is not enough to workout a relationship which has so much of media intrusion. I truly believe they loved each other. These are all just crap

  7. gabby says:

    she didn’t say that!

  8. aj_says says:

    THIS IS TRUE!!! People please take a second to verify facts BEFORE you make a fool of yourself posting! AS ROMANTIC AS IT IS FOR EVERYONE TO ROMANTICIZE SOME SORT OF FAIRY TALE THAT NEVER WAS BETWEEN MJ & LMP NOW THAT HE IS DEAD, THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! PLEASE STOP TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY!!! All you have to do is a little research to find that NOT ONLY is the above quote true (just look up LMP’s Playboy interview available online and read what she said for yourself) BUT for years LMP has given very candid interviews about the marriage (Rolling Stone, VH1, etc.), none of which reflect kindly on MJ. Including an interview with MARIE CLAIRE in January 2009 (just 6 mos. before his death mind you) where she clearly states that MARRYING MICHAEL JACKSON WAS HER BIGGEST REGRET. That does not make her a bad person. (Personally, I was impressed with her candor and honesty.) Of course she cried at his funeral, lots of people cry a funerals, that doesn’t mean their brief marriage was anything more than what it was – I’m sure one look at MJ’s orphaned children would bust any of us up. LMP is not an unfeeling monster. The fact is Michael never wanted to be a husband, a true partner, he just wanted children… He liked the idea/fantasy of being married but only on his terms. He was never willing to take the responsibility or show the respect or consideration one must in order to have a healthy partnership. Throughout the marriage MJ fully disrespected LMP. THAT’S THE TRUTH. LMP has spent the last 15 years trying to distance herself from “the fiasco” (her words) that was MJ’s life. PLEASE KEEP LMP OUT OF YOUR MJ RAMBLINGS. She is happily married to a lovely man and they have created a beautiful family of their own.

  9. RCMJ says:

    My opinion about their relationship is this one:first of all I disagree with the fact that MJ fully disrespected LMP. We cannot know that. We don’t know exactly what happened between them. My guess would be that both in their marriage made mistakes. But I think that LPM really disappointed Michael by not wanting to have children as they agreed before the marriage. This idea is confirmed by many people, included Michael in his tapes where he expresses his regret for her not wanting children with him. I think after the divorce LMP tried a lot to get back together with him (she traveled with him in 1996, 1997, 1998 around the world. There are pictures of the holding hands and kissing. What mother with 2 kids does that? Only for friendship? I doubt it. I think she desperately tried to get back with him (Michael in his tapes sad that he’s still got the letters in which she said she will make him 9 kids if they reunited).I think that after 1998 she begun to go out in the media and started to express opinions about MJ (more or less acid)because probably he resisted her and didn’t want her back. She probably felt hurt and begun the let the anger out. If it was different, if Michael was the one trying to reunite with her -and she didn’t want that- why did she still accept to see him after the divorce, (he was a married man with children),even as friend? This doesn’t explain her attitude after 2000 in the media towards him. If she wanted just friendship I think she should just have said the things how they were: they remained friends, visited each other and after distanced. I don’t’ get all those faces she was doing when asked about marriage with MJ. Either the things I said before are true, either she is just a FAKE woman.

  10. Toni says:

    Michael was a complete gentleman by not ranting on about their relationship to every magazine the way she did. Usually the noisiest partner is the one that is ‘sore’, yes sore because Michael would not take her back. I agree with the last comment.

  11. kearn says:

    i agree with—-> RCMJ…very very much…..

  12. SKH76 says:

    I think MJ loved LMP more than any other woman he was with but he often said he wanted children and he also often said he didn’t believe in a 24/7 relationship because it would become stale. I don’t hate LMP because she divorced MJ, I think she did what she could but wasn’t strong enough for both of them and had to leave to save herself. Too bad, Michael loved her and I think she loved him for at least a little while.

  13. Donna says:

    I think a lot of women would disagree that Michael was not sexually seductive! Even off stage MJ was sexy and hot!… He managed to seduce LMP so much that she married him and he probably wasn’t even trying! LMP just makes herself sound like a hypocryte.

  14. Astris says:


    Is right. Lisa regretted the marriage and told every magazine and TV show that would have. She bashed him and said all sorts of nasty things. Maybe because once he saw she was a fake and never intended to give him children any trust he had died. He moved on quickly to his nurse. Michael didn’t bash Lisa but did move on and I don’t think she could handle it. Not that it was real love, but because Lisa was an only whereas Michael had many sisters and brothers and had to learn understanding and compromise. Now that’s he’s dead she’s trying to save herself Read it for what it is. She’s trying to save herself by protraying herself as such a victim.
    She tried to hooked up in 1999 but MJ said that after she lied about children he was hard hearted and I think any real trust had died. He remained friends with girlfriends and wives but he wouldn’t take her back. And if he had to tell us why we;d know that Lisa deserves very little sympathy.

  15. Astris says:

    I wish her nothing but happiness in her marriage. I think she has finally found the perfect mate. But facts are MJ was not totally to blame for all her problems. 15 yrs? He sounds like an excuse to grind an axe after a while. I also agree that he was not at all ready to be a spouse. He did want children. I think marriage in his 50’s would have worked. He’s had some knocks and experiences that helped put some things in perspective.
    But God bless him. He was dearly loved.

  16. bleepitybleep says:

    “Look at her MySpace, look at her MySpace!” Give me a friggin break. If I write in MySpace that I crap $1000 gold coins at will, does that make it true? Evidently some of you would believe it. I cry at every funeral I attend. That doesn’t mean I was/is in love with the deceased. Michael was the sexiest, most seductive man that will ever grace this planet. She wouldn’t know “seducitive” if it slapped her in the face. She stabbed Michael in the back any and every chance get got and thought she was being cute in the process. Snap out of la-la land people and see her for what she is – a vindictive, hateful excuse for a human being that never deserved to be anywhere near Michael Jackson. Do you people do any research?





  19. Nata says:

    Forgive for my little knowledge of the Englishman. I am Spanish.

    But I have a doubt … if Lisa he(she) was not finding Michael sexually attractive … why should it(he,she) try to return with him(it) in the aó 97, 98 and 99?

    As say you (and I see that it(he,she) is in the only(unique) thing that they agree), they, THE TWO, they were united in these years, in mutual agreement….

    Does not it(he,she) mean it that BOTH loved?

    In Spain we do not have news of which they had been united after his(her,your) marriage(couple), any more than in a trip to Africa. On having read you, I realize that in Spain we lack a lot of information. Neither had heard it of which Michael was speaking about a few letters ever that she wrote to him(her).

    Always we have asked ourselves what happened between(among) them. I believe that the two were wanted and the fans of Michael always we have had clear that he(it) loved her until the end.

    And if he(it) loved her and she(it) loved him … if they were united, as you say, in so many years after his(her,your) marriage(couple), what did happen in order that they were not returning?

    For what Michael did he(she) marry Debbie Rowe so soon? If it(he,she) wanted to have children, was it necessary to marry her(it)? If Smooth it(he,she) returned saying that it(he,she) wanted to have children with Michael … what did happen? For what Michael did he(she) continue travelling with Lisa while it(he,she) had pregnant Debbie?

    Indeed, I do not understand anything.

    In what web can I read that Michael was speaking about these letters that Lisa he(she) wrote to him(her)?

  20. kathy40 says:

    LisaMarie Presley is really something else calling Michael Jackson “sexually NOT seductive”. She must be blind or just plain stupid or dumb. All these WOMEN AND MEN lined up for Michael Jackson. Him driving everybody crazy with his sexy moves. During his time with Lisa he was still very attractive. If anything, Lisa is the one who is not sexually seductive or even attractive, she is shapeless with no breasts, just “Plain Jane with a famous name”. What did he ever see in that “dwarf”? Michael Jackson was sexy, seductive and YES, more than riveting. Nowadays Lisa looks like a FAT COW after she got twins with her FOURTH husband.

  21. Astris says:

    LM was the one who was regretted and it hurt her ego.
    I think she learned first hand this time that in relationships you can’t do what you want and then when you decide to change your mind the other party is suppose to have an aha moment and take you back and you both go skipping thriugh the pansies.
    The mistake Michael made was to let her go on trips. I think , once he found out she lied and realized she didn’t want his children, he was done. Simply because she promised in advanced, not after the wedding.
    Michael should have declined to allow her to travel with him, because he knew he didn’t want her. It was vindictive on his part. But LM thought she could wave a hand and get want she wanted and in real life it doesn’t work that way. I’ve had tons of money and am and hier to alot, but you have to treat people with respect. She apologized, but to me she was out done by the fact that a nurse replaced her the daughter of a superstar and hieress. MJ did love Debbie, not in the traditional way, but something was deep there and LM picked it up. It was not a love story. It was a mistake, but it served it’s purpose and I wish her well and hope that she will let certain behavior go and enjoy her new children.
    Michael Lockwood seems ideal, because I think he truly understands her and she has called him some sweet and endearing names.

  22. Astris says:

    Sorry I meant to say she ended up being the one rejected.

  23. amanda says:

    OMG!!! those people that made the comments above (from 1-7) R DUMB AS HELL!!!!!! LMFAO!!! do you really think that LMP is gonna really brag 2 the media bout how great MJ was in bed?!?!? of course she’s gonna try 2 hit him below the belt! OMG! do some ACTUAL RESEARCH & look up that playboy interview!
    heres the link if you actually know how 2 do that!:

    & heres the link 2 her 2004 GQ mag. interview where she called MJ ASEXUAL!!!:

    she contradicts herslf like crazy cause she told howard stern that she woulndt have married a man if he didn’t sexually satify her but then she says in other intervews that MJ DIDNT ‘sexually seduce’ her & calls him ASEXUAL in another 1!
    she didn’t wanna let the wrld know bout how MJ used 2 BREAK HER BACK in bed cause she was still so bitter that he never took her back!LOL!!! instead she tries 2 hit him below the belt!
    truth was, MJ got sick of her & her NASTY PU**Y & would disappear on her ugly sh**face 4 weeks @ a time when he found out she was taking because pills & still didn’t take her back when she BEGGED & BEGGED post divorce!!! LMFAO!!!

  24. to AJ_ says:

    Your post of Oct. 1, 2009 here was interesting — but where do you get your insights? Do you PERSONALLY know what took place in their marriage? You SOUND like you do!

    All I do know is that LMP had NO BUSINESS trashing her former husband/lover/soulmate and it reflected VERY BADLY on HER butt! SHE was also the one who could be totally 100% disrespectful by her speech, etc. I’m sure MJ would not put up with that from ANYBODY — ESPECIALLY such MEANNESS and HARSHNESS coming from his own wife! If LMP had had the same personality as Debbie Rowe had with MJ, she “might” have had a chance and made some impact on him in order to get him to stop self destructing.

    She was (probably) too abrasive with him so he just tuned her out and turned her off and left her alone to fume and fuss. She tried to CONTROL and MANIPULATE him by refusing to give him the thing he wanted most — his OWN kids. This was not the way to keep him — and let’s face it, KEEPING him is what she really wanted in the end. Any woman should have realized that to win over MJ’s heart, you have to be (and remain) NICE and VERY RESPECTFUL and LOVING to him — 2 things LMP proved she was not as the marriage progressed!

    She could have caught more flies with HONEY, but she blew off her feminine wiles and became the CATWOMAN. MJ was the kind of MAN that was NEVER gonna tolerate that action! MJ may have been a “gentle”man, but he wasn’t HENPECKED, that’s for sure. He was The KING and she was his shrew!

  25. Brittany says:

    the above statement is true but totally unrelated. The lesbian part isn’t even about MJ. Read the whole interview here.

  26. Astris says:

    Weel, has anybody asked this. Did MJ need saving? Or better yet did he need what she was offering? He may not have.
    Strange how when he needed help he called Liz Taylor who whisked him off to one of the best places in the world.

    What does that tell you? He saw something in LM that didn’t go over well. She may have meant well, but her matter is not the best as someone stated and she is not use to hanging around once she finds out it’s not about her.

  27. lily says:

    I tell you people,I believe LMP is lying and she lied because of MJ’s refuse to her beggings.But anyway, MJ was REALLY wrong with letting her on trips.The kissings meant that he is still in love with her but have grown hard hearted because of LM’s lies.I think LMP is just jealous,she CONTRADICTS herself.

  28. tara says:

    lily: I agree with everything else ur saying but I don’t think MJ was still in love with LMP after the divorce… as far as I know I saw only 1 pic of them kissing @the ivy restaurant post divorce & please tell me you don’t think giving some1 a peck goodbye with a facemask on is telling them ur still really in love with them!LOl! that kiss was purely out of friendship not love. my boyfriend better not ever give me a ‘kiss’ with a face mask on & tell me he ‘loves me’ cause I’ll smack the sh** out of him!LOL! that’d almost be a treat 2 me! LMP was strictly following MJ around the wrld wantin the cameras 2 make sure they take pics of them so it’ll make it back 2 Debbie (but of course Debbie knew MJ didn’t want LMP back)& LMP used her kids as her excuse 2 still see him. MJ was still madly in love with her kids… not her. in his interview with rabbi shmuley he said he missed her kids so much but he never once said he missed her(i think he would trow that in there if missed her 2)he also said that women would be followin him aroun the wrld but that he would NEVER tell them 2 leave or that he didn’t want them there cause it would hurt there feeling 2 much but when they would see him goin the other way they finally got the picture as did LMP (i.e. her bashing him in all her interviews) p.s.- notice in a lot of the pics of her stalkin him post divorce MJ was lookin misreable & is only trying to be with & hold hands with her children but of course LMP trows her misreable/desperate lil self all of him 4 the cameras:”HI DEBBIE” LMFAO!!!! pathetic!!!!!

  29. Astris says:

    After giving it careful thought I’m convinced that Lisa chased Michael to hurt Debbie. When MJ was through he moved on and gave her an advance warning. She called his bluff, he got Debbie Pregnant the old fashion why and moved on.
    Lisa said in a Sawyer interview that he moved on very quickly.
    The mistake he made and paid for was allowing her to follow him like a dog in heat all over knowing he didn’t want her.
    Michael was smarter about some aspects of relationships than people know. He figured that the Graceland Princess thought she’d get the upper hand on the daughter of wealthy parents who went to college and got an education becoming a nurse.
    But what she never considered is that the bond between Michael and Debbie was not one that could be easily broken. They were friends before all else and friendship when real is very hard to destroy.
    Debbie is not given the credit she deserves nor is she understood by a lot of people, but Michael said in a 1997 interview that they loved each other for what the public could not see.
    Debbie understood another human being other than herself. LM was cheap to chase a married man all over the country. Telling the public that she had to save her children and then turned around with kids in tow running behind him. The children were never in danger or being wrongly influenced. This was an excuse to get out. It was when he moved on that she had egg on her face. His BIG, FAT mistake? Letting her make a fool of herself. He probably told her in that calm voice “no” and she thinking of herself took it for a “yes”
    I blame him for allowing that. But he never left his wife although it had to hurt her.
    And Michael was not the only one. She tried for hubby #2 again and he didn’t want her. Anyway, I’m glad Debbie had the kids.

  30. Astris says:

    I meant she tried to remarry her 1st husband.

  31. Miran says:

    The real reason Lisa Marie Presley said Michael Jackson “wasn’t sexually seductive” and called him “asexual” because they never had sex. Lisa Maried LIED. She was embarrassed. Michael wanted her to get in vitro fertilization. She refused, although she had agreed before they got married. Michael was saving himself for the one he really wanted, and it wasn’t Lisa Marie.

  32. tara says:

    its not that MJ wasn’t sexually seductive/asexual/didnt have sex or whatever else Lisa feels he was he just didn’t like sex with her! she’s publicly stated in several interviews that she’s been with 14 MEN!!! (serious relationships… & that doesn’t even include how many 1 night stands/flings she’s had… seeing how trashy she is I’m sure she’s had afew of those 2) umm… I think its safe 2 say she’s probably not the ‘tightest/cleanest’ down there if you know what I mean. plz… MJs had dimez in his life LMP WAS DEFFINATLY NOT 1 OF THEM!!!

  33. Astris says:


    Wow! But true. When he was through he was through. Plus, what goes over people’s head is she left the marriage and only when her 1st husband refused to take her back did she go after Michael. There were other men, but why even open your mouth at all. She likes being a recluse? I don’t think so.

  34. Astris says:

    Sorry I forgot. In the tapes he spoke of the loves of his life Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor and maybe Tatum. She was never listed.

  35. Tanya says:

    omg..i never knew LMP tried to get back with hubby #1 after divorcing MJ. (this site is really accurate and informative, all I’ve read is R.Tarraborrelli book, the MJ tapes and moonwalker & it ommits to mention that and other stuff)

    But after learning that, then I can only conclude that LMP was even more sad, pathetic and f**ked up than ever. (i don’t know if she still is now but I think back then that LMP was more screwed up than MJ ever was)

    and as for MJ not being sexually seductive, o.m.g is she blind….or no, wait a minute, maybe she IS just TRULY a lesbian. lol! Who the hell knows with LMP!

  36. Tia says:

    I totally agree with Miran (post no.31). She said that Michael was “asexual” because they never had sex. And yes, he might have wanted to have children with her, the same way he had children with Debbie, by artificial insemination.

  37. Tanya says:

    @ Tia, I’m sorry but I just don’t believe what you are saying. Michael may or may not have had his kids with Debbie by artificial insemination, but that’s hardly the point with Lisa Marie Presley, who has openly said that she would NEVER marry a man with whom she could not have a fulfilling relationship with. (and yes that does mean sexual relationship)!

    Also why the hell would Lisa waste her time by obsessively chasing Michael around the globe, AFTER she divorced him, if he was ‘Asexual’ Come on, that doesn’t make any real sense.

    And if you needed any more convincing, then have a look at the photo shoot pictures that Michael & Lisa did together. Lisa looks so into Michael, and they both look so in love with each other in EVERY sense of the word, that that would have been hard to fake if as you say, she was having a non-sexual relationship with him. Come on, get real!

    With respect Tia…and Miran, you never say where you get your information from.

  38. angela says:

    just because your artifiacially insemenated doesn’t mean your not having sex with your that person, I swear some people are just so naive and have a lot of growing up to do!seriously! most Hollywood couples are artifiacially insemenated. you hear about 40, 50 something yr old couples having children & you seriously think their doing that naturally?!?!? give me a f*ckin break when your @ that age its nearly imposibble 2 be popping out kids @ that age like gifts @ christmas. MJ & Debbie were almost 40yrs old when they had their first, your eggs and sperm are not as good as they were in your 30s&40s as opposed 2 when you were 20 & its easier 2 be insemented @ that age… any doctor will tell you that. maybe or maybe not she was or wasn’t artificially insemenated, no 1 know 4 sure except 4 Debbie & mj, however MJ has already stated several times that HIS 2 CHILDREN WITH DEBBIE WERE CONCIEVED NATURALLY & HE DID HAVE SEX W/ HER… take that as how you want or believe the tabloids. all I’m saying is people act like MJ never had sex wit his wife cause he ‘may have’ not concieved his kids naturally with her… ok go and talk about with brad&angelina, halle&gabriel, heidi&seal & the rest of f*cking Hollywood 4 that matter!

  39. angela says:

    btw @ Tanya: here the source to where LMP said MJ was somewhat asexual when it came down to it:

    & no I don’t think the pics of them post divorce when she was stalking him all over the globe of her trowing her self on him giving him a kiss with a face mask on were very ‘passionate porno type pics’lol! no offence hun I agree with a lot of what you say & I do believe MJ & LMP were having sex: when they were married, post the divorce he was screwing the crap out of his current wife: Debbie any chance he could trying to get her pregnant, he just let LMP ‘tag along’ cause she was so desperate & no he looked pretty misrable & annoyed to me in all the pics with LMP post divorce almost as if he just wanted to push her away but yes it was very obvious that LMP was very in love & ecstatic 2 be with him & get back @ debbie, MJ didn’t feel the same way because he WASNT.

  40. Astris says:


    You can look it up. She said it and it’s in interviews. They are very close friends but Danny was not taking her back. There were others and she got engaged in 2000, broke it off for Nic Cage and married him.

  41. Astris says:

    Randy T. and Lm were the ones who lied and put it out that the kids were artifically inseminated. This was a vengeful nasty tactic. MJ & Debbie said many times they were concieved the old fashioned way.
    Paris got her name because she was concieved there. And the tabs were busy reporting the heavy love making. Michael would have done it for a year straight to get a baby.

  42. Tanya says:

    Lol…@ Angela, I’m not disputing the fact that LMP said MJ was somewhat asexsual….Shes said a lot of things about MJ, I’m just saying I don’t believe her, I think she said that to get back at him for not taking her back when it was so obvious she was obsessed and still in love with him post divorce. And the pics I was referring to was the photos of them posing together around the time of the Diane Sawyer interview. All I’m saying is LMP looked totaly in love with him then, so why did she come out and say that MJ was asexual post divorce. Shes an obvious liar.
    Anyway, what difference does it make now, its 8 days to the 1st annivesary of MJs death, so we should just remember him for the Legend he was, and will always be. (And to hell with LMP)! lol

  43. Astris says:

    LM is someone who has not dealt with life too much outside of the cocoon she’s in. In her world it’s her way. Whatever happened she was not in love with him anymore. She chased him to destroy his marriage. When she was left with egg on her face she got upset. But it had to do with hubby #1 not remarrying her among other relationships.
    As for the anniversary this sick nut plans to be front and center.

  44. Bohwe says:

    MJ was said to be asexual around certain people, maybe he wasn’t into her sexually, thus couldn’t be sexy with her, or be what she wanted. He married her not because of chemistry but because he wanted children, and believed he had to marry a woman that could understand his fame, and had money like him. He never spoke of LMP as sexy. A man can be with a woman and not find her sexy, and thus can’t fake it. MJ was sexy around women, but not with her, she realized that and moved on to men that found her sexy. And there is a difference between being sexually attracted to someone and only attracted to them. MJ didn’t fake the funk, nor did he obviously tried. The women MJ was sexually attracted to, was obvious.

  45. Astris says:


    If you pull up her interviews she said that she wanted to get back with Danny Keoug, but it didn’t work. She said the biggest mistake “was leaving my first marriage for the person I married.”
    I agree 1000 percent.

  46. Astris says:


    That is a very insightful take. I NEVER though of it that way. Please go on. I didn’t think of it as not being attractive but now that you mention it.

  47. Acai says:

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, and by no way in hell am I siding with Lisa Marie. And I know there is someone posting on this site who thinks it’s silly for us to discuss the private lives of Lisa & Mike since we didn’t know them. That may be true, but I’m sure celebrities discuss the private lives of others just like the rest of us. Lisa and Michael were no exception. It’s human nature to covet and be curious of what we don’t have.

    My theory on LM and MJ came after reading a post and re-reading a few chapters of some books on Michael. Someone said, because Michael never mentioned LM as one of his obsessions, he didn’t really care for her. I consider myself a lifelong fan of Michael’s, so I tried to look at the situation unbiasedly.

    It’s well known by now that MJ was shy when it came to his personal life–especially talking about his love life. He said love and feelings were mushy private stuff he felt uncomfortable discussing… even to his mother. He also said Katherine was the same way. If that’s true, then I think his willingness to open up about Brooke Shields, Diana Ross, Tatum O’Neil–and afew others–is him expressing his attraction, infatuation or crush on them… not intimate love. That’s why he was able to speak about them in public. He may have loved them, but wasn’t in love with them.

    As far as I can tell, Michael has never publicly spoken about any real affections towards Lisa or Debbie Rowe. But it’s obvious he had very special feelings for Debbie, because she had two of his children.

    Lisa did nothing but ridicule him–yet he remained silent. Some people say he was just being a gentleman. I think it’s more than that.

    Michael spoke out against LaToya when she accused him of molesting little boys.
    He spoke out against several women who claimed he was the father of their children.
    He defended himself against allegations of hundreds of plastic surgeries.
    He denied verbally the allegations of skin lighting.
    He denied being gay.
    He defended himself against accusations of being an anti-semite.
    He gentlemanly spoke out on all of theses issues.
    Why didn’t he–as a gentleman–publicly defend himself against Lisa Marie?

    You could figure maybe she had something on him. I don’t think so. I think he simply loved her. It may have started as a means for him to get the children he wanted, but eventually his emotions turned. I feel she held a special place in his heart and mind that not even her nastiest comments could destroy. He could have easily gotten someone to do the dirty work for him and call a tabloid anonymously to dish dirt on her as payback. If he did, I’ve never heard of it happening.

    I really don’t think she felt the same way about him though. Michael was just an avenue to get to where she wanted to be. And when vision took a side street, she bolted. From that, Michael was hurt and chose not to trust her again. I think he fell out of trust with her… not love. The 11/2009 issue of Architectural Digest, with Michael on the cover featuring Neverland–showing a picture on pg.105 in a silver frame–too big for the photo of Elvis and Lisa in it–is with care placed on his nightstand.
    Mike’s housekeeper said that picture remained by his bedside throughout the years.

    I sense he wanted to continue to remember her as that sweet little child–as he saw her with Elvis–and not as the vixen she turned out to be. Because of that, I think he never spoke a negative word in public against her.

    These are just my thoughts. I’m probably 100% wrong, but they are my thoughts
    just the same.

  48. Astris says:

    He called Diana Ross, Liz Taylor and Brooke the loves of his life. He did not talk about his personal life very much at all. But Michael was sending a message when he said that. He was letting his fans know that he loved LM once, but she was NOT the love of his life as some would pretend or like to believe, both knew it and had no problem with it.

    I agree he did have special feelings for Debbie, what people don’t know or some overlook is she and Michael were always close and very devoted, she had a relationship and knew him better than almost anyone in the world. He trusted her.

    I think the reason why Michael stayed silent is becausae when dealing with someone like LM anything you say will light a fire and start an explosion and I don’t doubt for a minute he was pissed, but was also advised by lawyers NOT to respond or give her anything else to say.

    I don’t think she held anything in his heart, once he saw all the lies. Now I will say this, if his reason for marrying her was for kids only then he was wrong as hell. She was no naive woman she was wild and streety and knew life better than most of us. By him remaining silent it made her look like a fool, a spoiled rotten brat who didn’t get something handed to her and she threw a fit. I think while there was love at first it was never strong and both had reasons other than love. I wonder if LM thought maybe she could get him to hand over Elvis’ music from his catalogue. I think she and Priscilla resented that, even though it was none of their business.

    There has been a lot about that pic, but I wonder when that pic was acutally taken and it was not in his later homes. He had moved on and the rotten spoiled child of Elvis wanted the last word. Michael didn’t have to defend himself.

  49. Astris says:

    That picture was from earlier years before, not in the last 5 years.

  50. Acai says:

    Hi Astris, I do know the picture of the picture in the interview was on Mike’s night table in Neverland when he lived there. And I also know he had that picture for some time before AD showed it. The point I was making was–Michael held onto that photo even after he split with Lisa according to his housekeeper. I believe I heard that on Geraldo and read it in an interview with MJ’s onetime publicist, Ramone Bain. I brought up the picture because I think he wanted to remember her as that girl in the photo. Apparently it meant something to him, or he wouldn’t have kept it.

    Further thoughts…

    Michael had an open opportunity to vent about Lisa Marie to the rabbi during their spiritual counseling chats. He had no problem going after Madonna. He went ballistic on her–speaking his mind without any apprehension. I agree with everything he said, but still he ripped her.

    He talked about his dislike for certain women.
    He said he once thought J-Lo wasn’t attractive, but he changed his mind.
    He thought poorly of some of his brother’s wives, because they hurt his family.
    He talked about Cindy Crawford and her fawning over him at a function.
    He talked about his disdain for his father.

    What I’m trying to say is, MJ felt comfortable speaking his mind to the rabbi.
    He chose not to speak ill of Lisa though. The worst things he said were;
    She didn’t want to have his kids…
    Implied she was jealous of her own kids around him…
    And she called him an idiot for wanting to comfort two young boys convicted of murder.
    Shmuley said whenever MJ spoke of Lisa, he always spoken in “nostalgic terms”.
    That relationship meant something special to him.

    But despite what the rabbi claims, I don’t think Mike ever believed his remarks would be heard by the public. So he really had no reason to hold back on attacking Lisa.
    I do know this was done before Lisa did her most damning interviews on Michael, but even after, he still chose not to speak out against her.

    Lisa claims in the 2003 Playboy interview:

    Like when Michael and I split up, he said, “Don’t talk about me.” He never wanted anybody talking about him. I didn’t say a word about him. So the next three interviews I saw, he was talking about me. And I was like, “All bets are off, dude. You did it.”

    Michael really didn’t say anything bad about her. I think she was only looking for a reason to attack him for not taking her back.

    I still stand by my opinion that he loved her when they were married and even after. I think because she was his first really intimate relationship, and he felt she shared his love for the plight of the children–the feelings he had for her grew into something special for him.

    Even though the interviews with the rabbi were done before Lisa started her most vicious tirades against Michael, they can still be used to determine his state of mind at times.

    For example… on pg. 161 they discuss forgiveness:

    SB: …Have you forgiven the people who have hurt you?
    MJ: To their face?
    SB: In your heart.
    MJ: Of course.
    SB: You have seen someone being mean and you have forgiven them anyway?
    MJ: Yes, because I was taught to be Biblical: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” And you do it.
    SB: Do you think you are a better person for it?
    MJ: Yeah.
    SB: So you have no anger in your heart at anyone today?
    MJ: I have anger for the press….

    Right after declaring this, he kind of downs Madonna. A few more chapters over, Mike once again voices his dislike for her saying “She isn’t sexy.” ( I agree! )
    He then says “…that’s why I don’t like Barbara Walters because she instigated a lot of it.” He was speaking about Barbara reporting the Clinton / Monica Lewinsky matter. What this shows is how he did hold a grudge and he did speak out against people he didn’t care for… at least to the rabbi.

    So I go back to Lisa. If Michael didn’t care for her during the time when she was
    openly bashing him, then why didn’t he defend himself against her accusations.
    Some of her rants came before the 2003 allegations were made. He had no reason to fear her destroying him. Sure she’s a walking time bomb, but his keeping quiet didn’t stop her from talking anyway. She just let loose on him because she needed an angle to address while promoting her first crappy album. She needed juicy details, and what was juicier than MJ’s love life?

    Mike could have had bodyguards and cooks and drivers, and anyone else come out and defend him against the things Lisa and her mother were saying. He didn’t make much of an effort to do so, despite having allegations looming over his head.
    I know after he was released on bail, he was under a gag order. Although, he did manage to get his point out through others and by addressing it with an interview with Geraldo in 2005. And in that same interview, I remember he defended himself
    against a hateful character attack from Eminem. Why not Lisa? Eminem is just as volatile and combative as Lisa is. Yet Mike kept quite on her attacks. If we are to believe he was as good as she once claimed, speaking about their love life and marriage, would only help his case of being a normal man who desires women.
    That’s why I feel there was more to his silence than fear.
    I think being with her for a brief time in their marriage, left an impression on him that he didn’t want to taint by firing cannonballs across each other’s bow.

    I’m not saying he loved her up until the day he died, but I do think the memory of how they were, held a special place in his heart… until then.

  51. amanda says:

    acai: actually I don’t think you read the MJ tabes book properly @ least not on the LMP parts. by you saying “and he felt she shared his love for the plight of the children–the feelings he had for her grew into something special for him” if you read it properly you would see that MJ clearly felt that LMP didn’t share the same views as him when it comes to helping children that was probably one of the biggesst problems they which is why I’m about 99% MJ wasn’t in love with her. you mightve not have read the whole thing but if you go down alittle to the end of the book (& I think a lot of people sleep on this) but he clearly states that LMP didn’t care about children.
    pg. 256:
    sb: do you love children more after having prince & paris?
    mj: l love them as much and more. its hard for me to say “my children” because I don’t see any territoriality. MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I USED TO GET HECTORED BY MY EX WIFE LISA ABOUT THAT BECAUSE ALL SHE USE TO CARE ABOUT WAS HER OWN AND NOT OTHERS.”
    he also stated in the book that sick little kids would call for him and LMP would just hang up on them, (in my opinion that doesn’t sound no different then what he said bout Madonna yelling at kids when they asked them for an autograph at a restaurant.) also rabbi asked if she like doing those things(childrens hospitals, ect.) and MJ said that she had no problem at least visiting but that they would still have arguments about it because she’s very terrritoral with her kids, in other words, she wanted him 2 be a father figure 2 only her kids and no one elses and not have kids of his own he stated that he wanted to be a father to her children & she was asked bout that on TV and she stated “no, they have a father, their father is Keough” (pg.216-217)he seemed like he was pretty upset by that. he also stated that he had yet to find true love or the perfect women yet because for him he wanted a women to not be afraid to play outside and climb trees with him and kids (all the things he liked to do) he stated “i haven’t found it yet… the ones I did have GET JEALOUS OF THE KIDS AND JEALOUS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN” that was what true love was for him… a women who was a child @ heart just like him. in my opinion the women in his life that came closest to that was Brooke shields, MJ stated that Brooke really had an innocence & class in her and he could tell innocence right away, he also stated that besides innocence class is the most important thing a women should have, that he was in love with class, (if you know anything about LMP you know she’s not a classy or innoccent women… that’s a whole nother story) now Brooke was someone who grew up believing in god (just like him) and she really practiced her belief of her catholic religion, she always stated that she wanted to wait till marriage to loose her virginity but later stated she lost it @ 22, they both grew up in the industry (& they actually were wrking in the industry not just making money off someone else name) Brooke also stated that MJ asked her 2 marry him just before he married LMP in the 90s he even gave her a ring. I wouldn’t say tatum oneal is the most classiest inoccent women either but their was something about her he held real close, maybe its because they both had similar lifestyles, growing up child stars with the same kind of fathers who pressured them, and then there’s liz Taylor who was without a doubt the women who got the closest to his heart. he related more to child stars he also stated that in the book. even though LMP probably could relate 2 MJ on some levels, she never had to wrk or experience what it was like to provide the food the family like MJ and those other women did. with LMP MJ stated that the attraction he had for her was the fact that she had a famous surname and money TRUE LOVE NEVER EQUALS SURNAME AND MONEY. and theirin lies the problem, MJ CLEARLY DID NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF TRUE LOVE, I think he really ACTUALLY FELL IN LOVE with women like brooke, tatum, liz, Diana ross, princess diana, it was something that was natural that God created his feelings for them but with LMP it was more “ok she already has money, if I marry her she wont need any of mine, she already has a famous last name she wont need mine to get famous, I think I’m safe to marry her and have kids with her” I think marrying LMP was more of a security thing 4 him than ‘im head over heels in love with her (like he was with the other women I mentioned)im telling you right now a surname and money is not love, and some people I don’t think understand that, with LMP I think he had love for her because she stuck by him for the 93 allegegtions when a lot of people were turning their back on him and of course you have love for some1 like that and he realized his time was running out(he had already asked Brooke 2 marry him she declined, he stated in his Oprah interview that he wanted to marry liz Taylor and also in the book he said he even wanted to have a relationship with her but knew the media would tear it up, and he also wanted 2 marry Diana ross which he stated in 1 of his ebony mag. interviews that he was in love with her and wanted 2 marry her, and that she was everything to him: lover, friend, mother, sister ect. but that a lot of people didn’t take his love for her serious cause she was black and thought they only had a brother sister kindof relationship) so anyways when all those women declined 2 marry him he knew his time was running out and he wanted t be a father more then anything and LMP was a women in his life at that time who he felt safe with but of course before he married her obviously cause he wasn’t too much in love with her he made her promise they would at least have kids together which she promised needless to say I’m sure MJ saw the writings on the wall that it was a mistake and as he said HE CLOSED HIS HEART OUT FOR HER he may still had some love for her after they divorced but any ounce of respect and love he did have for her really died when she decided 2 USE HIS NAME(something he thought she wouldn’t use him for ) to promote her career. but since he said “HE HAD CLOSED HIS HEART OUT FOR HER” it doesn’t make sence that she would always hold a special place in his heart like you said but I think her kids were always in his heart not her, but of course Debbie was always in his heart their bond was stronger then his and lmps cause they have something that held them together and Debbie wasn’t someone who just came around like LMP did, she had already been friend with him for 15+ yrs. before anythin romantic happend and she always maintained to keep her feelings for him private except for when she was DEFENDING HIM to the media and wrld. imo I think he was pretty candid about LMP in the book he actually didn’t say anything mean about cindy,j.lo just kinda sharing a joke about the night he met them and lol… I think ur alil to grapic about what you think he thought of cindy, he didn’t say she was ‘fawning over him’ just that the were talkng and that girls like her flirt alil and that she was a very pretty women nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with him not findng j.lo phisically attractive (hes probably the 1st man I’ve heard say that lol) he said some mean things about LMP in the book even when rabbi was askin him what turnoffs there were for him bout women I can’t help but feel a lot of those things hes saying were directed towards lmp, I think when he was married 2 her he wanted to help her out alil and turn her more into his dream girl: princess Diana with doing the orphaniges ect. and maybe LMP wanted that in the beginning but then realized that wasn’t her style and her true colors started to show.
    & the reason why he addressed those things publicly that you mentioned:
    “He defended himself against allegations of hundreds of plastic surgeries.
    He denied verbally the allegations of skin lighting.
    He denied being gay.
    He defended himself against accusations of being an anti-semite”
    y would a grown man go back and forth publicly with his ex wife of over a decade on whether he really loved her or used her, MJ was in the music business not in high school, to be honest with you I don’t think he cared anymore, he had already moved on with his life and got his children that he longed for he wasn’t stuck in the past like LMP always was, the issues that he addressed were issues that could really mess up his career and somewhat did why would he worry bout his ex wife saying this n that 2 the media about him making a fool of herslf cause anybody with common sence saw that she was 1.) using his name for pubicity. 2.) crazy obsessed with him! MJ never really addressed people in the business saying this or that about him, he instead rose above them by not saying anythin at all cause at the end of the day their only picking a fight, when asked to comment on lmps rolling stone interview he said he wont because he was a gentlemen, (in other wrds he was saying she had no class for tlking to the wrld bout the marriage to promote her albums) btw… and I wouldn’t take that picture of LMP and Elvis so seriously, he also had a giant lifesize portrait of Brooke shields up at neverland that the police took when they raided his house, the photograper that took pics at neverland said he had thousands of portaits up of liz talor and marilyn monroe up I also saw he had a lot of pics up of shirly temple in his bedroom that the police took and one of mac culkin,dont see why people think having pictures of a ur friends in ur house/room means ur in love with them, I have pics of my friends and family all over my room doesn’t mean I’m in love with everyone of them, there is a diffence then being ‘in love’ and ‘having love for some1’
    p.s. I don’t know what the hell happend between him and madanna that made him dislike her so much but beside her and Tommy mottola that’s the only celeb I’ve ever heard anything mean about and we all know he didn’t really like his dad the MJ tapes werent the 1st time he spoke out about him and you should go back and rewatch the geraldo interview…. he never said anything bad about Eminem the way you mentioned, he stated that he respected him as an artist but was only going by what stevie wonder said bout Eminem (which he thought was tru) but that he was not gonna say anything bout him but that he should be ashamed of himslf so technically he didn’t wanna address the Eminem thing either.

  52. amanda says:

    ps- so sorry its so long but I was just giving my insight. lol

  53. Acai says:

    Greetings Amanda…
    Wow! Where do I start? I guess with this. I clearly said in my previous post, by NO WAY IN HELL am I siding with Lisa! I don’t like her personally, and I never have. I was angry with Michael when he married her in ’94. I was just a teenager, but I still felt he let his fans down getting involved with that trashy family. (JMO)

    And with all due respect… I did read the book a few times, and my comprehension of it is intact. I encourage you to go back and re-read what I said, then you will see that many of the claims you made are mirroring my own. First we must agree, Michael contradicted himself at times–even the rabbi noticed it and brought attention to it in the book.

    I really don’t want to turn this into some colloquium on the Shmuley’s book, but MJ did say “Lisa was great with going to the hospitals with me, and she was so sweet about that….” He agreed with Shmuley about Lisa doing some of the compassionate things of giving children love and making them feel special. Maybe in the book he didn’t say–verbatim–that she shared his love for the plight of the children. But if her going to the hospitals with him–releasing bound children and making them feel special by handing out toys and presents wasn’t in the scope of what he was doing, then what is?
    I admit, I may take liberties with some words, but the end meaning is still the same.

    During his, I believe Fox special about his private home movies, Michael spoke of how he sent his organization around the world to find a liver for a boy named Farkus. He said they found a liver and Farkus lived. But what Michael didn’t tell you was, LM donated her money and time also to the organization in the effort to save the boy. That confirms to me that she shared in his concern for the children.

    I did try to touch on her jealousy, whether with her kids or someone else’s. And yes I did read where he accused her of being territorial with her kids. Most parents are like that anyway. That was not significant enough for me to mention, because like I said most parents–at least in the US–put their kids on a pedestal and allow no one else to get close. ‘Michael found that out the hard way!’
    Michael was the anomaly with that issue. Lisa was more of the norm of what you would see from today’s parents. I also didn’t see the need to rundown all of her deficiencies. I thought the point had been made adequately with the ones I did highlight.

    I hope it’s not sounding like I’m defending her, BECAUSE I”M NOT! I’m simply trying to put myself in Mike’s mind and answer why he did some of the things he did.
    I did bring up that I believed Michael originally married Lisa to get the (famous) children he wanted. But I also believe after being “intimate”–according to them—his feelings evolved into something resembling love. He went into it like a business deal, but quickly found out human feelings can’t be managed like a cold contract.

    Now all of this stuff about Michael giving Brooke a ring and asking her to marry him, was simply a boy fantasizing about what and who he wanted. I wouldn’t even count out it being a publicity stunt. MJ said he never would ask a girl out on a date, she would have to do the asking. He said every time he and Brooke went out, she initiated it. She said he was extremely shy when they were going out. Brooke knew he wasn’t ready mentally for such a commitment, so she brushed it off as a fatuous proposal, or even like I said… a stunt. I think all of those proposals had ulterior motives. I don’t think there was any real true love. Beyond the business, I think he was simply infatuated with them–their class and beauty. At least with some of them.

    Amanda… once again… I do know that Michael “Closed his mind on the whole situation” about getting back with Lisa and having children with her after their divorce. I think some of it may have to do with the rumor Lisa was increasingly insisting Michael become a member of The Church of Scientology. Who knows?

    Not all of what you said is being disputed. Most of that is common knowledge to even a first year MJ fan. So I’m not going to go tit for tat on those issues, except to say… I know how long MJ was friends with Debbie before he re-met Lisa, and I never said she was someone who just came around. My remarks were geared towards Lisa because she is the one who was being discussed in previous posts. I have nothing bad to say about Debbie. She is not the focus here.

    To touch on my choice of the word ‘fawning’ when it came to Cindy Crawford.
    Fawning: To exhibit affection or attempt to please.
    Re-read pg. 195. “…I love your work. I love what you do. How long will you be in town?”… Michael imitating her.
    He said she felt this was her chance to meet him.
    Shmuley described celebrities–with her as the topic of the discussion–as behaving like a pack of dogs around him. Michael agreed.

    I really didn’t want to go point by point, so I will leap to Eminem. I never said MJ said anything bad about Eminem. I said he defended himself against the hateful character attack from him. Where did you read I said MJ said something bad about Eminem? Hum?
    To delve further… Mike’s usage of Stevie Wonder was just his way of keeping the blood off his hands. MJ was skilled at PR tactics. He often used other people as
    go-betweens when he was negotiating business or when there was something undesirable to do.
    I don’t remember the Australian photographer’s name who set LM and MJ up, but he said in an interview before Michael died, that MJ asked him to write kind words on a birthday card for Lisa then sign his name and give it to her at her party that he wasn’t attending because Prince was there. She believed the card with the romantic words was from Michael. This all happened before they even married.

    Michael asked–his manager or the director I believe–to ask Lisa to do the YANA video in the nude with him. He was too embarrassed to ask his own wife to do this with him. Ouch!

    (But you say he was brave enough to seriously ask Brooke to marry him. A PR move if you ask me.)

    Back to Michael’s home videos. One segment, MJ subtly encourages Macaulay Culkin to throw water balloons off a balcony down to a small crowd that gathered. He playfully says it’s Mac’s idea to the camera. Like I said… go-betweens.
    So to say Mike never addressed people in the business who said things about him is being naive. He didn’t last that long in the business without knowing how to diplomatically dance around a controversy.

    To address the issue of Michael not defending himself against Lisa because he had moved on—I think is fairly simple.

    First the picture.
    You said MJ had many pictures in his house of many different celebrities and friends. Of course he did. The only problem with your analogy is, he was still in good standings with those people. Like I stated on a previous post, Michael’s housekeeper said the picture of LM and Elvis remained by his bedside after the divorce. Why keep a picture of someone who is constantly badmouthing you to the press at your bed to see when you awake? I really don’t want to repeat myself, but the rabbi said MJ always spoke nostalgically when he spoke of Lisa. He said that relationship was real for him… it meant something special to him.
    Sorry Amanda, but since the rabbi sat across from MJ for a few years and observed his demeanor and emotions… I’m more inclined to believe him over you.

    Finally, I just want to point out that you being female, are trying to instill your female reasoning into understanding the actions of a man.
    Nothing is absolute, but most men find it very easy to move on after a relationship, but that doesn’t mean the feelings and thoughts aren’t still with him.
    It has been said many times how easy Michael was able to compartmentalize his life—which enabled him to deal with people and situations that may have hurt him in the past.
    Women often think of revenge and sulk about injustices. Men usually move on, but that doesn’t mean they forget. They just deal with it.

    So I once again stand by my OPINION… Michael wanted to remember Lisa in a good light. He wanted to remember how they use to be. Listen to a lot of his songs. I’m not saying they are about Lisa, but they do often reminisce about lost love and hoping to recapture it. Yes, yes I know many artists sing lost love songs. But we’re not talking about many artists.

  54. Acai says:

    I found the guy I thought was a photographer.
    Actually he’s an artist, Brett Livingstone Strong.
    As you already know, Michael and Lisa met
    for the second time in his home… and the rest is history.

  55. Astris says:


    I know for a fact that in cases like this, lawyers advised their clients not to respond or be very careful. LM wanted blood and she had no problem showing how low she could sink to get it. I know about the picture, however, I refuse to trick myself into believeing that it was still an issue with him. The child analogy was good, but that child left long ago.
    Michael was smart enough to know that to say anything more than a few words would lead to a media war with LM. She was going after this and in the end MJ would have been victimized even more because she was Elvis’ daughter. It is a shame that she is not just LM, she is always Elvis’ daughter and the wife of both MJ and Nic Cage. But that was her making, not theirs.

    The majority of people and fans knew that she was lying and angry. Alot of people know her for who and what she really is and have been taught not to respond. By responding it gives them what they want and it was best to reframe, but there were some that did call her out on her lies, Flo, Friedman and even his brother Jermaine. They were going through a trail and didn’t need to get into mess with her.

    @ Amanda- Right! Michael said that she didn’t care about any children except her own, when a grown woman who is a mother hangs up on terminally ill children, something is wrong with that.

    However, he also said that LM made it clear that he was not their father, Danny was. So she didn’t mind him being there but made it clear they were not his and they weren’t, but her behavior was a problem. She didn’t mind going to hospitals and functions but that was the extent of it. She was not going out.

    I forgot that Michael asked Brooke to marry him before LM. That says alot, if he was madly in loive with her why did he ask someone else first? Then he turned around after marrying LM and asked one of his girlfriends to forgive him!? PLEASE! This was not a love story. There was love, but it was never deep, there’s a difference.

    Good point about true love, he was interested in protecting his assets and she had her own, but he was far richewr than Brooke or Tatum and money wouldn’t have been a problem, especially with Brooke who was smitten. She can say what she wanted her face doesn’t lie. He was in love with Diana Ross and possibly Liz, but with Liz she was the friend , mother and she gave him the security and comfort and understanding he needed. She had a tyrant father also. I also think that she set a standard no one could touch.

    Unfortunately, LMP has never stepped outside of the box. She wants things but does not put work into it and when it goes wrong she’s the victim even when she says she’s not easy to live with. This lie about seeing how the marriage would go before kids is a lie, but instead of epople mourning no kids, they should be on their hands and knees thanking and praising God NO children came from this union. That would have been horrible, given how she behaves herself.

    Amanda well said, some people will not except that this was no fairy tale love story. I have always maintained that it started wrong and ended worst, but LM would not let it go. I think in her mind she felt she was better than Michael. But to start the mess she has since his death just verifies some things I have thought all along, meaning she will do anything to come out smelling like a rose. She is still trying to paint herself as a loving person, instead of having the decency to let it go, but her behavior shows that she has little if any self respect at all.


    Michael was no boy and if he was having a fantasy about Brooke he would not have given her a ring. He was a grown man with desires and he desired Brooke. I believe he also said in that book that he regretted not sleeping with her when he had the chance, so Brooke was highly attracted herself. No doubt more than Michael told.

    He clsoed his mind because LM lied to him about things more importantly wanting his kids when she never did. She was in COS when they meet and later married, this was not about religion and I’m sure COS doesn’t condone lies.

    You are defending LM very strongly whether you except it or not. As for females trying to understand males, some do better than anyone. These are facts and not a fantasy.

  56. Acai says:

    Okay. Wow!
    Here we go again.
    I knew this would open Pandora’s Box, but I at least thought my comments would be debated in context. I think you guys have taken what I’ve said all wrong, and
    I feel I’ve unintentionally created frenemies all because I have a difference of opinion. It’s unfortunate and sad a person can’t disagree with the masses—in a matter that is really a moot point anyway—without being subjected to what feels like a verbal lashing.
    But it’s okay, I can take it.

    Since none of us were there to be eyewitness to MJ & LMP’s relationship, everyone is only expressing an OPINION on the subject.
    And because no one of us can read minds, every thing to do with MJ’s feelings is also speculation.

    I tried to be careful not to state anything that has to do with Michael or Lisa’s feelings as fact. And I do understand Lisa stirs up bitter emotions in Michael’s fans—not to mention myself included— so I’m not going to take this unnerving reproach personally.

    I will stand by the child analogy I made. And no I don’t for one second believe Michael was doting over Lisa everyday since they split. You guys seem to think that’s the point I’m trying to make… it isn’t. I just think he didn’t want to fight with her, so his way of dealing with the nasty, spiteful, vindictive person she turned out to be, was to regress his view of her back to the little girl he once met with her father—as a means to pacify his anger. That doesn’t mean he walked around clutching the photo of her… crying and wishing for her to return. Be for real! Just because you and I may think hateful thoughts about her being mangled and dying a painful death, that doesn’t mean Michael felt that way about her.

    Yes he moved on. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting though.
    Michael always spoke of love… bringing love back into the world. How could you think a man like that would walk around festering bitterness and anger over someone
    he once—his word—loved? So I believe when MJ thought of and
    dealt with LM—when and if he did—he thought of the little girl she once was, and of the good times he spent with her instead of the bad.
    (ie; What the rabbi said about MJ being nostalgic when speaking of her.)
    I hope this FINALLY answers my point.

    PS: Who Called This A Love Story??

    Astris, it is true attorneys advise their clients not to speak or get involved in petty arguments and disagreement all of the time. Lisa started attacking Michael long before any allegations were levied against him. Who’s to say his lawyers were even consulting him on such a personal matter at that time? His personal life was private domain, and they knew it. Needless to say, Mike could have defended himself by dousing out her flames with overwhelming kindness and respect. She probably felt she deserved an apology from him—whether deserved or not— for whatever happened between them. She never got it, so she went on a rampage. He handled her like he would a business deal or an ended friendship with a man… just walk away. That approach rarely works between men & women, especially when emotions are involved. Michael should have dealt with Lisa one on one. It didn’t have to be through the media. So the suggestion of an eminent media war if he addressed her charges, is groundless. They saw each other for over a year before they were married without the media knowing anything. The same could have been done in this situation.
    But we both know, you could advise Michael as much as you want… Michael would do what Michael wanted to do.
    (Cases in point:
    Cherilyn Lee advised MJ not to take Propofol. He didn’t listen.
    Chris Tucker warned him of the Arvizos. He didn’t listen.)

    Everything I’ve said has been a testament to Michael and his ability to overcome adversities, and his ability to forgive even the unforgivable. My intention was not to slander him, but to try to understand him. And everyone of us who is vain enough to believe we know him through books and magazines and talking heads on TV and so called friends… is a fool. The fact is… ONLY MICHAEL KNEW MICHAEL!
    Did you know, there are thousands of courses in colleges and universities that are dedicated to examining the psyche of Michael Jackson? If they can’t figure him out, then how arrogant are we to assume we have?

    It has become tiresome… repetitiously trying to make a simple point.
    Nevertheless, in reference to Lisa not caring for other kids… just because Michael said it… doesn’t make it so. Once again, emotion and loyalty take precedence over a possible troublesome reality for some people. Michael was a staunched advocate against the mistreatment and suffering of children around the world.
    He went far and above what the average philanthropist would do in the same situation. MJ was extraordinary. Very few could match his commitment. Just because Lisa hung up on girls calling—probably using every excuse in the book just to meet him—doesn’t mean she didn’t care for kids. I think she was jealous of the attention he gave them. She, in my opinion, felt left out because she had to share him with the world.

    I stand by my assumption of Michael and Brooke.
    Michael was in his early twenties—and for him, that was the same as being a tween. I don’t recall where I read or heard it, but it was said that Brooke’s mother thought it was good publicity for her daughter to be seen with Michael. She encouraged Brooke to always ask MJ out. She knew he was too shy to do anything, so she considered him safe. Attack me if you want, but that is what was said. And don’t read too much into MJ giving Brooke a ring either. Even little kids play house with a husband and a wife. He was probably in love with the idea of being in love. I doubt his feelings were any more than infatuation. I believe the same is also true for the others he fantasized about.

    When it comes to defending the moral righteousness of The Church of Scientology, I’m sure David Miscavige—“commands power that managers follow his orders, however bizarre, with lemming-like obedience”. And is being investigated for physical violence against members within the ranks for questioning his tactics—thanks you for your belief in the goodness of his organization.

    I always hear the MJ haters accuse us of being fanatical, crazy fans who are blinded and only see the good but never the bad in him. I love Michael, with warts and all. I don’t think I need to pretend that everyone whom he had a falling out with or disagreement with, is evil.

    I do resent your viewpoint that I’m defending Lisa. It took me a long time to forgive MJ for marring her. So I consider it cathartic for me to even have an open mind to contemplate all possibilities at this point. I believe in looking at the whole picture from every angle before coming to a conclusion. That is what I tried to do here.
    And just because I don’t have the same take on Michael’s life as
    some of you do—in no way does that make me any less of a fan.
    I respect your viewpoint, so please respect mine.

  57. amanda says:

    acai: hello again, I feel that you feel ur being attacked, noway am I trying 2 attack u, I don’t know you and its just the internet, I’m actually just stating my opinions as you r doing the same and trying to have a civilized conversation (via internet)like a mature adult,(4 the record, if you haven’t noticed I’ve only responded 2 you once, this is my second comment 2 u) I could only speak 4 myslf but I did not feel that astris comments were ‘attacking u’ as you say either, she was obviously just stating her opinions as well. everybody is free 2 their own p.o.v.’s and in life not everyone is gonna agree with you (but don’t take that as people r ‘attacking u’)if you feel so attackd/treatend by our comments, were not holding a gun 2 ur head and forcing you 2 reply, with that’s said its obvious will agree 2 disagree but I just wanna point out some things you’ve said that I want to give my thought but again: U DO NOT HAVE 2 REPLY!

    53.)”MJ did say “Lisa was great with going to the hospitals with me, and she was so sweet about that….” He agreed with Shmuley about Lisa doing some of the compassionate things of giving children love and making them feel special. Maybe in the book he didn’t say–verbatim–that she shared his love for the plight of the children. But if her going to the hospitals with him–releasing bound children and making them feel special by handing out toys and presents wasn’t in the scope of what he was doing, then what is?”
    -acai, just because LMP was going there doing those things doesn’t mean she actually cared 2 do those things, celebs help out charities, donate, visit, ect. ALL THE TIME its a very common thing 4 them 2 do they actually have money as does LMP but does that mean that its their prime interest… uhh no.theres only a handful of celebs out their (MJ being 1 of them) that I know when they do things like that its actually genuine & out of the kindness of their heart,sadly though a lot of them do things like that 4 publicity, and LMP is no exception. LMP did say in 1 of her interviews that she felt that she felt all the stuff he was doing for children and the world she thought was great and she stated “i had some romantic idea in my head that ‘men n you could save the wrld together… WTH WAS I THINKING”… now acai what does that quote tell you about the women caring about children???thats where I got my idea that maybe in the beginning she felt she could IMPRESS HIM cause she knew he was more into girls like princess di by doing things like that and also it would help her reputation out and get her name out their more so people could know her other then Elvis daughter and the whore image she already had, but she quickly realize (and I quote) “

  58. amanda says:

    “WTH WAS I THINKING?!” she obviously realized that wasn’t her style, and MJ saw the writings on the wall and her tru colors as he stated “we had arguments about doing things like that” just because he stated she was great at doing things like that doesn’t mean she actually cared 2 do things like that… there is a big differance whether you c it or not.
    53.)”During his, I believe Fox special about his private home movies, Michael spoke of how he sent his organization around the world to find a liver for a boy named Farkus. He said they found a liver and Farkus lived. But what Michael didn’t tell you was, LM donated her money and time also to the organization in the effort to save the boy. That confirms to me that she shared in his concern for the children”
    -thats great if that’s true but how would you know that if he didn’t tell us that in the private home movies special & she hasn’t either?… again if that is tru like I’ve already said b4: ITS A VERY COMMON THING 4 CELEBS TO DONATE MONEY… THEY ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY, doesn’t mean they actually care to do it, celebs do it all the time but actions speak louder then wrds.
    53)”He went into it like a business deal, but quickly found out human feelings can’t be managed like a cold contract”- BELIEVE ME ITS POSSIBLE! again… celebs do it all the time, they go into relationships like a business deal and wlk out of it like a business deal(theres a handful I could name)i don’t think theirs was a business deal though, I know 4 a fact there were obviously reasons 4 him wanting to marry her that didn’t really involve love(surname+money)lmp clearly felt he used her 2 improve his image but I don’t think that was mjs doing, I don’t think he needed her 4 that, I think it mightve been his entourage, lawyers, manager, ect. who was the 1s trying to improve his image, so in other wrds I believe it was the entourage who were using both mj&lmp 2 improve his imgage.
    53.)” But I also believe after being “intimate”–according to them—his feelings evolved into something resembling love”- umm.. no offence but that statment right there just sounds like ur trying to make it out 2 be a fairytale LOL! believe me I know how the majority of mens brains wrk and their r a crockload of men out their in the wrld who will have sex with a women(over&over again) & still not be in love with them, that happens all the time. whats in between the legs does not = 2 whats pounding in ur chest.alot of women think they could fool men like that but 9out of 10 times it does not wrk!
    53.)”Now all of this stuff about Michael giving Brooke a ring and asking her to marry him, was simply a boy fantasizing about what and who he wanted. I wouldn’t even count out it being a publicity stunt. MJ said he never would ask a girl out on a date, she would have to do the asking. He said every time he and Brooke went out, she initiated it. She said he was extremely shy when they were going out. Brooke knew he wasn’t ready mentally for such a commitment, so she brushed it off as a fatuous proposal, or even like I said… a stunt. I think all of those proposals had ulterior motives.”
    -acai, I don’t think you understood me about Brooke and the proposal. when I said she stated that he asked to marry him and gave her a ring I never said she said he got down on his hands and knees and proposed 2 her, what she actually stated was that he asked her but it was never a FORMAL PROPOSAL, meaning he didn’t get down on his hands&kness with a ring and did some kind of romatic proposal, she said it was more like “u know we should go & get married”.. & yes that does sound like something a very nervous and insecure man would say when he wants to get do you think he asked LMP to marry him… thet wasn’t a formal proposal either, LMP said in their diane sawyer interview that he asked her over the phone by saying “if I asked you 2 marry you what would you say?”that doesn’t sound no different than when he asked Brooke the same way a nervous and insecure man would ask a women to marry him. she said in her Oprah interview back in 93 that MJ gave her a ring (its a known fact I’ve seen pics of it) and the media was saying that they were engaged but she said it was a friendship ring.she also stated that it hurts her when people (like u) take 4 granted their love 4 one another & that it also hurts MJ very much as well, you obviously didn’t grow up in that era but I did and I’ll tell you 1 thing BROOKE HAD HER OWN PUBLICITY AND DIDNT NEED MJs. Brooke was not @ all the Brooke she is today. she was the biggest female star in the wrld,if ur not farmilar with Brooke shields in the 80s I suggest you do some research on that 1 I’m not going into it that’s awhole nother story, people laughed @ her when she would go out with MJ so many men wanted her but she still chose 2 hang out with him she had her own hun trust me, she was actually getting bad publicity hanging out with MJ and people in her entourage were telling her 2 stay away from him, they wanted her 2 be seen with men like tom cruise, John travota (more manly men)because they would improve her image more and trick people into believing she was this sex icon but still managed 2 stay a virgin and make tham think she wasn’t that innocent(in other wrds… SHE WAS THE ORIGINAL BRITNEY!) I understand MJ fantazied about Brooke a lot before he met her, he collected her pics, ect. but they actually became friends and got 2 know each other on a personal level it wasn’t like she was just his dream girl he watch on tv, so I’m sure after they met and got 2 know each other realized they had so much in common he grew feelings 4 her in other wrds he saw more than just her image.& if ur claiming that Brooke stating that MJ asking her 2 marry him after he died was for publicity there’s no luck with that 1. she had a blockbuster movie she was promoting several months ago and she managed 2 arrange before the interview not 2 speak of him (unlike LMP & his own family)if she was lookin 2 use MJ 4 publicity she would’ve arraged 2 speak him 2 promote her film (just like somebody else does) but she didnt. she was asked 2 speak of MJ @ the memorial by rolling stones like everyone else and she specifically told them “now when you print this please don’t make this appear odd, misquote me or put a headline saying MICHAEL JACKSON WANTED 2 MARRY BROOKE SHIELDS!
    53.)”I don’t think there was any real true love. Beyond the business, I think he was simply infatuated with them–their class and beauty. At least with some of them”
    -so women who have class&beauty don’t actually have men who fall in love with them?? as if their not real and some kind of barbie doll? um ok well let me c as I recall 4 as long as I’ve been a fan of mjs and read/watched all his interviews when speaking of women the thing he always says attract him most 2 them is CLASS, he stated in the MJ tapes he was in love with class. you have 2 understand these women brooke, liz, diana, werent women he just watched/fantazied on tv, they actually knew each other on a personal level and realized they had so many things in common 2 have feeling 4 each other,(ive already stated what thay all had in common with him as opposed 2 LMP so I’m not getting into all that) those 3 women were probably the closest women 2 ever touch his heart(besides his mother & paris)liz was like a mother, Diana like a big sister and Brooke like a little sister but he still fell 4 them on a romatic level and always wanted more but it may have been all in his head cause they probably didn’t have the same feelings 4 him and as mjs stated before he still has yet 2 find tru love, LMP was no exception.
    53) I know how long MJ was friends with Debbie before he re-met Lisa, and I never said she was someone who just came around. My remarks were geared towards Lisa because she is the one who was being discussed in previous posts. I have nothing bad to say about Debbie. She is not the focus here. -i never said you said that clearly ur jumping the gun and I think that’s y ur feeling attacked, I was simply making a statment about Debbie because U were the 1 who brought her up in the 1st place in ur 1st comment
    53)”To touch on my choice of the word ‘fawning’ when it came to Cindy Crawford.
    Fawning: To exhibit affection or attempt to please.
    Re-read pg. 195. “…I love your work. I love what you do. How long will you be in town?”… Michael imitating her”- I’m well aware of what fawning means I just don’t see how a women saying she loved his wrk/music is her trowing herslf @ him
    53)”You said MJ had many pictures in his house of many different celebrities and friends. Of course he did. The only problem with your analogy is, he was still in good standings with those people. Like I stated on a previous post, Michael’s housekeeper said the picture of LM and Elvis remained by his bedside after the divorce. Why keep a picture of someone who is constantly badmouthing you to the press at your bed to see when you awake?”- I think you may be alil confused on when exacly LMP began bashing MJ and when they were divorce, they were divorced by jan.96 and LMP didn’t start her bashing till 03, A WHOLE 7 YRS POST DIVORCE. she didn’t say a wrd from that time frame cause she had nothin 2 tlk about, so of course she waits till she has something to promote 2 use mjs name(she did 1 interveiw with vogue in April 96 which she actually managed 2 arrange pre interview not 2 speak of MJ partly because she was trying to win MJ back and she knew had she broght him up that would be a turnoff) so by you saying this housekeeper he kept it up after their divorce NO OFFENCE BUT THEY WERE DIVORCE 4 NEARLY A DACADE B4 SHE STARTED BASHING HIM… 4 all we know that ‘some time’ couldve been 1-2yrs, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t keep it up in 03 when she started bashing him, I saw the list of things that were tooken from his home when the police raided it in late 03 and even saw the pics they took and the pic of LMP when she was 5 yrs old wasn’t on their. they took things they couldve been related 2 the charges, I would think had he still been keeping that pick of his 5yr old ex wife by his bed or if it even existed in his house(trust me they would’ve found it)THAT WOULDVE DEFFINATLY BEEN SOMETHING THEY WOULDVE TOOK!
    53)”the rabbi said MJ always spoke nostalgically when he spoke of Lisa. He said that relationship was real for him… it meant something special to him”- from whos mouth MJ??? still haven’t heard it. and if he spoke so lovingly of her off tape why couldn’t he speak lovingly of her on tape?… he spoke it of tatum, brooke, liz, princess di why not of his own ex wife?he never really spoke anythin mean of her like Madonna but I think he was dropping the rabbi hints that they werent meant 4 each other, I could tell he was holding his tounge alil when speaking of LMP and why their marriage didn’t wrk, rabbi was trying to find out what really had happend (im sure he heard like many people all sorts of stories) and finally MJ came out & told him bout her promising him kids pre marriage and he stated “after we divorced she would hang out with my mom all the time, I have all these letters from her saying ‘i’ll give you 9 kids I’ll do whatever you want’ but by that time my heart had closed out, AND OF COURSE THE PRESS DON’T KNOW BOUT THESE STORIES”(i think he was referring 2 all the stories people were making up after they divorce that it was MJ begging her 4 another chance (j. randy taraborelli)& I also believe it may have been LMP & her entourage putting all those stories out 2 getting Debbie mad but it was really vice versa)
    53)”Finally, I just want to point out that you being female, are trying to instill your female reasoning into understanding the actions of a man”- I understand what ur saying enough 2 know its very tru but you really don’t know me or who I’ve been around and I’ve been in a tough relationship with a man 4 nearly a decade enough 2 know how a relationship with a man wrks @ least.
    53)”Listen to a lot of his songs. I’m not saying they are about Lisa, but they do often reminisce about lost love and hoping to recapture it”- I just though id let you know that most of those songs on invincible MJ only co wrote meaning they were written by other people then given 2 him & he just changed acouple wrd or 2 all except for spechless(which he stated in his vibe mag interview that it was inspired by children) and the lost children were completly writen by him. but I think (and its been said by different people who’ve wrkd with him in the past)that most of his music (@ least the love songs)were inspired by Diana ross & when his son Prince was born he stated that prince was the inspiration for most of his upcoming music so I believe he was singing those love songs on invincible 4 his children

  59. amanda says:

    I’ve known of Brett Strong for awhile now,that was the mutual fried they both had who introduced him, the way they 1st met is totally different then how LMP explains, on all the lies LMP told I’m more inclined to believe Brett over her, I’m not gonna get into it but if you haven’t heard of how they really met, who really courted who, & who really wanted 2 meet who… GET INFORMED but you said you know of Brett strong so you’ve probably already know of it already.
    -again I’ve never said you sided/supported lmp. I really don’t care if you do/don’t if you do that’s your business I’m just stating my p.o.v.’s as you are doing the same.
    56)”Just because you and I may think hateful thoughts about her being mangled and dying a painful death, that doesn’t mean Michael felt that way about her.”-wow I’ve never said I felt that for her and I’m sure MJ wouldn’t feel that way towards her either as he didn’t feel that towards anyone but me being a Catholic women and having strong beliefs in God I would never feel that towards any1 so please don’t accuse me of that, like I said its just the internet & I’m just stating my opinion on something LMP has already put out their publicly so the world could know about which gives us the right to talk bout.
    56)”astris, it is true attorneys advise their clients not to speak or get involved in petty arguments and disagreement all of the time. Lisa started attacking Michael long before any allegations were levied against him. Who’s to say his lawyers were even consulting him on such a personal matter at that time?”-once again it think you are all confused as 2 when they actually divorce & when LMP started bashing MJ. DIVORCED: jan.96 LMP BASHING: beginning of 03 CHARGES AGAINST MJ:nov.03
    that ‘long b4′ was only several months & I’m pretty sure Astris wasn’t just referring to the charges when talking bout the attorneys advising him not 2 speak of her in a case with mj/lmp these weren’t 2 high school couples who broke up & told the whole school what went wrong & whose 2 blame these were 2 DIVORCE COUPLES and yes when you get divorced there r in fact attorneys involved and usually when you have celebs or just public figures in general the lawyers do advice their clients not to speak of their ex in publicly EVER.w/ LMP she married MJ and was around 4 the 93 charges and yes people said it was a sham 2 improve his image after he had just been accused of molesting a 13yr old boy, now had he gone back n forth with his ex wife of nearly over a decade of who did this, who used who, who is to blame, like 2 high school kids (or better yet like 20yr old Chris Brown does with Rihanna) publicly with her & the media what does that tell ya??? SHAM! only people who look 4 publicity (LMP) actually do that, MJs best bet was to do what he did and stay quiet on that 1.& the fact that he still never called her up & said “ok lets talk about this and what really happened and how I really felt about u”(i mean.. clearly he never did, the women was still accusing him of using her months before he past saying it was her biggest mistake 2 leave Danny for him even in her blog stated she still had ill feelings towards him up until he past)clearly stats that he simply had no feelings 4 her @ all no more if they were ever there and he clearly moved on with his life.
    & I forgot 2 mention about this housekeeper who said this about the picture… 1 thing I’ve learned about celebs (particularly mj) is that you seriously cannot trust their former associates! while some of it could be true for the most part their looking for free publicity their basically the typical “i used 2 work 4 so n’ so… let me tell you what I know”(MJs former make-up artist karen faye) I’ve heard it all, everyone from the housekeepers, nannies, assistants, cooks, you name it especially when it involves good ol’ MJ their the 1st ones 2 run 2 the media when they get fired. as soon as a high profile celeb couple breaks up whose given us all the juicy know-it-all details… that damn housekeeper!truth is I know enough about the entertainment business 2 know about the ‘former associates’ while it really sounds interesting for the most part they really don’t know too much bout what goes on behind closed doors & their making it up to get paid for an interview.. oh and when that’s not enough they got the good ol’ tell all books coming out. I’m not saying what you said bout the housekeeper isn’t true I’m just saying you can’t really believe all of them cause if you believe that 1 than I guessing you believe Sandy Dome(mjs former assistant) when she stated she wasn’t sure if MJ really loved LMP or not cause “It didn’t seem to be a natural kind of relationship or a friendship” & when she claimed that MJ “married Presley as a media ploy to prove he was a healthy young man, in love with the daughter of an American icon.” & when asked if shed ever seen intimacy between the couple, Dome said, “No, none whatsoever.” & when mjs former housekeeper Adrian McManus stated that MJ “went to great lengths to create the illusion of intimacy” & when several housekeepers stated that they never saw mj/lmp have any kind intimacy between them, or the ones who stated that they saw MJ doing things inappropriately with Gavin Arizo… but since you believe 1 housekeeper I i assuming you believe them all??? take the books with a grain of salt most of the things I’ve stated pertaining 2 mj/lmp have come from their own mouth and my thought and opinions but nobody really knows besides the 2 of them and no1 really knows how he really felt about her and even LMP wasn’t sure stating in her Oprah interview she wasn’t sure if he really loved her or how he felt bout her, but I do know 4 a fact the women MJ has already stated he was in love w/:brooke, diana, tatum, liz & I have yet 2 hear him say he was in love/ with LMP (&yes he did have private girlfriends that we still don’t know about he stated that in his book moon walker that he wouldn’t expose them 2 the world cause their not famous and don’t deserve the media attention, which is also why I don’t believe he waited till marriage 2 have sex)were obviously gonna agree to disagree but I’m just going by what that man himself said

  60. Astris says:

    The reason there is a problem or better a misunderstanding is because whether you realize or not you are contradicting yourself.

    Michael did have love, he was also spiritual. He was also taught manners. He also had his own way of doing things and when dealing with someone like LM the best thing to do is not say anything. Had he told what a liar she was she would have shut up. He was not going to waste time being combative with her. She started in on Nic Cage, but he fired off a warning shot. If she started he needed to tell his side. They came to a truce and remained friends. LM made mistakes and rushed into a marriage with him for several reasons including spite. She had doubts about the way she left Danny and this I feel , put her under pressure to prove something with Michael. She was embarrassed when it failed and had to save face. Plus, she tried for Danny and he didn’t want her back as a wife, but they are closer than 2 peas in a pod. They both screwed up the difference was he learned compromise and she felt and was reared to think it was all about her. Welcome to the real world where it doesn’t work that way.

    (Personal note- for all I was given I was taught I had a responsibility and not to expect to have my butt kissed. Good lesson. it saved me).

    He meet her as a child. Michael may have tried to deal with Lisa one on one. Lisa choose to bare her claws. Nothing he said would have stopped her. She made her mind up that she would play the poor me card. And make him look like scum. The daughter of Elvis Presley was mistreated and so on.

    Michael could not spend time trying to reason with an unreasonable person so to say that’s the reason she went on a 8 year plus tirade makes no sense. if I’m missing something please point it out.

    I can see a person getting tired of calls, but to hang up and scream at sick kids is inexcusable. She herself had kids and as someone with it I can tell you this money cannot buy or guarantee health. It seems that since she was blessed with healthy kids she didn’t stop to consider that those kids were suffering and needed comfort. I don’t like or appreciate people who hurt children this way especially sick and terminally ill children. If it was my own child doing it I would not appreciate it or respect them for it. It’s called being selfish.

    That pic was a long time ago and was not dragged from place to place, plus there were many other pics around. The innocent child was long gone as is the case with many adults.

    I don’t know about the COS much, but LM has said that she will do as she pleases and takes no orders from anyone including churches. She probably didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but she dances to her own drummer. And when I think of COS I think of Travola, Cruise and a few others who are loving and kind and sweet. She’s a bitter apple by choice. Not everyone in the COS is like that.

    May I ask why it took you a long time to forgive MJ for marrying her? I thought it was a joke when it hit the media and they were making it up. But at my age then I knew it was a mistake and I was right. Michael learned a valuable lesson.

  61. georgous says:

    why do people make such a big deal out of that cut out picture he had of LMP and Elvis presley he had??? the man had a lifesize photho of Brooke shields up even when she abandoned him in 93 he still kept it up until 03 when the police raided his home and was telling his rabbi in 99 that she was 1 of the big loves of his life! the man had thousands of pics of Brooke all over his room growing up, he had thousands of pictures all over Neverland of Liz Taylor, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe Shirley Temple, even had some of Elvis and your telling me that just cause he had 1 picture of LMP WITH ELVIS her dad that was cut of from a magazine and thrown into some dollar store picture frame and it was obviously taken down by 03 that that means he still had feelings for the women?!?! if he did why didn’t he have thousands of pictures up of her like he did with Brooke, Liz, Marilyn, etc.??? I laughed when I saw that pic in a.d. out of all the pictures he had up at Neverland of people and women he loved that’s the only thing he could find of his own ex-wife who he supposedly ‘still had feelings for’ give me a break, LMP was nothing more to MJ then ELVIS DAUGHTER WHO ONCE BECAME HIS WIFE!

  62. Acai says:

    Really Guys????

    Please don’t state the obvious. I know my options in regards to reading or not reading… so?
    Although, I may need that gun after suffering through another melee of misquotes and misunderstandings—similar to reading a tell-all book from Diane Dimond. Congratulations! The rag mags would be impressed.

    Helping Kids:

    Unless you have definitive proof that Lisa absolutely didn’t care for the kids she donated her monies to–not hearsay–then I think we can only assume her actions were pure. Who cares what other celebs are doing? The focus is what you can prove Lisa was doing. So to align her with someone else’s misdeeds without proof, is conjecture.


    “lmp did say in 1 of her interviews that she felt all the stuff he was doing for children and the world she thought was great and she stated “i had some romantic idea in my head that ‘men n you could save the world together… WTH WAS I THINKING”

    What does that tell me?
    What that tells me is what should have been apparent to you, because I’ve already answered that. Lisa couldn’t live up to HIS level of commitment when it came to the devotion and love he gave those children. Except for Princess Diana or Mother Teresa, or maybe—I said maybe—Angelina Jolie, who else has embraced and unselfishly taken on this daunting task of saving the world’s children? You know, not everything is marred in black or white. There is an atmosphere of grey from which I believe most of us reside. I think in the beginning, LM thought her love, or whatever for Michael, was enough to overcome any doubts she may have had about the enormous duty she had enlisted into. I think at a point reality hit her and she realized it was more than she bargained for. ‘WTH WAS I THINKING’ is just an honest, yet crass, reply to her unfulfilled delusion that she could be like Mike. Very few of us can. Can you? And don’t say it’s easier if you have money.
    The commitment comes from the heart, not the pocket!

    About the Farkas comment… look up MJ’s organization and do the research.
    I think August 6, 1994

    The Business Deal:

    I don’t understand the objection here. I stated in earlier posts that I believed there were ulterior motives to their union. What’s your point?

    “believe me I know how the majority of mens brains work and their are a crockload of men out their in the wrld who will have sex with a women(over&over again) & still not be in love with them, that happens all the time. whats in between the legs does not = 2 whats pounding in your chest.alot of women think they could fool men like that but 9out of 10 times it does not work!”

    ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’! LOL

    We all know Michael wasn’t that type of man. He would never mistreat a woman in that way. How can you call yourself a fan, then launch such an inane comment?
    In one breath you’re praising him for being a gentleman, then in another you’re infiltrating him into some hedonistic mens club for the overly hormonal.
    Make up your mind.

    The Proposal:

    Nice clean-up, but still void of any sense.
    I never said that you claim MJ got down on his knee to propose to Brooke. I just explained why he would ask her to marry him. Everything else has been conjured up in your head.
    And to say you must get down on one knee in order for a proposal to be valid, or your word—FORMAL—is like saying you’re kind of pregnant.
    Either he’s proposing or he’s not! The manner in which it’s done is up to the individual.
    Yes I know MJ proposed to Lisa over the phone… at least he thought he did!
    My point made.
    Go back and re-read your own words.
    You stated in post #51, Brooke also stated that MJ asked her to marry him just before he married LMP… (That sounds like a PROPOSAL to me!)

    I made no assumption as to why Brooke stated this marriage proposal after MJ died. Where did you get that from? Your imagination is running amuck.
    And yes I am aware of their relationship, and NO Brooke was not as big as you claimed back in the ’80s. She was a star, and yes men lusted after her, but MJ was an even bigger star! Are you trying to say she was at the pinnacle of her career then and didn’t need any publicity?
    Everyone wanted to be seen with Michael. If he was so in love with her, why did he take Emanuel Lewis to the ’84 Grammys with them, and then pay more attention to him than he did Brooke. I’ve seen video of him getting into the limo after the Grammy’s with Lewis and with Brooke trailing behind. Lewis sat between them… how romantic. That really sounds like true love to me. There is also a photo of MJ trying to kiss Brooke while seated in the rear of a car. You can see her struggling to pull away. Since I didn’t take the picture, I have no idea of the circumstances surrounding it, but I’m sure that won’t stop you from offering one of your… FACTS!

    Controversy sells… even in the 80s. I was alive you know. We being on the outside looking in, how can we say who needs what publicity? Obviously Brooke’s mother felt she needed to be seen with Michael, because she encouraged it.

    You accuse me of conjuring up some love story between MJ and Lisa. Well, it looks like you’ve swiped a few pages from The Big Book of Fairy Tales yourself when it comes to MJ and Brooke.

    But with MJ and LMP, I’ve already stated with utter clarity, I DID NOT, I DO NOT & I WILL NOT, ever like her!!! I am defending my analogy, NOT HER!
    I guess in a small way, I can’t bear to imagine MJ suffering unloved for the 2 years of their marriage. Then another 2 or 3 years after the divorce. I don’t think that’s the way it was though. No matter the slant some of you try to attach to this relationship, I believe they had more good times together than bad. Fortunately or unfortunately, the bad was too bad to overcome.

    You know, you guys have downed every theory that I’ve put forth, and answered them with jaded speculation of your own. You are trying to mask your bias under a ton of empty words, hoping the over indulgence will disguise your lack of evidence.
    It ain’t working.

    The Bashing:

    Not true LM didn’t say anything negative about MJ until ’03. I didn’t say “bashing” at this point. I absolutely said she badmouthed him! Maybe the only comments you’ve been able to find are those where she is bashing him, but look further and you will find where she is quoted as saying it annoyed her when MJ would shower her kids with gifts. She said he spoiled them. She said there were a lot of shady characters around influencing him which upset her. She accused him of using her. She increasingly argued and belittled him in front of his staff…. All said and done before ’03.
    You should read carefully before you type. I did not indicate in this post
    as to when LM started bashing MJ. In a previous post I did, and I did reference to the 2003 debut of her first CD as the start of her hardcore bashing to sell more CD’s.
    I said his housekeeper—whom was at Neverland—said MJ kept the picture by his bedside long after the divorce.


    The Rabbi:

    MJ wasn’t married to Tatum, or Brooke or Diana, or Liz; and they didn’t divorce him and humiliate him. And for what sane reason would he have to hold back on his comments of LM? He told it like it was about the promise of them having children and her jealousy of the children he showered with love, and of the private letters she wrote to him. I’m sorry, but almost everything you type has no bases. You are trying to rewrite history as you see it. You supply little facts, and the facts you do supply are garnished with unsupported reasoning.

    Brett Livingstone-Strong:

    Yes, of course I know how they met. I know the true story—straight from the man himself.
    And me expressing glee in wishing Lisa a painful death, is only dramatic flare to accentuate the difference between how we see her and how MJ possibly saw her.
    I’ve overcome my anger for Michael marrying her a longtime ago. That is how I am able to view their relationship with clear eyes. I may not be 100% correct, but at least there is nothing to taint my perception.
    For a time I thought the way you do about LMP and MJ together. But after looking at more evidence since MJ died, I put two and two together and realized their relationship wasn’t as bad as I thought. Personally, I still don’t like her.

    The Rest:

    The rest of what you said can be filed under SPECULATION.
    You seem to forget you’re talking about Michael Jackson. Nothing in his life was considered ordinary or normal. Even statements of him being a regular guy, are said with a hint of caution. You can’t apply average guy situations to Michael. He learned life in a different way, so you would expect him to react to things in a different way. Simple logic.

    Everything you’ve said I already know about. The problem lies where you embellish it. Why not just state the facts, and not turn guesswork into your reality?
    I’m not trying to be rude. But when you start talking about nannies and housekeepers lying, and associates being dishonest—without any proof—it kind of
    stymies any credibility of you being impartial. You seem to think the only honest people are MJ, Brooke, Liz, Diana, Debbie… and a few others. How can that be?
    Don’t throw everyone under the bus, because somewhere within every lie, lies the truth.


    With respect, I did not contradict myself.
    Lisa would not have shut up if MJ had confronted her in public. That’s why I said he had people who could defend him against her accusation. I implied it wouldn’t have gotten that far if Michael had addressed LM one on one and swallowed a little pride with an explanation or apology.

    You can’t compare Nic’s troubles with Lisa, with Mike and Lisa’s. According to her, she and Cage were just too much alike… two hot heads. I guess they both wanted to be the boss. They were married, what… a few months? Michael’s troubles with Lisa ran deeper. They had a connection. I think Cage was a rebound from Mike for her, but the love she had for MJ was still there. Love and anger are a dangerous mix, especially when you feel wronged. Women tend to harbor anger and often seek revenge.
    Men—like I’ve said—move on but don’t forget.
    How would you feel if the biggest star in the world moved on from you, and had kids with another woman… all within the public eye. How humiliating that would be.
    Now think of yourself as the, so called, Princess of Rock. That must have been quadruply humiliating. Priscilla and the media brainwashed LM so much, she probably started to believe she deserved to be treated like a real princess. She expected men to fall at her feet at her beck and call. When Michael didn’t do that, sparks flew.
    Oh well, she brought it on herself.

    Why did it take me so long to get over MJ marrying Lisa?

    Well, I felt she was all wrong for him. And to be honest… she took him off the market, then she didn’t appreciate him. She was more concerned with her own image than the health of their marriage.
    It was obvious after seeing them in public, they married for more than just love.
    And for someone who claimed to only sing what he believed in, marrying someone like LM seemed like a slap in the face to his fans who trusted and believed in what he said.
    PS: I never liked the Presley’s anyway… especially Elvis!

    To G,

    The only people who make a big deal about the Elvis/Lisa picture, are people like you who go out of their way to construct some elaborate reason for why a simple photo was in MJ’s house. Sure there were other—not thousands—of photos of
    friends and family. Those pictures and paintings were placed around the home for others to see. But the significance of the Elvis/Lisa photo is where it was located.
    He kept it at his bedside. Obviously it represented something special to him—the day MJ first met LM. He had already met Elvis before, and he once stated he wasn’t a fan of Elvis. So the focus of the photo was not Elvis… it was Lisa. I also said, Mike’s onetime publicist, Ramone Bain, spoke of the photo in one of her interviews I read after MJ died. As she described Neverland, she didn’t say anything about photos of Liz, or Diana, or Brooke. I’m just saying…. makes you wonder.

  63. Astris says:



  64. Astris says:

    LM spent years making her true feelings for the man known. No matter how you sugar coat it, it is what it is. They got along at one point, but when it ended it ended badly. And that’s from LM herself.

    She dated other men married Nic and both couldn’t be bosses. They do remain friends. I’ll give her credit for that. I know she was bad mouthing him before 2003 regardless of what you say. Of course you’re entitled to think what you will.

    As for Brooke, had she said yes there never would have been a a marriage with LM, but she didn’t and he went forward.

    How would I feel if a man or superstar moved on from me. It would depend. While I have had a very rich life literally. I have not been reared to think the universe revolves around me. I would have done what was necessary to save it and then if it didn’t work I would have excepted it. I would not have lied knowing children were never in the plan with me. I would have been straight forward. We’re different. I believe in telling the truth. Not lying to get my way and when the next human being gets upset because they have been deceived get angry and play the poor me card. LM was not naive, innocent nor had the wool been pulled over her eyes.
    On one hand you seem to hate her on the other you’re her biggest excuse maker. That is why we’re confused, but I get it.

    It was a mistake and since she has to save her neck she has resulted to these tacky tactics. But here’s a news flash. People are tired of being used in game playing, especially when their heart broken.

  65. Astris says:

    One more thing, how would I feel if he moved on and had kids? Well, if I had lied like her and being straight I would not be surprised. She was not the wronged party here. I disagree with how he did it. But he did what was best. In Debbie he had someone that loved him for him, she knew more about Michael Jackson than people know.
    She gave him what he needed most. He knew she had his back and did what was best for him and any future kids.
    Kids with LM would have had a hard life. It was for the best and Michael knew it.
    What you don’t except is this simple fact, she never wanted his kids she and he both said so. It was ok, but don’t pay the victim card when your fraud comes home to bite your butt.
    He had moved on and she was no longer a part of his life. She used him to get attention. It’s too bad that LM refused to make usefulness out of her life. Her kids are her best legacy.
    As for helping kids, lots of celebs visit and give money and as one popular person stated long ago, you don’t have to care about someone to write a check for their well being. There are tax incentives also. Before you go off on that statement, she did open Presley house, but LM did not have it to heart like he did. You raised a good point, proving that her interests and his were completely different.

  66. VIRGIE says:


  67. ... says:

    o wow either this is fake or that pretty b**ch is full of sh*t
    and I really like her so it better be fake! >:(

  68. Astris says:


    Get your facts straight. Neither wanted each other and LMP has used the victim card when she is a blatant adulterer ,liar, brat and use to what she wants.
    The Rabbi was not a friend of MJ’s but it is good he released those tapes because MJ in as much let us know he wasn’t crying over LM. She was never the love of his life and vice versa. It’s pathetic the daughter of Elvis has lied her way through life.

  69. VIRGIE says:


  70. Astris says:


    I’ve never seen any interview where he was torn apart when she remarried. Relieved is more like it, since he didn’t want her back.

    Mj loved art, so him buying a portrait had nothing to do with her. People turn to much around to make it what they want. The fact is it didn’t work both went their own way, only LM didn’t get the last word and behaved terribly.

    I noticed that none of the Jackson men have ever spoken nastily about a ex no matter what she was. MJ was the same way which is why he called himself a gentleman.


    This is not about your hate of her taking him off the market. He may have asked her to can it but she wasn’t gonna do it. Men like Michael don’t go there. Once they make their feelings known they move on. He and his camp also knew that to confront her would be a media war, because she used being Elvis’ daughter to the hilt.
    She was a druggie, slept with a ton of men and on and on yet she played the victim card.

    He didn’t mention her as a love of his life because she wasn’t one. The women he mentioned had very special and deep parts in his soul.

    Understand all you want the point is he didn’t want her. He was over he moved on and so did she but since she was spoiled and had her way from day 1, she felt the need to play the poor me card to get pity for herself.


    Anyone who believes Randy J should really question how easily they can be had. He has say he thought it was a ploy. I saw an interview the other day ion which he said the public didn’t buy it and MJ was trying to repair his image. As time has passed he has tried re-writing history.

    Rabbi- anyone listening can tell he feels contempt for MJ, probably because he stole money and was fire and dumped.

    People were tired of LM thinking she was better than him and other people, so she has changed her tone for convenience. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  71. Acai says:

    Hi Astris,

    I’ve been on a long vacation with no internet access, so to come back and see this is still being discussed… is fascinating.

    Astris, you asked me why did it take me so long to forgive MJ for marrying Lisa Marie?

    I told you how I felt at the time and why I felt that way.
    Now to have you say, “This is not about your hate of her taking him off the market”… is baffling to me. That is what it was about for me. I may have been wrong in my assumption of their coupling, but to say that’s not what it was about is being domineering with my personal thoughts.

    About the media:

    I say again… Michael could have addressed Lisa in private–one on one–to reconcile any hurt feelings or issues they harbored. It did not have to become a media war. I think LM would have settled for an apology or explanation confidentially. Seeing her in action, I would expect she would feel superior or victorious knowing MJ conceded and admitted wronging her. I’m not saying he did. I’m just saying if Mike had more experience with women, he would have realized that most men who fight with women often concede to the battle to subsequently win the war.

    And LM didn’t have to speak of MJ to promote her CD. She did it to hurt him.
    She dealt with Michael like she would any ordinary guy. Needless to say, that was her mistake. She expected him to respond like the average John Doe, and MJ expected LM to respond like the average guy would. In my opinion they were both wrong.

    No mention of LM:

    I addressed this issue before, but I guess it bears repeating.
    I “THINK” the reason MJ didn’t mention LM in his interviews about admiration and love, is because that relationship was real and personal to him. He said many times he was like his mother–where love and feelings for Catherine were mushy things that were private–he too didn’t like to talk about them. For him to speak of something so private, would be like having sex in public.
    It was simple for him to fantasize verbally about women he lusted or romanticized over. It wasn’t real. It was like a game, a wish, a dream. But to reveal to the public his inner most thoughts about someone he was intimate with and really loved, would go against everything we know about Michael being a fiercely private person.
    Mike may have been a little odd compared to the average guy, but I think when it comes to this instance, he was more normal than normal. Guys will talk and brag about girls they’ve scored with and lust for, but they stay mum about someone they respect and love. I believe that’s the situation we have here with LM.

    Lastly, I think saying because MJ moved on meant he no longer cared for LM… is incorrect. I believe he just didn’t know how to deal with the circumstances. His lack of experience with women created a climate he wasn’t use to.
    He told the rabbi he didn’t know how two people could spend everyday together–as in husband and wife. He said he liked to go away, because he believed absence makes the heart grow fonder. If MJ truly believed that, then by his own analogy, her absence from him made his heart grow fonder for her… and hers for him.

    I feel the need to once again state this disclaimer:

    I don’t like her for reasons I previously mentioned, but that doesn’t mean I should pretend not to see how they obviously felt about each other.
    I don’t like it, but if he loved her he loved her!
    It’s not my business to try to rewrite history.

  72. Acai says:

    I hate Typos!
    Michael’s mother spells her name with a “K”… Katherine.
    Not Catherine with a “C”.

    Stupid mistake!

  73. Astris says:


    As far as I’m concerned you have your own warped delusion of the matter and it is a closed discussion.
    Let me explain this as someone wealthy with even wealthier friends and people very close to folk you hear about everyday. To those of us with intelligence we do no comment on people like LM conduct as they want a war.
    Talking to someone that ill, makes no difference.
    So you have your thoughts I have mind and mind are right.
    Now many meant talk about women they love, not just scored with. Obviously, I know a lot more people which is a curse and blessing. So I’ve seen almost everything.
    I’m not responding back. He was back on the market fairly quickly. He and she both knew it was a mistake, one she made him pay for until his death and beyond.
    Hope your vacation was peaceful.

  74. Cynthia says:


    I for one agree with the majority of the people on this board. You are looking at something that did not exist. I agree with Astris, MJ may have asked Lisa to talk but she was not on that kind of mission and once he saw that he backed off. LM was on a nasty manipulative, bashing mission and if he had said anything to her it would have exploded into a media mess. This is how the daughter of E. Presley gets attention.


    You are wasting your time in trying to reason, Acai sees whats she sees. I believe it is wrong. And men do talk about women they love or just women they sleep with.
    Michael had become use to class like Liz Taylor, Brooke Shields and Diana Ross, they were ladies.

    In the end he had nothing in common with LMP but money. They were too different. And why should he have to gravel to her?

    She was no child but a grown manipulative woman who delighted in playing the pity card.

  75. Acai says:

    Astris, why the sudden hostility?

    It’s okay if you don’t want to respond or discuss a matter that is pretty much a dead issue. But I’ve tried to be respectful and open minded and look at MJ & LMP’s relationship with untainted eyes. I may not like what I’m seeing, still I feel it’s important to entertain the possibility. No need to be rude. You see, I have never been a follower. I have never been so meek to conform to someone else’s view just to be accepted.

    And I will not start now!

    I know I’m smart enough to look at an issue and come to a reasonable conclusion. I’m not saying I’m right, although I do base my assumptions on eyewitness accounts from people who were privy to the relationship between MJ & Lisa.
    All you guys do is feed off your own emotions–your hate. You discount anyone and everyone who challenge or threaten the foundation of this little screenplay of events you’ve created and hold so sacred. These people knew Michael personally. They dealt with him one on one. Whenever they say something about MJ or LM you can’t accept, you label them as liars.
    How do you know?
    What gives you guys the right to speak with such authority on two individuals you’ve never met?

    And just because your hatred for the woman is eating you alive, don’t be contemptuous towards me.
    I have a right to my opinion… don’t I?
    You talk like you were a fly on the wall—covertly spying and observing their every move.
    You know no more truth than I do.
    At least I am honest enough to admit I’m just theorizing.

    You know, by posting here, I was hoping to find people who would without a doubt disprove my theories on Lisa and Mike.
    Why? Because I don’t like her.
    Instead I found nothing but unyielding egotism supported by a bunch of personal experiences assembled to explain one of the most misunderstood persons in the world.

    Oh man, the conceit on this board is beyond belief!
    You claim to be intelligent people, yet your instability shows with every disagreement. I noticed when a person is no longer able to conduct an intellectual debate, he or she results to personal attacks and name calling.
    Unfortunately, it looks like we are at that point now.

    Hey… Just A Observation:
    You hear a woman scream, then see two men running. One is black and dressed in a nice suit, but the other is white and dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.
    I bet almost 100% of the time a person will automatically think the reason for that scream had to do with the black guy no matter how he was dressed.

    I say this only to show that bias perception is usually incorrect. We often see things in relation to our own lives.
    I hate it when people say something like; ‘I know men’ or ‘everyone does this’. There are roughly 7 billion people on this earth. No two people are the same. I don’t care how devoted a fan you are, you can’t possibly know Mike. And just because all of the men you associate yourself with act in a certain manner, don’t blanket all men with that stigma.

    About Debbie:

    I like Debbie for what she did for Michael and she seems to genuinely love him.
    But as we vilify Lisa, we must remember that LM asked MJ for virtually nothing after they divorced.
    Her biggest crime was lying to him before the marriage, then lying during the marriage, and then verbally attacking him when he wouldn’t take her back after the marriage.
    But Michael claimed that Debbie gave him Prince and Paris as gifts. A gift is something that is given without compensation. Michael paid Debbie for those kids.
    I remember Debbie was set to testify for Sneddon against Michael. She was going through a custody battle with him because there was a chance he would be convicted. Michael stopped paying Debbie the allowance he promised her. She probably threatened to go negative unless he started payments again. He did, so when she testified, she surprised the prosecution with her pro defense testimony. Sure she loved Michael, but I think she loved the money more and even more than the kids she gave to him as GIFTS.
    She continues to get paid for those GIFTS to this very day!

    Once again it seems like I’m defending Lisa.
    It’s a misconception… Because I’m Not.
    I’m just trying to show that depending on which side you are on, there is enough ammunition to take down anyone associated with Michael. Believe me, if a person is creative enough, they could even find a way to label Michael’s mother Katherine, as the devil in disguise.

    Well, I’m on Michael’s side.
    I love Michael to death.
    I always have.
    So my only interest is in the truth–no matter how displeasing it may be.

    Sadly, I know I’m wasting my time here, because conversing with you people is like dealing with a bunch of religious zealots who swear that God only speaks to their beliefs. They condemn everyone else to hell as long as what they believe stays untouched.
    Kind of sounds familiar… doesn’t it?

    I guess….
    “To The Victor Go The Spoils!”

    So as you all salivate in your beliefs that you are so right about Lisa Marie and Michael, know this…
    Outside of your little closed minded world lies a universe—a universe that couldn’t care any less about the tortured relationship between
    Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson.

  76. Astris says:


    Hi! I don’t have the time to respond now, but I think you keep missing the point. Thus coming back to the same thing. So to go on unless I can find a way to explain it differently, it’s useless. I’m not hostile. But I will reply when I have more time.

    Take care!

  77. Acai says:


    I look forward to it, friend.

    Be Well!

  78. Astris says:


    Thank you. Been ill, but haven’t forgotten. Thanks again.

  79. Tashae says:

    WTF does the media always do that???!!!! I just finished reading the original interview and she did say this just not in this order!!!! There making sound like she’s saying shed rather be lesbian than with Michael!!! When actually she said he was amazing in bed!!!

  80. Astris says:

    She said a lot of things. And she knows how the media is, so she should have stayed quiet on the subject.

  81. lili says:

    Hey guys I’m lili I’m glad to find some people who think the thing about this marriage. Seriously don’t get me wrong if same see this marriage like Romeo and Juliet it’s just because she’s Presley.As someone pointed out he made a big mistake to marrying her.In my opinion I always felt that Diana Ross was the lady of his life.The fact he left his children to her tell us a lot.His marriage with LMP is fake I never heard to say to her that he loved her. I can found quote when he said Liz I love you Diana I love you ,but he couldn’t say I love to his wife publicly.Some fans of Elvis or Lmp make this marriage like the marriage of century. As someone pointed out what kind of man who love his wife and gonna kiss him with the mask on his face?? I never see it in my life.Even my friend never kissed me with the mask.Mj had many pics of celebrity in his room he has sanctuary with the pics only for Diana Ross and Liz. I notice many fans used this pic like to explain that he never forgot her. Sh** some people need to wake up , he asked to another woman to have his children when his wife wanted not. And you gonna convince me that he loved her or cared about her I don(t think so.We don’t do that when we love his wife or her husband. If I remember well after his divorce there were AMAs in Monaco ,his expression there wasn’t upset by his divorce. He was saying I love to miss Ross. Spike Lee said the same thing they were in Brazil that , he wasn’t upset by his divorce.You should watch the video of the AMAs 1986 when Diana get married , pay attention how he was mad, he was crying. But if I watch the video after his divorce I don’t see the pain on his face. So some people need to look this relationship deeply not just because she’s Presley.
    This the quote I found made by her manager.

    [Admin: Removed. Limit excerpts to 1-2 paragraphs and/or provide links to material]

  82. annie says:

    lisa is nothing but a brat…she did not love Michael…she only used him for her reasons to be noticed… knowing that she is nothing in this world, and never will be,no matter how hard she tries,the only thing that she has is her father’s name,and she’s not even good at that….Michael did not disrespect her,he loved her..but she did disrespect Michael in every way…she admitted that she did the big mistake in marrying Michael….Even Nicolas Cage,has spoken bad about Lisa on her behavior…what made me lough is that..Nicolas Cage ,gave her a engagement ring worth $65.000.and her reply was,throwing the ring in the sea,just because she was upset….Lisa has no brain at all,she is a fool,she is not worth a dime,she doesn’t know how to love,and she’s not worth being loved…She had Michael, and throw him away,she didn’t want his children, because it was against the Presley family having BLACK children,that is the reason why she didn’t want Michael’s baby’s…Michael wanted a family of his own,and Lisa denied it to Michael..that’s the reason why he divorced from her…and Michael did the write thing,divorcing from her…Lisa has married 4 times,and yet she is still looking for that real love..heaven knows if she will ever find it..which I very much doubt..Lisa doesn’t know the meaning of the word ,love ,family,respect,because when you really love a person, no matter what happens in life,you stand by and defend that love ,till the end…Lisa has not got that feeling,and never will….she can have all the money in this world…but she will never have the only thing that is really important in love and to be loved..if she would have really loved Michael,she would have been the happiest person on this world,because they had money,fame and love all together….bad luck for her…she’s so stupid that she didn’t think twice…to bad and too late to cry over spilt milk…silly brat…

  83. Astris says:


    LMP fans are the one who is doing this and before he died she slammed them, Now she’s pretending to be so kind. That woman is sick. It was a major mistake to marry each other, but Michael learned a serious lesson.
    He did say he loved her, but he also fell out of it. That he the statement her lawyer released when they divorced “they both fell out of love” I think they would have been better off being friends. She blames him for using her as worldly and sneaky as she is. If anything they used each other, she didn’t get to dump her and she felt humiliated. She can sling dirt but can’t take it.
    He said that Diana Ross was the love of his life and he meant it. Listen to the Schumley tapes, he loved Diana, Liz and Brooke, but he never once called LMP the love of his life, he may have lied but he never lied about that.

  84. Astris says:

    And another thing months before he married her he asked Brook Shields first. What was that about? I think Brooke was in love with Michael at one point, her face gives it away. This would have been much better for all parties involved.


    LMP is doing what she;s doing to get herself sympathy by speaking “kindly” of him. She does nothing to promote her father, but blow off steam when she doesn’t like something. She is a nothing by choice and not tragedy. Look at Princess Diana’s kids they are doing things, so are others, while I will always sympathize that she lost her father so young, she could have made a difference, but I tell you she plans to milk this death for all it’s worth by pretending to have learned so much from him. I;m sick of this woman using Michael to death. I hope she stops it. She has called Lockwood her “soulmate” and you know what? I believe her, she is driven by obsession and the need to get her side out at all costs.
    Once MJJ saw her for what she was he was through. People talk about Debbie, but she was the person he kept by him. He didn’t marry her to please his mother because if that were the case he would have married Blanket’s mother or found someone. No he had emotional ties to the woman. And LM is jealous of her, she made a snippet remark about the kids being through artificial insemination when Michael was screwing her to death. It was in the papers in Paris about he and Debbie.

  85. annie says:

    Astris… are right…..what has Lisa done in her life,or the Presley family,to help other’s,NOTHING,as far as I can remember in the 60’s… I’m a 58 year old,and I loved Elvis and still do..but never heard once Elvis donating to others…but this doesn’t matter,because love comes from the heart with out asking anything back…Lisa has screwed her life with ore with out Michael…for 2 years he was begging her to have his kids,and she was always saying no to him…Then he found Debbie that gave him 2 kids…Of cause it was a big slap on her face ,she was not able to swallow it,running after him all over the world,trying to have him back,because she knew that she had lost him for ever,and Michael is not the person that goes back on his paths when he says no….Michael has never spoken bad about her….but Lisa has said too much against Michael…and this is something that cannot be forgiven to her.

  86. Astris says:

    I think the chasing MJ around was to humiliate his wife, who was his friend long before she LM was thought of. Debbie had been a part of MJ’s life since the two were in their 20’s. There was a relationship tere. All LM had to say was MJ I have no problem marrying you, but I have to see how it goes before I have kids” that would have been fine. She KNEW she never wanted the kids and she knew how bad it would look for her and so she created this story about wanting to see how the marriage would go and then making up the custody mess. It was ok if she didn’t want anymore kids, she lied and that is what I don’t trust.
    You are all correct Michael moves forward and not backwards and so he wasn’t thinking about this woman anymore. She pulled a scheme to destroy the marriage and I have a gut feeling had he left Debbie she would have said “sap sucker” and dumped and made a fool out of MJ.
    I don’t think it was the kids altogether, I think he saw something in her he couldn’t stomach and he was completely turned off. He was no innocent himself, don’t you find it strange that he asked Brooke to marry him months before LM. I don’t think either he nor LM had high hopes. She wanted to be part of the world of MJ, but didn’t understand it and certainly did him a favor in not having kids. As much as I dislike Schumley the fake Rabbi, I’m glad now he released those tapes because we got to hear from Michael’s own mouth about this travesty.

  87. annie says:

    Lisa Marie is a spoiled brat,when she wants something ,be sure she’ll get it,when she gets tired of it,she throws it away..Michael in almost 2 years saw exactly how she was,not to be trusted in any way,even though he really did love her,but thought best for him to leave her…only Michael knows the truth in there intimate life,that we will never know…but what Lisa is saying and doing now,cannot be forgiven to her…i have loved Michael for 45 years,and I will continue to love him,and I will never believe in all the rubbish that is said about him,no matter what they say.i believe in Michael,and always will.

  88. Acai says:

    I’m amazed that some people continue to rehash the aloof manner of LMP– as if by some epiphany– they’ve discovered a secret unbeknownst to the world.
    People… you are preaching to the choir here!
    The majority of us already know and truly believe that Lisa was a spoiled jealous brat, who has done little to make her own individual mark on the world– other than align herself with a man she felt could instantly propel her into superstardom.

    We all know that.

    What I take exception to, is the way some of you label those of us who see MJ and LMP’s relationship for being real… as being LMP supporters.
    I have NEVER supported her!
    She could rot in hell for all I care.
    I simply looked at the facts with a clear mind, then compiled as much information as I could. I then continued to gather more. If I came across a statement that pertained to a certain incident, I would look for more comments on that incident … preferably… a source that wasn’t associated with a tabloid or gossip writer– then I would come to a feasible conclusion. Since I didn’t know the couple personally, I stress that my views are only my opinions.
    I don’t find that to be true with some of you. You will take one source– most of the time it is a source that is stating a viewpoint you already concur– then you will coddle that statement with a god’s eye, and perpetuate it whether it’s fact or fiction. Any other talking heads or literature that is contrary to your beliefs, are considered liars or supporters of the opposition.
    Not very diplomatic I’d say.

    And yes I know, Michael himself would say things in public that would make him appear to be nonchalant about his relationship with Lisa, but his actions would prove to differ.
    That dichotomy would lead people like you to draw on your own experiences– or experiences a majority may have– to answer why he acted in particular way. Although you tend to forget… Michael was anything but ordinary.

    I don’t see myself as a redundant person, so I won’t recycle my previous comments on this matter. You know my stand by now. And by no means am I some hapless romantic yearning for a modern day Romeo & Juliet. I have simply read what Michael has said about relationships and women in the past, and listened to secret recordings and to the songs he’s written. No where in them can I find the coldhearted, spiteful, manipulative person you people inadvertently portray.

    On another thread, I posted an excerpt of a book on Priscilla that had a chapter with a firsthand account of Brett Livingstone-Strong explaining how and why Michael and Lisa met, and what transpired between them. Popdirt deleted it because it was copyrighted material, but they posted the link instead.
    I read some of that book several years ago, and I was happy to find where someone posted the excerpt for those of you who didn’t know what really went down.
    What Brett said only served to solidify my belief that MJ and Lisa’s relationship was real. Some say Mike was with her only because of the allegations. There are photos of them in Africa together before the ’93 allegations. Their relationship was kept quiet because Lisa was still married to Danny. And yes, maybe Michael found a way to finally get the children he wanted by marrying Lisa. But remember, he was dating her long before the allegations, and up until then he had no urgent desire to procreate. After the accusations arose, having children became his first priority.
    I say this only to point out that he had strong feelings for her before he was in trouble, but he married her because she agreed to have his children.
    Everything fits.
    I believe Brett.
    When you put what he said up against other information out there, it is undeniable.
    I think eventually Michael found solace in Lisa.
    Unfortunately, their two camps conspired against their feelings. I would say it’s more like the cunning apprenticeship of Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello, than the fated love of Romeo and Juliet.
    Either way, I think they were real.

    Now Lisa is scheduled to appear on Oprah “YUCK”, 10/21/10. Oprah is having her appear after she does two shows in the week on her favorite subject… molestation.
    Fishy… and I don’t mean trout!
    Lisa is suppose to talk about Michael and his death. Why now? It just all seems kind of suspicious to me that she should talk about him almost 15 years after the divorce, and 12 to 13 years after the sh** hit the fan for good. Some say she is about to release a new CD soon, so she is trying to patch things with Michael’s fans.
    Whatever she’s doing, I don’t like it!
    One thing is for sure, she had better not say anything negative about him this time like she did when she and her plastic mother were on Oprah 5 years ago.
    No matter… I don’t think there is anything she could say now that would make us dislike her anymore or forgive her– at least not me.

  89. lili says:

    Acai Who are you fooling ?? I read this book he was saying that Lmp she was the only one who was chasing Mike. They weren’t dating before his troubles. Because a few later he was stating that he was dating Brook , and he said too he always crush to Diana , wee know Di was married in this time. The pic that you are talking was made in 1997. Omer Bashir was there too.He didn’t cared about her , Debbie get pregnant of Prince when he was still married to her.As spike lee said he wasn’t upset about his divorce.There is a video of AMAs when he get divorced he wasn’t thinking to her he had his eyes only for Di.He never thanked her publicly I find it curious. He could say thanks to all people but not to his wife.He couldn’t say I love you publicly to his wife ,but he could say I love to Liz.So I think some of you need to wake up. I agree with Latoya when she said that she was payed to marry him. And she get 10 percent of history album.

  90. Jean says:

    Since Michael’s death, I have done a great deal of research on that relationship–focusing primarily on what each of them has said at various times. I am absolutely convinced that what we were seeing was definitely not love, certainly not on Michael’s part. I am willing to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt, primarily because I am really not concerned about her feelings. My honest gut feeling (and much of what she has said) tells me that Lisa was merely infatuated with Michael, and possibly trying to get a rise out of her mother (Lisa hinted at this in the Playboy interview.)

    One of the things I am reminded of is how the marriage ended and what happened after that. In her Playboy 2003 interview, she talked about going to the hospital to see him. She said the visit was highly confrontational, and referred to it as a showdown. She said Michael asked her to leave and said, “You’re causing trouble.” She said shortly after that she filed for the divorce. If you will recall, Michael had by then walked out on her and for several weeks she had not heard from him and didn’t know where he was. When asked if she had been used by Michael, she said, “I’m not saying yes, and I’m not saying no.” The very fact that she could not unequivocally say no (and during the Oprah interview had said, “All of the signs point to that.” makes yes the realistic answer. Who wants to say the man they married didn’t really love them. Yet, it is quite clear that he didn’t and it is quite clear that LMP has known that since well before the divorce.

    I’m actually quite disappointed in Oprah for giving Lisa air time. That strikes me as extremely tasteless. His family is undoubtedly still in a great deal of pain and bringing the circus back to town just seems base and low-class. As it were, for years Michael’s private life was drug through the streets of America as if he were sub-human, and Oprah will be remembered by some of us for willingly participating in the 21st-century-style lynching of an innocent black man. Well, Michael is dead now. What possible justification can there be for this? What a low way for Oprah to end this part of her career!

  91. Acai says:

    lili… sorry to say… but you don’t know what you’re talking about!

    First mistake… I never said Mike chased her! I know fully well that Brett and others
    in the chapter– even those associated with Lisa– said SHE CHASED HIM!!

    And FYI… I’m not trying to fool anyone. These are just my opinions… so CHILL!

    Second mistake… they “WERE” dating BEFORE the “TROUBLES”!
    Lisa and Michael both acknowledged that they were dating long before the ’93 allegations.

    I guess they’re lying!

    The picture I was alluding to was not the one with Omer.
    I’m consciously aware of that one and when it was taken.
    Get real!
    I’m referring to several private pictures of the two of them standing together at different functions and outings. One was taken on a boat with friends in ’92.
    I believe it was Africa when another was taken of the two together at a private gathering– not absolutely positive of the location though– must go back and look it up.
    I do know it was around the end of ’92.
    Another was taken with President Carter in Washington, in February of ’93, as they discussed humanitarian initiatives. Lisa is smiling, standing with MJ.
    And there are more pictures that have been uncovered that I’ve seen of the two of them together around that period.

    As you should already know, whispers of allegations didn’t arise until around the end of May to early June.
    Charges weren’t evoked until the end of the year.

    I don’t have the time nor the patience to correct your every misstep when it comes to Lisa and Mike’s pre-allegation hook-ups.
    Better yet… why don’t you do the research yourself, instead of knocking someone else’s opinion on a matter that can’t be 100% proven because the primary element is DEAD!!

    Where do you get your information from anyway?
    You have been absolutely wrong!
    These are the things I’m always talking about.
    Double and triple check your info before you argue a point.

    And as a side note; I get tired of people always throwing Brooke Shields up as the
    Love Of His Life!
    That was an infatuation of an inexperienced man. He may have doted over her,
    but I doubt it went any further. After MJ died, Brooke did an interview with Access Hollywood where she said she hadn’t spoken to Michael for over 20 years.
    Speaks for itself.
    As for Diana Ross… I do think he loved her from his heart. Although as time went on, he realized she was unattainable, so he forced himself to get over her.


    Michael stated in the Glenda(sp) secret tapes, how dreams of being together with Diana were just that… dreams. And he stated that it took him a, “helluva long time to get over her”.
    His words!

    Like I’ve said before,.. I don’t like Lisa, but all I’m arguing is my point that I believe their marriage was real and they did for a time love each other.
    Marriages break up! Under Hollywood standards… two years was about average.
    With the constant drumbeat of negativity flowing their way, divorce was inevitable.

    Some of you believe that MJ let her back into his life so he could humiliate her or to only spend time with her kids. To believe that you would have to believe that he was callus, coldhearted and cruel. Everything I’ve read and seen of him tells me he wasn’t that type of person.
    Have you ever thought that maybe it is so easy of you to believe that of him, is because that is what you are?
    You know…. MISERY does love company.

  92. lili says:

    Acai Of course they were dating before the trial. Are you kidding me. She was still married to Danny until May 1994. She get married 20 weeks after her divorce. Sorry but this marriage was just an arrangement by the way them. Of yes he love her so much that he refused to see her when he was at hospital. He went on vacation without her. She went on vacation with her former husband.

    The wedding video didn’t look like a couple in love. They seemed more like a couple of teenagers rebelling against their parents by running off to Vegas for a quickie wedding that the parents would have wanted annulled. In Playboy, Lisa admitted the marriage was her way of giving “the finger” to her mother, but she “thought” she loved him (which I take to mean she later realized she really hadn’t been truly in love with MJ).

    After all the turmoil, MJ was probably relieved when she finally filed for divorce, though he probably got a kick out of her chasing him for awhile afterwards. Still he made no effort to remarry her, which should speak volumes to the Lisa stans, who for some reason believe he never got over her. He barely mentioned her afterwards, even on those confidential Rabbi 2000-2001 tapes, and MJs last set of 3 bodyguards say MJ didn’t mention or see her in their years with him. Still, I expect Lisa to pretend on Oprah they were close until the very end and that she tried to save him, blah, blah to fit her efforts to boost her profile by making herself MJ’s widow (though she’s married two men since MJ).

  93. Acai says:

    lili…. I am absolutely dumbfounded!
    How can you read something so straightforward, then come away with an altogether different comprehension than what was intended?


    lili, there was no trial in ’93. Michael settled out of court because his handlers wanted him to avoid the publicity of a trial.
    I’m sure you already knew that and maybe just misspoke… or mistyped.

    Anyway, saying that the marriage was just an arrangement between them requires some semblance of proof, and not just a GUT feeling on your part I would hope.
    You nor I were there to hear of such an arrangement, so unless you have video or documentation of them concocting this supposed undertaking… I think we can only assume the marriage was real since they said it was.

    I would go out on a limb and wager that if the media hadn’t planted that seed in the minds of the public that the marriage was a sham, I bet very few of us would have seen it as such. I think we would have thought they looked odd together– since Michael was depicted as being a quiet virgin and Lisa had the reputation of being a slut– but I don’t think sham would have been on many lips.
    So when people say things like that, all I can see are Star; The Enquirer,
    The Globe… so on and so forth.

    Now how do you know Michael got a kick out of Lisa chasing him around?
    Yes many people have already said, when Michael was finished with you, he was done. I personally don’t think it was as cut and dry as that, and I especially don’t think that mindset pertained to his relationship with Lisa.

    Please direct me to where the last three bodyguards of MJ said he didn’t mention Lisa or see her in their years with him. I’m not disputing it… I thought I heard everything those guys had to say publicly on the matter, so I would like to see it for myself.
    Nevertheless, the argument was whether Michael and Lisa really loved each other
    and married for love, not business.
    I’ve followed him since I was little, and I’ve read stories of how he was privately.
    In none of those stories can I find a man who would behave in such manner.
    Also, think what you want about the Jackson family, but I doubt they would have invited LMP to the private funeral if they felt there was no love between them.

    We are outside looking in trying to explain a relationship through the rented eyes of the media and rag mags. I bet if we put all of the information we’ve learned about Michael through them together… less than 10% would be true or accurate.

    A good rule of thumb would be to take everything heard about Michael with a grain of salt… then throw it over your left shoulder and wish for the best.

  94. Acai says:

    Oh yeah, Lisa married Michael 20 “days” after she divorced Danny… not weeks.
    That tells you right there that something was going on between them long before she left Danny for Michael.

    Now the hospital thing… If you were in a hospital not feeling well or under the influence of something, I’m sure the last thing you would want is confrontation or having to answer questions you weren’t prepared to answer.

    They operated on a different wavelength than the rest of us.
    Trying to use your own life and experiences as a model to relate to MJ and LMP’s relationship, is really doing them a disservice.

  95. Astris says:

    The interview is what people demanded she say, but was laced with a lot of lies. He did NOT call her in 2005, she called him and he barely had anything to say. Why should he? Anything said would have been headline news. For her to seat and say the marriage ended because of drugs shows how low LM is. MJ was being treated by the top doctors and doing a concert. LM is still trying to cover her butt. And as I predicted this was no fly by night interview but one that was in the making since his death.

    Strange that she said when he died and maintained for months that she was having a busy day and things were going well, now she claims to have been crying all day and didn’t know why. What a LIAR! She said that her daughter called her and she thought “this guy just wants to get out of the concerts and it was a stunt”

    She chased him but not for 4 yrs it was less. She dated and got engaged around 1999. He didn’t want this liar back. MJ saw LM for what she was.

    As for her taking shots at Debbie. Debbie was around because she was close to Michael and had been for many years. She was there because he wanted her there. Why didn’t he turn her down?

    LM is jealous and useless ad lied through her teeth.

    But she drove her point home as far as she was concerned he was a drug addict beyond help. Strange how the addict managed to pass several medical tests with top hospitals and insurance companies and that the final examine declared him healthy.

    LM is resentful of Michael. She also is happy with the thought that he had the same fate as Elvis which he didn’t. She father and Michael Jackson were completely different. but as long as she can use people for sympathy this will work. I can’t wait for the day when she is exposed beyond a reasonable doubt and that day is coming soon.

  96. Astris says:

    Another thing she wants people to think she was the love of his life when she clearly was not. She said she had never seen him happier, well she wasn’t always around him. He truly loved other woman.

    While I maintained that I do believe they loved each other it was not strong. And it immediately fell apart. The fact that she resented his work and hung up on sick kids said plenty. Someone out there has facts.

    Since she wants to save someone she has a half brother who has been on drugs. But he is not interested in LM or PP Scientology. What have they done to turn him off?

  97. Astris says:


    I do agree that if you are sick the last thing you need is a mess. The doctors nor his camp she said would tell her anything.

    Why didn’t she wait it out versus acting like she was at Graceland?

  98. lili says:

    i honestly think that was just another one of her lies when she said he called her in 05 during the trial cause when she went on GMA @ the end of March of that year Diane Sawyer asked LMP if she’d heard from MJ or ifs he’s called her and she specifically said no…
    YouTube – ’05 Lisa Marie Presley on GMA
    now if I’m not mistaken the trial was over in the beginning of June 05 and LMP said @ the end of March 05 she hadn’t heard from him… when exactly around that time period did he call her then and want to know if he still loved her, and cried, and told her all that personal information about who was out to get him, when she went on Oprah that yr and trashed him to the world, or when she went on Howard Stern and trashed him again, or was it when she went on the Australian TV show and said ‘i saw things I couldn’t do anything about’ and then was considered as a witness for the trial after she made that statement in 05:
    YouTube – ’03 Lisa Marie on Michael Jackson
    even though it sounds pretty courageous for her to say something like that I think she was more trying to make it seem like a fairytale and make it seem like he was still in love with her or something and was trying to get back with her to make the fans jealous and also because she knows there are fans out there who really stupid enough to think they had a fairytale but I don’t see if MJ would be stupid enough to call her up around that time especially after she said she saw things she couldn’t do anything about and the prosecutors thought she was referring to the allegations(even Jermaine outed her out on lkl when she had said that). she had already proven she was untrustworthy 2yrs prior when she started promoting her 1st album going on her ‘trash mj/talk show bandwagon’ and she continued the same yr he was on trial if he really did call her I think it was more “why the f*ck are you trashing me to the media around this time and telling them you saw things” instead of “do you still love me?? you were right all along crap” and all that crap about him telling her who was out to kill him I doubt he got that personal with her, she always said around the time he was on trial that she had no idea what was going on with him, she didn’t follow the trial and that she wasn’t in contact with him, and now she changes her story saying he was calling her letting her know what was going on and who was out to kill him… if that was true she should’ve said it back then not just change her story after the man dies when he can’t defend himself

  99. Acai says:

    Hey lili, I know where you’re coming from and understand why you are so cynical when it comes to LMP.

    You do know there’s a “BUT” coming… right?

    First, I too think she is using this as an opportunity to revamp her image in the public eye. She said she doesn’t like attention on herself. Yet right off the bat she tells us she will be releasing a CD next year that will certainly cast the light back on her. So much for not liking attention.
    That’s the first of several contradictions during that interview.

    I can tell you there was something unsettling about the way Lisa and Oprah canoodled with each other when Oprah twice mentioned how she went hiking with Lisa over the summer. As soon as I heard that, I envisioned the two of them plotting how to use the death of Michael to get Oprah the ratings her slumping show needs, and Lisa getting the grand platform she needs to explain why she ostracized Michael– this all in an ploy to quiet angry Jackson fans.

    Despite how much Lisa claimed she had an epiphany and realized why Michael did some of the things he did… she still couldn’t resist playing the victim.
    With Oprah’s prodding and pushing Lisa to say something negative, she managed to make Michael look like a baby obsessed drug fiend.

    Oprah manipulated Lisa into saying Michael made her feel disposable over the issue of children. I personally think Mike was the one who was duped. After Lisa’s interview aired, Entertainment Tonight ran their jaded version of the show. They began with the graphic, “Jacko Baby Ultimatum”. MJ was made to look like an uncaring ass.
    How were they able to do that?
    Because Lisa didn’t tell the whole story.
    We all know she agreed to have kids in the beginning… then she backed out.
    She claims she was waiting to make sure the marriage was stable before bringing a baby into it.
    Why not tell him that before you marry?
    What she didn’t say was how she made him feel… like she had her children and they were just hers. So he probably felt like if he wanted children, he would have to do it on his own. Enter Debbie Rowe. Maybe MJ thought he could stay married to Lisa while raising two sets of kids together. Like The Brady Bunch.
    I doubt Lisa’s pride could ever accept something like that, so the only option was a divorce. She claims she threatened a divorce to pressure him into complying but he didn’t bite. So she had no choice but to follow through on her threat.
    I don’t think Michael wanted a divorce anyway because despite all of their troubles, he really loved her. I know that is unpopular here, but I really believe it.

    Another thing that makes me mad about the baby issues is; he’s not the first celebrity to have a break up over a spouse or partner not wanting children. If you ask the media– Michael invented that concept. But in reality, there have been many famous couples who’ve broken up over not having children.
    For example: Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett, Halle Berry and David Justice… on and on and on.
    But because it was Michael Jackson, it was made to appear manipulative and wacko!

    I also didn’t like the way Lisa made Michael’s death and Elvis’ death about her.
    It’s not about her! How self-centered and egotistical of her to think so.
    Just because she’s the common link between the two, doesn’t make both tragedies some mortal lesson that she has to learn. Michael and Elvis lived similar lives.
    Why wouldn’t one expect the endings to be comparable?

    Now to the “BUT”!

    After all of that… I believe what Lisa said.
    Well, I at least believe she believes what she said.
    A few years ago in college, there was a body language expert lecturing in some throwaway course about how to detect liars.
    I’m no expert, but as I replayed the Oprah interview several times, I noticed those gestures the expert told us to look for. He said a liar will often use very little arm and hand movements, and they are usually toward their own body.
    Lisa’s arms were very expressive and tended to be in an outward position. She looked Oprah in the eyes when she spoke– mostly— and she didn’t try to avoid any questions.
    The expert also said a liar will use his hands to touch his face, mouth or neck.
    He will often scratch his nose and behind the ear when speaking.
    I noticed Lisa started scratching her face and playing with her hair after the “Moose” asked if Michael had to die for her to recognize that he loved her.
    From then on, there was a nervous disposition about her.
    I’m not saying she was lying; I think that was guilt oozing out, and it was making her uncomfortable. She became unnerved and didn’t regain her composure until Oprah asked about her current husband, Michael Lockwood.

    There was one point in the interview that struck me as telling in how Michael operated. Lisa said MJ proposed to her in the library in front of the fire at Neverland, and he got on his knees to do it.
    We were always told Michael proposed to her over the phone.
    I’ve got to say I believe Lisa when she said it happened in the library the traditional way.


    After Michael died– either on YouTube or some other social networking site– someone who claimed to be associated with MJ said he and Lisa were married in an old church in the Dominican Republic.
    The look of the church slightly resembles The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.
    The source said the video we see of them casually dressed with Michael chewing gum and looking very unprepared was of their wedding rehearsal. I don’t know how true this is, but it does fit in with a lot of the stories that said MJ was actually a very normal guy. I think he just said those things so the tabloids would have something to feed on and to always keep them wondering about him.
    Like Lisa said, he was a master at manipulating the press.

    I believe Lisa was being truthful when she said she did things that hurt Michael and she regrets it now. Looking at her expression tells me that she did those interviews starting in 2003 to hurt him for sure. She was angry with him for pushing her out and not choosing her over the drugs (her reason)– and as she sees them– sycophants who sucked the blood out of Michael. That may be true… who knows.
    But that is no reason to attack someone when they are fighting for their freedom.

    Like I started off saying, Oprah had misinformation and several contradictions in this interview. She said Lisa last spoke to MJ a decade ago. Although, Lisa said their last coherent conversation was in 2005. That leads me to believe they had even more conversations, but I guess they weren’t worth mentioning.

    lili, I read your breakdown of the 2005 conversation. My only opinion on it is Lisa lied back then. She was going through her “indifferent” period at that time.
    She said whatever, as long as it was hurtful.

    I bet Lisa is wishing she had had Michael’s children now that he has earned
    $275 million in the past year… more than all other dead celebrities combined.
    I know it’s not all about the money, although I couldn’t help but imagine she was thinking about that when she said she made a “big mistake.”

  100. Astris says:

    Lisa and Oprah planned this. People blamed Oprah altogether, but LM is a major user and she puts on an act. Oprah protected Lisa. This feeling disposable is another lie to get sympathy. This liar needs to go away once and for all.
    LM never loved anyone but herself. She is self serving, vindictive and stupid, she is a thoroughly obnoxious and stupid woman, she chased him but in 99 if I remember correctly was engaged to someone else. She is the quintessential poor little rich ^&*(.
    You’d think that since she planned this since he died she would have gone back and read and watched her interviews to seem believable.
    But I loathe her for saying the kids were an act of retaliation. In his own way he loed Debbie a lot and that’s what this spoiled evil, selfish woman doesn’t get. Everything in her life has been all about her.
    She wants MJ to be some helpless addict so she can feel better about her father.

  101. Acai says:

    Astris, I agree with almost all of what you said.

    As I already stated, I felt uneasy envisioning Oprah and Lisa hiking through the woods–plotting how to use Michael to make Lisa seem more sympathetic–as Oprah schemed to get an exclusive that she hoped would draw in the viewers.
    If you noticed, Oprah mentioned twice that Lisa wasn’t going to talk about MJ to anyone ever again after her interview.


    Lisa knows as well as we do… just because she declares it… doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. What else can she talk about? No one wants to hear about her lame CD or her boring life in England with catatonic ML living off of her.
    She knows that!
    She knows the media will try to get her to talk about Michael–and in itself–will bring the publicity for this CD that she will need. Everyone will speculate which songs are about MJ, but she won’t say–leaving people wondering and guessing–ultimately giving her the publicity she wanted.


    One thing that has always made me uncomfortable with her, is how she sticks her finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing on an issue. She has no loyalty to anything or anyone–except maybe her kids.
    She even for a time shunned the accomplishments of her own father.
    Now she feels all of this new love for Michael.
    Of course she does. The wind is blowing in his direction again.
    Somewhere in the future when the hysteria for him dies down a bit, I can see her spewing negative comments or stories about him–all in a effort to sell a book.
    That’s the Presley way.

    Like I mentioned, some of the stuff Lisa was saying I do believe.
    Nevertheless, some of it I’m not sure of, but I believe she believes what she said,
    so I can’t consider her a liar… at least not yet.
    I do think she is feeling guilty for not being available to him when he needed someone. And yes I do believe they had a long conversation in 2005.
    Although the way she looked down when she relived the conversation she had with Michael, made me think there was something she was hiding or being untruthful about. I can’t chock it all up to guilt. I know that part of the interview made her very uneasy, but so did earlier questions, and she managed to look Oprah in the eyes for them.
    Like I said… I just don’t know.

    I do understand how a person can have extreme hatred for someone when he is alive, then a sudden clarity comes over that person after that someone dies, and then there is a newfound love for that someone again.
    I have a friend who had an evil malicious father and a loving caring mother.
    When his mother died, he didn’t shed a tear… not one!
    I guess he felt at peace with his mother.
    When his abusive father died, he cried.
    We asked how he could cry for such an evil man, yet not shed a tear for his loving mother?
    His reply was simple. When his father died, all of the anger and pain he had felt and built up over his life had ended. The weight had been lifted. He was free.

    I’m not saying Michael was a weight. I just think Lisa wanted him so badly for so long, that when their relationship was finally over; the pain and anger she harbored was so great, she became overly obsessed with him. When he died, all of that hate was released and it freed her to allow her to see clearly. Unfortunately, it’s too late now to make amends.

    To expand on something I said in the previous post, where I mentioned how someone associated with MJ said Michael and Lisa were married in an old church in the DR.
    That person made the video entry about the wedding years before Michael died, so I see no reason to believe he or she is just trying to capitalize on something.
    The author Suzanne Finstad, who quoted Brett Livingstone-Strong in her book about Priscilla as saying they were married in a friends house. She also claims Brett said Lisa had her brother-in-law and sister-in-law with her. I think Michael had someone as well. The video we see… at least the one I’ve seen… you only see the bride and groom, the judge and another man assisting the judge. I don’t know who’s videotaping, but you see no one else around. Unless you were there, there is no way to be sure if it’s the wedding or the rehearsal.
    It does resemble a rehearsal to me.

    I’m sure some people already know that Oprah is at it again… using Michael for ratings! She will be airing that sit-down interview she did with Katherine Jackson at the Jackson family compound last month, airing on Monday, 11/8/10.
    Yes she will be speaking to Katherine, Joe, Prince, Paris, and Blanket!
    But the kicker is……… just like the LMP interview, she will be airing shows on molestation before and after the Katherine Jackson interview on Michael.
    How many times do the Jackson’s have to get burned by this fat bitch before they realize she is not a friend. She is using them for ratings while exploiting Michael’s kids to do it. Michael really disliked Oprah after her 2005 betrayal. I don’t understand why KJ would allow this to happen.
    Oprah has never waived on her belief that Michael was a pedophile and or child molester. That belief is ingrained in her psyche. No amount of proof or talking is going to convince that old fart otherwise. Lisa told her once again that MJ wasn’t. Granted, she left the door open with her I wasn’t there comment so I can’t tell you 100% remark. Why can’t she ever just give a firm NO?

    Oprah has no shame. I hope her network flops hard. I hope she loses her shirt when it tanks. She thinks she is untouchable. I know one thing for sure, I won’t be watching “O”.
    And to add insult to injury, she did a segment on meeting your teenage crush… or something like that. Well her crush was on Jackie Jackson. Of course he obliged.
    When will they EVER LEARN?!!

  102. Astris says:


    LM is a user. I think that by him along with other men rejecting her she had a fit. In her enclosed world it was all about her and she refused to learn that in life it is not all about you regardless of how rich you are.

    We all know Oprah hates Michael, but for LM to go to her shows the extent of her selfishness. She knew OW would cover for her and both made their points 1) he was beyond them so therefore beyond help 2) LM made it clear he couldn’t be saved.
    Strange, I see something here I didn’t see before. She wants MJ to be in the same boat as her father. Her father OD and had been heavily using meds for a long time.
    He was falling apart and his medical records as well as autopsy showed it.
    Michael was healthy and was killed accidentally or purposely by Murray. There is a difference.
    Lisa also say what people wanted to hear. This is about saving face. And I agree it has not worked for her in bashing him so she does this. And I’m know this interview was planned within 24 hours after his death. That blog was a cover up and the truth is, we don’t know if it wasn’t made up. Why would she lie? Because LM is about herself.
    As for Lockwood, as crazy as this sounds I think she may love him as much as she can love anyone. She is not a kind nor loving person, she is a user. And does it to compensate for her choice of being a nobody.
    She was never the love of Michael’s life he made that clear when through the years he names the women he loved. She chased him but for 2 yrs not 4 as she claimed. She was engaged to someone else by 1999. You would think with over a year to get her story straight she would have. I also believe Lockwood and PP who probably advised her against this interview knew that she did it to save face.
    Someone else brough up a good point. In terms of those sunflowers, she has been working on her album yrs before his death and did say she dedicated that song to him. Once Debbie made a trip she had to top her. I will never forget her saying those kids were an act to get back at her. Leaving her was the straw that brought the camels back and by the time he started sleeping with Debbie he was finished with LM. The mistake was allowing her to chase him, but I think he let it go on for us all to know what kind of a woman she is.
    The majority of the Jacksons are for themselves and they have never been more talked about than now. All of these interviews and alleged interventions they are coming out with are for one reason. To prove him crazy so they can over turn the will, which will never happen and when they see that they have been had and listen and associated with the wrong people they will be back on TV saying they were coerce. Is it any wonder he stayed away from these users?
    Oprah is worried about her new network but she should have left MJ alone.
    LM is just trash and I wish as kind as Elvis was he would have gotten better than her. First her cheating mother and now her.

  103. blythe5050 says:

    i find it interesting how folks keep saying Michael disrespected Lisa, I mean, this is a guy who was hitting 40 years old , he had a right to expect to have children , did she think he only married her to stop tongues from wagging, no he wanted a family and the clock was ticking she only thought of herself when she refused since she already had two kids, she shouldn’t have accepted his proposal and expect him to wait till he was what? sixty to have babies, please move on, they were in love and they liked the sex but the rest she didn’t want to deal with and that’s wrong in a new marriage. so there I’ve said it.

  104. JOYETHBENT says:

    you are all a-holes.

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