Lisa Marie Presley Visits Michael Jackson’s Grave At Forest Lawn

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday (May 12) after visiting the grave of her former husband Michael Jackson. Elvis’ daughter writes:

While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn, Riley and I couldn’t help but notice that, while there are a few bouquets, candles and gifts there is a very large empty space around him and in front of him that could use a whole lot more.

While, I am sure that the staff at The Holy Terrace do their very best to place what is sent and what is placed at the door at his tomb, I thought you might like to know that he would want and deserves more than what is there and I had an idea…

Some may or may not know this but his favorite flower was the Sunflower.
They made him happy because they looked happy to him, Thus, he called them “The Happy Flower”.

When we were married, I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever he was.

The entire message at MySpace has since been removed.

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27 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Visits Michael Jackson’s Grave At Forest Lawn

  1. amanda says:

    well LMP I’m sure MJs close friends, family, & his 3 angels r doing their job @ visiting him & bringing him gifts & flowers. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough for you but MJ wasn’t about materialistic things where he felt he needed to be showered with gifts & flowers 24hrs of the day just to feel loved, he knew he had fans & that he was loved. I don’t know if you realized this yet or not but MJ isn’t buried at a tourist attraction where thousands of fans can visit him throughout the day whenever they please & leave gifts at his grave site. MJs grave is PRIVATE & only certain family members are allowed to visit. if you’ve actually visited the grave you would know that, obviously you don’t so this is obviously another 1 of your MANY publicity stunts that you are using MJs name to promote yourself… (I’m assuming ur putting the finishing touches on your new album???) I’m not buying it hun!lol
    lmp… MJ actually does have family, friends, & children who care about him & r doing what they can to visit & give him gifts, sorry that’s not enough for you but they did just lose their son & father less than a yr. ago, its not always easy to go visit their resting place… its not like the could walk to their backyard & visit him.

  2. Astris says:

    Well said Amanda. This is insulting as I recall that while she was bashing up until he died his fans braved all sorts of weather and circumstances to stand behind him when she wanted revenge. I think she was let in by accident as she went several months ago and was denied access.
    The place is always filled with flowers. And they do keep it cleaned. They don’t pile flowers to the ceiling. Go to Graceland and take care of your father’s grave and leave Michael alone. You are shameless, tacky and still using him to get yourself attention. The family needs to crack down on this sort of thing.
    I don’t believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth but as usual she has created a problem as some people on Facebook were hurt when flowers couldn’t be taken inside. Had she not jumped up with this self serving gesture this would not have happened. Someone wanted to place a call to Katherine and complain about the cemetery. This is not the cemetery’s fault. I told you that she would do something and here we go. She is trying to trick the fans into believing she made up with him, but she never did. Her angry blog about all my anger is gone and also stating that he called to wish her well with her twins and it ended badly and she never spoke to him again. I think it’s time for the fans to speak up and let this woman know we’ve had enough of him being used first in life and now in death. She’s probably planning a lying book. This tart is shameless.

  3. Astris says:

    She find the small bouquets that were left with love and candles not good enough? Strange how she didn’t give a dime to the project. These are Michael’s fans and they leave plenty for him there it is never barren.
    Michael would love everything and if sunflowers were such a favorite why weren’t there any in the casket spray? I saw none that were recognizable in the reefs at any of the services. Maybe he got tired of them along with her. We know what Michael liked. I’m tired of this woman trying to save her face. Guilt? Go get counseling , first Michael now his fans. When will it stop? Also, in case the daughter of Elvis Presley has not realized we are in a fiscal crisis. Michael means the world to us. I think there should be flowers but there should also be donations made to charity with some of that money.

  4. myrnahernandez says:

    i think that it is wonderful for Lisa to ask the fans to send sun flowers for Michael’s grave but I wish we could personally deliver them to him or at least they would give us permission for the fans to visit him we love him so much we wouldn’t do nothing to his grave only pray 4 him and remembering him… thanks Lisa for keeping him in your heart like we all do…love you MJ your fan myrna

  5. amanda says:

    @ Astris: yeah fans r trying hard 2 create some kindof fanfiction that supposedly MJ called LMP after her twins were born & he forgave her, he invited her 2 a concert in London & that they had been on the phone everyday before he passed but I’M NOT BUYING IT! it just sounds too conveinant, & if MJ really did call her when her twins were born back in oct. 08 y r we just now finding out about it as soon as MJ passes (as well as the rest of the fanfics that revolve MJ/LMP the ignorant stans have created) LMP did pretty much put it out there in her blog right after he passed that she was still on bad terms with him before he died saying: “At some point, I truly became Indifferent, UNTIL NOW.(after he dies)” & “Any ILL EXPERIENCES or words I have felt towards him in the past has JUST NOW died inside of me along with him.”
    so she is stating that she still had ILL EXPERIENCES towards him until the day he died… no they did not patch anything up. & these blogs she’s doing proves she’s really trying to cover things up. I think she’s still bitter & NEVER GOT THE CHANCE 2 PATCH THINGS UP W/ MJ which she probably desperatly wanted 2 wanted in recent yrs. I read somewhere (which I don’t know if its true or not) well 1 of lmps cousins did an interview(& I wouldn’t doubt it cause I know her family has a thing 4 tlking 2 the media & tellin them the Presley business, sorta like MJs fam)she said that back in 2007 before LMP turnd 40 she was going through a mid-life crises cause she realized she hadnt done anything with her life but get married/divorced & she wanted 2 patch things up with MJ&Nic. she said she got ahold of MJ & she still felt that he used her & she really wanted 2 find out once & 4all but still coudnt get a direct answer out of him, she said its not that MJ was angry/mad/had ill feelings towards her but that he really just didn’t care no more, she said he was barely even tlkin 2 LMP & it was more just yes/no/maybe kindof answers instead of going deep into a conversation as LMP wanted more of a conversation from him, needless 2 say the phonecall only lasted no more then 5-10minutes & of course LMP was angry & complained that MJ “still hadnt changed” but what LMP didn’t realize is he had changed & moved on with his life & didn’t care 2 ‘patch things up’ with somethin that had already been done 4 over a decade, LMP was the 1 that still hadnt changed/moved on with her life. I do think she has a lot of grief but its more cause she never got what she truly wanted from him & that was companionship. its pretty clear by her blogs that they left on a bad note & had not been in touch 4 yrs. but her & her fans will try & make you think otherwise.ppl r just making up excuses 4 her because there more of a fan of hers & if they r a fan of MJs its only because he was once married 2 LMP & they obsess over this marriage & try 2 make it into some fairytale that it wasnt.
    btw where did you get that LMP wrote in her blog:”he called to wish her well with her twins and it ended badly and she never spoke to him again.” I don’t think she wrote that in her blog I think that mighve been karen fare(MJs makeup artist that he fired back in 2005)who I think wrote that in her Facebook but I don’t believe that either, karen is just as much as a liar & attention seeker as LMP is, she’ll write anythin revolving MJ in her blogs 2 get noticed. karen hasn’t even been in touch with MJ 4 yrs either so I highly doubt if she would know if MJ called LMP or not in recent yrs. MJs former bodyguard Bill (who wrkd 4 him since 2006 & was with him 24/7) was asked on an MJ board if he knew who karen faye was & he said no, that he’s only heard of her… his bodyguards would’ve @ least met karen if she had been in MJs life for that last 2,3 yrs. so I say karen is all b.s.

  6. Astris says:

    Amanda- you are so right and it LM and some others that are now trying to put this out. I think LM did that blog because people had been telling her about her evil conduct. Then when he died she sat and thought.
    What part she now owes of Graceland could be effected. Meaning that after years of her bashing and trying to bring him down MJ fans that are also Elvis fans may get pissed and refuse at least for a time to visit Graceland. I’m sure the correct owners sent word for her to can it.
    No they were not on good terms. LM said about 3 yrs ago she had good relations with all ex’s except him and called. She said he talked so weird she was through and never spoke to him again.
    LM has lived part time in England and some want to trick themselves into believing it was to chase Michael. If anything it was to vex him. He had planned to set up house in London, but when she moved there I think he canned that idea. And started searching in Bel Air and Las Vegas and Ireland.
    There was NO reconciliation and he didn’t pressed it. MJ had moved on.
    His brother Randy and Janet are friends with her and that is how she got in. She went before twice and was refused entry. Katherine needs to put a stop to this hypocrisy. Randy lied and claimed how upset he was with pics of MJ’s resting place getting out but it was his friend Karen Faye who said in advance that she would post them and then he let LM in there and she did the same.
    By the way folks, he loved roses per him and his daughter Paris. Based on her behavior over a long period of time I think this was for attention. I have over looked and forgiven a lot but she has taken things to far. She is something else. And her husband backs her. She really is correct when she said she thinks Michael Lockwood is her soul mate.
    Now, I did hear about that interview. But she did remain friends with Nic Cage. They had fights but they loved each other and I think in a way he gave her something she needed.
    Michael I think when he was through with someone he was through and that was all there was and would ever be to it.
    Ok. If what the cousin said was true, I think MJ gave the answers he did because he didn’t trust her after those interviews at all. He said as little as possible and please, please, please tell me why she felt he used her for heavens. Someone please tell me.
    She wasn’t that naive, LM had lived and party and was wild she is very street wise. I think she was mad because she had doubts and yet divorced hubby #1 and then when she divorced MJ she tried to get him back and he just wanted to be friends.
    I think she felt that she could get the response she wanted because she wanted it. Unfortunately, LM is the quintessential “poor little rich girl” I think she was the Queen at Graceland and never bothered to learn anything else at all. Life was for and about her and she expected that from others. Not that she felt everyone should bow down, but she was beating the heck out of a dead horse.
    I don’t get why she couldn’t leave it alone. She has a side that loves to rehash mess. Michael had moved on with Debbie Rowe, she chased him and somethings happened, but Michael refused to leave his wife. What does that mean?
    If as it is said she ran behind him for 2 yrs or close to it. What happened to make you get that the man was not interested in you? I think a lot of it was to hurt Debbie. I think Michael told her they couldn’t get back together and she got it into her mind she would get what she wanted and change him and he refused.
    At what point did she get that the man didn’t want her?
    LM’s big problem is this. She is the daughter of a superstar only. Please continue reading below.

  7. Astris says:

    She is Elvis Presley’s daughter. That is what you see and get. She has not gone to college, had a career (except 3 records) she is known and famous for her partying and drugs, her many men, her affairs and her marriages two to two men more famous and absolutely talented. What has she done? Not to belittle her? But what has she really done except live off Elvis’ money. And it is her money to do so. She ran Graceland until she almost lost it and had to sell 85 percent, which is a good thing as she could have very well gone broke.
    Now I’m sorry it wasn’t in her blog it was in an article. Because as late as 2008 she was still talking trash about him. When she was almost 8 months preggers she said that she had to be crazy to have married him. Well, I think he was the one that was crazy for that one.
    I wonder at what point he got sick and tired? I maintain that when he realized she was deceiving her about children and knew she didn’t want his kids after promising something in him died where she was concerned. If a spouse can lie about something that important they’ll lie about anything. He may have analyzed the marriage and thought twice.
    I don’t trust a word that comes out of Karen Faye’s mouth. She got to nutty for me and very little scares me but she freaked me out based on what was sent to me by friends.
    The body guards something I don’t trust. But someone said that LM was talking to MJ and it came from them. But when I read it they didn’t say it at all. They were not on any terms when he left. And she should leave him alone. I can understand being hurt, but this is taking things to far.
    What is it gonna do? She has a record coming out I’m sure she’ll mention him in. As for Randy I think he;s star struck. She had friendships with Janet Randy and maybe Katherine, but not with Michael, yet she was on Twitter talking about Michael’s daughter. She is not the damn widower. She has married and had affairs since him.
    Flowers in death do not make up for ill treatment in life. The best thing she could do is apologize and make peace with God over it and that will give her happiness.
    What do you think?

  8. Astris says:

    Ok, I’m not being funny, but I just re-read where she was still feeling used and couldn’t get any kind of conversation out of Michael.
    She may have used that as an opening line and he thought, “Lord, here we go again. When will this woman leave me alone?”
    I think how you approach someone has a lot to do with it. And then for her to go on TV and to newspapers and magazines and make the statements she made when the DA wanted his head literally, was to much. She made her self very clear through actions.

  9. Astris says:

    I’m sorry but I just remembered some fans on Facebook have site disputing her sunflower claims. They feel she is using him and them and are tired of it. I found it by mistake when the fans of The Original MJ fan club of Southern Ca” called her on it.
    They let it be kindly know that they bring flowers and they know what time it is. It’s time to speak up and out. Intelligently of course.

  10. Astris says:

    Randy will not be allowed to take fans inside as he has tried to do. I think it’s disrespectful and highly rude. He will bringing his buddy LM to the service at Forest Lawn. But it doesn’t change how evil she was. Something is up all of a sudden.

  11. Cynthia says:

    It came clear to me. Debbie Rowe had made a visit back in early March and was embraced by the fans. She was leary and scared, but needed to be by Michael. Rowe loved him and Michael loved that he didn’t have to be anyone but himself with her. She was a real friend and he said himself he loved her for reasons the public didn’t understand.
    LM did this flower mess to get herself in the paper. She is still competing and still trying to top Debbie Rowe.
    Roses were his favorite flower. In his home when out he always requested roses. Michael said himself they were his favorite as did his daughter Paris. Shall I believe this attention seeker or the man and his child?
    LM must have sat for some time trying to figure how to use the cemetery to get herself attention and Randy who proved less than devoted to Michael in life and in need of attention himself fell for it.

  12. Cynthia says:


    I agree. Michael NEVER called LM. Just read her blog and the Marie Claire Interview did months before his death. She claimed she last spoke to him around 2007 and he wouldn’t barely say a word outside of yes, no, oh really. Why? Anything he said would probably be headline news the next day. He saw her for what she was.
    He didn’t phone her. Even in her blog she admits they didn’t talk nor did she make peace with him.
    I HATE when people use the bereaved for their own end.
    She has sunk to a low she’ll never crawl out of.

  13. amanda says:

    astris: hey I didn’t realize it but now that you brought it up it does make sense also that she’s trying to put all the pieces back together 4 the sake of graceland. @ the time that she was bashing him was a time when “it was cool 2 bash MJ 2 the media” everybody was doing it & she joined in, now after he dies suddenly hes getting the fame he got back in the thriller era & the same people who’ve been making a joke out of him 4 the last 10-15yrs or so r suddenly on his jock (lmp) & I don’t think she realize it but the majority of her fan base is her dads & MJs fans, so being that people can easily look her up on line (such as this site) read any of her past interviews or look her up on youtube, IF THEY WERE SMART (like me & u, but unfortunatly a lot of people arent) theyll be able 2 realize she’s a fraud whos always used mjs name 4 attention, & that could no doubt effect gracelands sells/visitation, she has no choice but 2 sugarcoat it meaning try and put the pieces back together.
    & I believe she gotten connects again with the family, she probably lost touch with them throughout the yrs. but since hes passed I think she’s been kissing their ass. I think her & randy r in on something together, or @ least they were, randy thought he was doing somethin big by tweeting out all the plans 4 trying to let fans in 2 FL 4 the anniversary but FL shut him down & basically let the wrld no not 2 get their hopes up, he was just B/Sin everyone 4 attention, FL let them no what the real plans r & there not incoherent with randys, as randy was trying to make everyone believe he was superman come 2 find out hes just another attention seeking fraud added 2 the list, after FL shut him down he stoped tweeting 4 awhile but now I’m hearing hes trying to convince his mom & mjs kids 2 go 2 FL 4 the anniversary instead of Gary. WTH is the big deal if they wanna go 2 gary or not, why is he complaining bout unless he has somethin up his sleeve.

    “Michael I think when he was through with someone he was through and that was all there was and would ever be to it”-i agree with that completly!!! what people don’t understand is that MJ DOESN’T GO BACKWARDS he only goes forward. I don’t understand y other people don’t understand that epecially when it comes 2 this relationship, y do people really think & feel in their hearts that MJ was the 1 wantin this chick back??? seriously, that’s the big question 4 me, MJs already said it himslf who the 1 was that wanted who back & it wasn’t him & people still choose 2 believe tabloid writers like j. randy taraborelli who didn’t even know the man?!?! I mean seriously don’t people wonder why there r no recent pics of the 2 of them???lol!not 2 mention why he wasn’t even invited 2 the funeral?!?! even @ the time when they did uhh… “know each other & were best buddies” back in the 70s there’s only 1 picture! uhh.. could it be that the mans only met MJ once or twice then became obsessed with the man and started writing fiction unauthorized books on MJ just like he does about 10 other a-list celebs the tabloid writer claims 2 be ‘best buddies’ with & they tell him all there deep dark secrets 4 him 2 write about & the wrld 2 know, uhhhhh….. yeah that totally sounds believable!!! B/S!!!(like I said, thers not a lot of smart people in this wrld)

    “What happened to make you get that the man was not interested in you? I think a lot of it was to hurt Debbie”
    -prolly after him & Debbie divorced & he still wasn’t taking her back that probably gave her a big heads up! I’m sure a lot of lmps chasing MJ was 2 get back @ Debbie (but I still don’t think Debbie cared) but LMP was really obsessed with mj. I think she became obsessed with MJ even before they got married, she got what she wanted which was 2 b the 1st ‘ms. Michael Jackson’ then freakd out when the lightt bulb went off in her head shortly after she filed 4 divorce & went into panic attack psychiatric mode! she had no choice but 2 try & put the pieces back together with that 1. NOPE!!! not so easy. she tried her hardest & the when mj/debbie divorced she probably finally realized “uhh… ok… debbies not in the picture nomore mike, now we can finish up what we started!!” NO LUCK!in the end the joke was on her & she finally realized what the deal was & of course she felt used so she went into damage control when she had her albums 2 promote by trying to sugarcoat it and make it seem like she was blind,young,naive,used,manipulated all of the above. the joke was on her but she still has her group of blind worshippers who’ll kiss her ass any second they could and make anykind of fanfic they could about the couple but the truth has been put out by MJ himslf in his own wrds bout how he really felt bout her and she definatly wasn’t the love of his life like the asskisser/j. randy wanted you 2 believe, people r stil in denial but the jokes on them if they wanna believe tabloid writers other then the man himslf… oh well!!!

  14. amanda says:

    astris: by the way I forgot to add that sometime in 1999 she met John Oszajca & she dated her bodyguard Luke Walton shortly after her & MJ divorced so her and MJ weren’t still dating from 96-99 like some people think just cause they remained friend and were seen together… wow I never knew the was a law that divorced couples have 2 automatically stop seeing each other as soon as they divorce, is that like part of a divorce procedure or something??? lol I just think some people make too much of a big deal out of mj/lmp traveling together post divorce, I think he was letting her tag along cause he wanted to still keep in touch with her kids but they weren’t still a couple like some people think MJ was with Debbie and LMP was with Luke and John but I think Luke and John were more of just rebounds for her, and another thing you gotta think about too: the fact that LMP was dating these guys and making it public (I’m sure MJ knew) if MJ still wanted LMP and had felling for her he would’ve gotten jealous and then told her ‘ok we can get back together now’ he didn’t, he still said that his heart was closed out for her. LMP was trying to prove a point to MJ with John and Luke, basically saying “haha see you did it now I can do it 2!” she was trying to throw it in his face hoping that will catch his attention make him jealous then finally take her back… no luck again!(boy did this poor girl try hard) MJ did not care when she got with those men after him if anything he was happy for her and probably thought she would finally leave him alone. he probably wondered why she was still chasing him if she’s trying to convince him that she has a new man, that right there must’ve told MJ a lot about what type of women LMP really was & how much uhh… “class” (TRASH) LMP really had!

  15. amanda says:

    go 2 this link this will show you LMP & Luke Watson @ an event in 1997 (not a lot of people know about this guy, which is why they think lmp&mj were still a couple in 97-99): Marie presley&cbi=28435&sfld=C&vwmd=e

  16. Astris says:


    LM would have lost it all if she didn’t sell off 85 percent back in 2005. She is not a business woman and was spending and so was some others, but this had been going on. The was the best survivor tactic for her because what else was she going to do long term? People were tired. Her fame comes courtesy of her father and then the 2 out of her 4 famous husbands MJ & Nic Cage and if you notice they are the ones she talks about. She does have a good relationship with Nic Cage.
    I believe Michael told her from the get go they were never getting back together. I think he sensed it was to get even with Debbie. LM tells herself what she wants something and that’s that. Well, the problem with that is she is living in the real world where what she wants is not law except in one or two circles. So I think Michael allowed her to make a fool of herself. How you wonder? If she couldn’t leave with dignity he let her chase him all over the world, while he got his wife pregnant twice. What does that tell you? She had no respect at all to be a mother and 1st claim that she had to get out of the marriage and from him for the sake of her children, then turn around and drag them all over the country chasing him.
    You wanna know what else I think. LM tried to get her first husband back but he wasn’t interested, however, they are great friends and very close. When that rejection hit she went after Michael. She probably made some smart crack about I’m going back to Danny. Remember, she has always lamented “leaving my first marriage for the person I did” and that’s not an act. That’s from the heart. She made a mockery of him because that was what was in her heart. He became a target and I hate to say this, I have to wonder about the music he owned of her father. Did she think he’d give her any? Both she and her mother resented that. I can see Priscilla not buying music as she had to save what was left for her child and she did a great job, but why couldn’t LM buy music or make major investment decisions? Then again she’s better off not if she can’t give it the proper time herself. These days no one can afford to just turn over a business to anyone and never check on it.
    Anyway, she and Randy are in on it together. He admitted that. A reporter caught him coming out of Children’s hospital and asked him what he thought of the flower thing and he said she was a sweetheart and he told her to do whatever she wanted. First of all he has no right allowing anyone in there. That decisions should be his children’s. Katherine appeases her middle age children to much. Then the reporter asked about the outrage from other property owners and he lied through his teeth and said “no one is upset” that’s a damn lie. As I know many people who were more than upset. Forest Lawn did the right thing. MJ does not deserve to be exploited in death as he was in life. Randy also let Karen Faye in there and she sold those pics for money and I hope they didn’t split it. LM took pics. They are attention whores through and through. I wish they would stay out of there. None of them are going out of love for him. To make the announcement he did. I knew Randy was up to no good.
    Then he got mad not only at his mom for not going with MJ’s kids but at other family members for not getting with the program.
    Alot of fans are still gullible and want to believe she was just mad, but LM had no love nor respect for him and that was ok. What was wrong was for her to do it until he died. If these same fans read her blog she amidst they were not friends. She said in an interview last year that they had not spoken for years. I will not go along with whatever scheme she and Randy have cooked up. MJ’s fans should send a message about this sort of thing. it is an insult and I doubt he would want her in his space at all. I’m sure she was warned that her behavior could cause problems.
    I agree Michael does go forward and most of the times never looked back. Michael didn’t want her at all. But was civil because he figured she was a pill and she did have two kids and it wasn’t their faults.
    J.Randy is sneaky and can’t be trusted and if fans want to know the truth they should read his first book. That’s where he tells his heart and it is not in Michael’s favor at all. He has re-written history and now he has had 3rd thoughts about LM and feels differently. Both are opportunists. She fell off in 1998-99. He and Debbie were divorced at the end of 99 I think.
    LM is a woman with a pass who by her own words did it all. She wanted pity. The bottom line is she’s the quintessential poor little rich girl.

  17. Astris says:


    About John, she left him to marry Nic Cage. Yes, I do remember the bodyguard now. In fact she dated a few people. She didn’t just chase Michael. You got a point about MJ knowing she was dating these guys. He was done, so why bother her?
    Michael is not the sort of man who would appreciate or respect a woman who played cheap games by dating two men. It could have been 200 his heart was closed to her.
    Or did he say “my heart was closed to the whole thing” he did love her kids. Why not? They were innocent.
    What people have to remember also is there is a different between obsession and love. She was mainly crazy because she couldn’t be the one to say “see ya”.
    There was something he saw in her that turned him off completely. I just haven’t put my finger on what exactly. I know of some, but MJ loved ladies. This sort of lose behavior was not his kind at all.
    As for Randy, he had better worry about what his ex- the one who later married his brother is doing. She’s not happy about having to vacate the Encino compound and there’s no telling what she’ll say. He should watch her and leave FL alone.

  18. Andy says:

    I agree with you people, I don’t understand the fans that still love her… she is trying to play the Widow just like her mother with Elvis.
    There is one thing I Want to ask, What Katherine said about her she liked her? and Liz ever said something about her?
    Someone must tell her stop using Michael and the fans(us) she never like the fans and now she is trying yo be nice (how can someone believe her?).
    She just talk about her divorces because she has nothing else to talk about, now she probably dedicate some songs to Michael in her new album.

  19. Astris says:

    Randy seems to be her connection, but Kate has turned a blind eye as usual to certain things. Even saying that she didn’t know of any plans to have any services for Mike.
    The way to get her to stop using him is to call her out and no matter what she does, she’ll cry, she’ll try to flatter and play like she’s so sorry but don’t except it.
    She is acting. LM used Michael and let the world know how she felt for almost 9 years. She meant it alright. She has never had any dignity, so she has told herself this will pull the wool over their eyes.
    As for her mother, since she was a minor when her father died, her mother had to step in. LM is not related and has moved on. This is to get herself attention. I’m fed up with her.

  20. Cynthia says:

    Debbie went weeks before and was leery because she didn’t know how she would be received. I can see LM sitting around thinking of how to top Debbie and that stupid sunflower mess came to mind.
    Randy is her connection and maybe that damn Jermaine also. I wonder when was the last time she went to honor her father with flowers. She should visit him and leave MJ alone. I don’t buy her act. She is a user and this time not only is she using Michael, but his fans and some don’t see that they are part of a plan to get herself attention. Wake up!She didn’t care about Michael over a year ago and she still doesn’t. She received a back lash and she is trying to save LM. She didn’t realize how good MJ was, she realized that her a@@ was on the line.

  21. big kev says:

    you guys are stupid don’t put Jackos name any where next to Elvis Michael got what he had coming at least Elvis did not sleep with a tank on the side of his bed no tears for someone like that and he loves his kids lol please

  22. Astris says:


    Get your facts straight. Elvis was good in his day, but Michael is a legend. Not taking anything from Elvis.

  23. big kev says:

    i have had my own battles with drugs but it all ended when god opened my eyes with an angel from above my daughter and if you can’t change for your kids what kinda of person r u. Elvis just Elvis and everyone one knows who the world is talking about nobody knows mike by first name matter of fact he loved the king Elvis changed the world sweet heart and for facts he was not great he is great number 1 in sales for someone who is dead 30 plus years almost one million people a year visit Graceland first artist place to be called a historical land mark I ain’t done. he changed music and because of him black people had a chance in music because he made their music popular from Germany to my home town fall river to Osama bin laden in a gave that piece of sh** all no Elvis more facts aloha from Hawaii concert once the first concert to air in 50 states 500 million people were watching it on TV they said that it was 87 percent of the world think about that okay it was the most watched event in this lifetime even beat out mans first walk on the moon look it up not Michael or us good ever step into those shoes a lot of Michael Jackson concerts where lip sang yeah that’s how its done now a days I’m a music producer when Elvis sang it was all live hour hour and a half straight on r you kidding nobody dares try that now but houses for strangers a great man and when some dies its easy to talk sh** so I don’t buy half of it but Elvis was never proving he did drugs but Michael yes but nobody is perfect. I hope Michael and the king rest in peace I don’t hate Michael I was a huge fan until I saw him say he loved to sleep with children I’m sorry I have too kids that was it child rape and stuff like that please Elvis does not belong in a conversation or sentence with Michael Jackson but Michael 80s to early 90s that’s when he was great that’s it Elvis 50s 80s and still to 2010 that’s strong look up Elvis before you speak and just because you like someone stop being blind with the person they r Elvis first artist ever and still is to have his own stamp you think they will let Michael Jackson on one his family is sick people all of them selling tickets to a funeral hoe devil like is that rest in peace Elvis funny thing is 30 plus years dead and your still talked about

  24. big kev says:

    500 million people tuned in for what is and still is the biggest watched event in Americas history look that up cage MJ all used her number one to see Elvis’ bedroom and the upstairs which only the family is allowed MJ married her as a pro for the molestation that he already knew was coming his his mother god forgive me is a dirt pure dirt she a fake and why you may ask Latoya in a Playboy interview talks about her having sex with each of them every night it was a different daughter she says her mother knew about even telling him Joe not tonight let her rest that’s sick they should be in jail and now his kids r their gee I wonder what will happen this world is so twisted and the way people pick people like the Jacksons as role models for your kids

  25. Astris says:

    Get your facts straight.

  26. gailcharl2 says:

    Reading these comments from more than a decade ago?.

  27. gailcharl2 says:

    Some of these comments seem just cruel.

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