Lisa Marie Presley Wishes She Never Wed Michael Jackson

Amid reports that could be subpoenaed to testify against her ex-husband, , Star has learned that the singer had second thoughts about their mysterious marriage in 1994. Lisa Marie, who is currently touring Australia to promote her debut album, ‘To Whom it May Concern’, “regrets ever marrying Michael [especially] with this new court battle looming,” a close friend revealed.

Ghost Of Michael Jackson Past

March 28, 2004 – Legal analysts tell The New York Daily News presenting Michael’s past accuser in his current child molestation case, who is now a college graduate, could bolster the current case by showing a pattern of abusive behavior by Jackson. “If he testifies, at the very least it might establish that Jackson was involved in this type of behavior – befriending children, taking them to Neverland, allegedly molesting them – as early as 1993,” said law Prof. Robert Pugsley of Southwestern University in Los Angeles. “And if the allegations of what he did are very similar, it could demonstrate a pattern or a ‘signature’ feature of the crime, something unique that he may have done in both cases.”

Jacko And Kids Dress As Beekeepers In Hawaii

March 27, 2004 – Michael Jackson is vacationing in Hawaii with his children and News of the World caught the King of Pop wearing and kids wearing bizarre beekeeper disguises to keep their skin shielded from the sweltering sun.

Jackson’s Hawaiian Vacation

March 25, 2004 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Michael Jackson … you know, I think something might be wrong with him. He needed a break, so he took the kids to Hawaii. He likes it there. The reason he likes it in Hawaii is because he can go right up to the edge of a volcano and dangle his kids over it.”

Jackson’s Favorite Date

March 18, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is Michael Jackson’s favorite day? This way he can claim that’s not a kid in his bed it’s a leprechaun.”

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15 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Wishes She Never Wed Michael Jackson

  1. kim says:

    she is crazy she don’t know what she is saying crazy I tell you crazy

  2. darkangel says:

    WHY DID SHE HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING? It just makes her look bad. Michael didn’t talk about her. He has more class, she’s just mean.

  3. feni says:

    OMG … what she said is lie .. she just only closing over regret of her because have divorced with Michael …as real correct as Michael which must be penitent to this.

  4. Astris says:

    No, she mad at everything and Michael was her target. Now that’s he’s dead she’s so sorry.
    Lisa is a hypocrite. People think that because she blunt and speaks her mind that’s she honest. She went in with one mind set he another. The only thing that was discussed in detail was MJ made it clear he wanted children she promised and went back on her word claiming a custody battle from hell. She didn’t want any. That was ok. The lies were not ok. It was a blessing no children were born to that union. While I think Michael had never to hook up with his nurse while married I think it worked out for the best. He is a wonderful father. Michael never spoke ill of either wife. Lisa is bitter over a lot of things and that bitterness goes back long before Michael. He’s a convenient target for a spoiled unhappy woman.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    I agree Michael would never say anything bad about Lisa even though we can’t say the same about her. He wasn’t like that at all. He was a class act & would not speak bad about anyone. He was a wonderful man and will always be my hero. Lisa should not have said anything. She says he manipulated her. I find it hard to believe anyone would manipulate her. She has a loud mouth and likes to talk about whatever she wants. I don’t think much about her. I know Michael was a wonderful man and she was only with him for 19 months so she probably didn’t know the real man. I love him and wish I knew him because I never would betray him. I am so impressed with him that no matter what anyone says just to make a name for themselves I will and always have believed in him. I can’t say enough about how great he is. He is a class act and doesn’t talk about anyone He is very special. THank you Michael for your beautiful heart & love

  6. Astrid says:


    Well said. LM blog was to save her own butt. She should be quiet. She’s very insincere and even in hi death she’s trying to save herself. This woman is a user. I just wish she’d go away and concentrate on trying to keep her 4th marriage going. She likes the woe is me tactic and it’s for pity. I’ll be darn if I pity her.
    Tom Cruise and John Travolta are wonderful, caring people. They belong to Scientology, but I don’t think LM has ever embraced it or any other religion. She’s still hateful, bitter and angry, but wait she’ll talk some more to clear herself. I won’t give her the time of day. As long as their given an audience they’ll keep talking.

  7. MJfan says:

    Astrid, get a life, tabloid junkie. Lisa did not say those words, a “close friend” i.e. an UNNAMED SOURCE did. Learn to read before you judge. You’re trash.

  8. Astris says:

    Lisa did TV interviews that can be viewed on the internet. Not a close source. I don’t believe “close sources” those are tabs and messy.
    She did the interviews herself. She did Playboy and even talked about it on her website. Check your facts.

  9. amanda says:

    @ MJFan: well apparently this tabloid is TRUE if you would actually do some research! LMP said in her Marie Claire mag. interview (just 8 months before MJ passed) that marrying him was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HER LIFE. a close friend saying that LMP wishes she never married MJ & LMP saying herself that marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life, um… sounds like the same thing 2 me. but of course, only a two faced ugly fat attention desperate whore would turn around, less then 24hrs. after that person passes away & brag to the world bout how their so (& I quote) “lucky to have gotten as close to him as I did and to have had the many experiences and years that we had together”
    Uh… yeah lmp… you saying only 8 months before he passed that he was your biggest mistake of your life & then you saying shortly after he dies that your lucky to have been with him & gotten close 2 him DOESN’T REALLY MATCH UP HUN!… you should probably go & do a lil more research on the many interviews you’ve obsessed over MJ & talked sh** bout him (from 03-08) & get your stories a lil more put together cause people with common sense KNOW YOU OBSESSED OVER HIM 4 YEARS. Even though you thought you were playing it off most of your stories don’t match up & when someone is dumped & the ex doesn’t want them back they’ll do whatever it takes to make people think the opposite & only make up stories that contradict each other which is exactly what you’ve always done!

  10. Astris says:


    You’re right. Here’s my thing it never worked. Ok. She learned a lesson, but what I don’t except is her refusal to take responsibility. “I was naive” etc. No she was not. We are the same age and LM has not been naive since she was a very small child. When someone said I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 15?
    Anyway, it’s the playing games here. And she has some fans that think she’s a victim and so sweet and in pain and all sorts of mess. But all one has to do is pull up the interviews and look at her face. No one made her do anything. She wanted to do it.
    She is still at it. Harassing Michael’s fans for flowers at his grave when they are the ones who make sure his space is covered. This woman takes low to a new level. This is not love. It is not love. This is about saving her butt. And you’ll see more as she is trying to get a record out and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she was writing a book also.
    When will she drop it? When?

  11. Cynthia says:

    I wish she hadn’t either.

  12. Jay says:

    She should be grateful that she got “up close & personal” with Michael during the marriage. What the F is wrong with her? I don’t understand that if she says they are friends, why would she say that about her “friend”? Crazy, dumb, selfish, ungrateful, stupid ass bitch. Millions of women would kill to be in her shoes at the time! why would she say this? Mike shouldn’t have married her.

  13. You are not alone anymore says:

    Sounds Interesting,Really Lisa? You meant That? I am sure You were angry,You didn’t mean That.

  14. Astris says:

    LM meant what she said alright. Now behind years of being called on her mess she is behaving like he was great. I hate hypocrisy. And even if she is sorry, the best thing to do is go away.

  15. Astris says:

    She’ll change the facts for pity. It’s all about her and she’ll come up with this crap about being sorry and how great he was to save her ass. I’m sorry to little far to late. She has an album coming out and I wouldn’t be at all surprise to see her pop up and he’ll be the subject matter.

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