Lisa Marie Presley’s Jacko Revelations

Diane Sawyer tells Entertainment Tonight that told her on ‘Primetime Thursday’ (airing tonight), once she got to know ex-husband Michael Jackson, she discovered he is completely different than his public persona. “She says with Jackson, sometimes she thinks people are artists when, in fact, they’re just strange. Sometimes she’s convinced that she has to help save them, when, in fact, they’re manipulating her.” Video has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley’s Jacko Revelations

  1. Tanya says:

    Well after reading a lot of Lisa Marie’s various interviews, she’s the one who comes across as strange, and weird! And there really is no disputing that Michael Jackson was, is and will always be THE DEFINITIVE ARTIST of our time. Since when did she become an expert on the definition of an artist?! I think LMP sounds delusional and ‘mixed up in the head’ in the interviews and never really answers any questions pertaining to MJ with much clarity or emotion. Its almost as if she married him for the sheer hell of it (and to piss mom off) then tries to justify herself by saying she didn’t think he was sexually seductive, but fell in love with him and convinced herself she had to save him, when in fact he was manipulating her!!??! If that doesn’t sound WEIRD then I don’t know what does! Is Lisa Marie alright in the head? Maybe LMP should have taken a lead from MJ and respectfully declined to comment on their marriage. She sounds more off the wall than he ever was!

  2. Astrid says:


    You’re right. She wants pity. She’s the one that’s the manipulator. He had some faults but when does she think she can save someone?
    This woman has some serious issues and she sounds like she needs professional help.
    Thank GOD no kids came of this mess. With her behaving as she does they would have been crazy for sure.

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