Lisa Mitchell Buys Her Debut Album At A London HMV

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lisalisamitchell) on Tuesday (July 14), talking about buying a copy of her debut album ‘Wonder’ on its release day in the UK on Monday. The Australian singer-songwriter tells readers:

Hello, hello, hello! The album came out yesterday here in London (and the rest of the UK) so I went down to HMV and quite literally bought myself. It was sitting between Joni Mitchell ‘Blue’ and The Mitchell Brothers (As far as I know they’re not related). The lady at the till didn’t recognize me and I didn’t expect her to because I recently cut my hair into a blunt fringe and I’m not very well known over here anyhow. So I paid my seven pound ninety-nine (a bit steep, I thought) with a chuckle and we went on our jolly way! So, a bit of a bizarre day for me.

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