Lisa Mitchell: Debut Album Is Finished

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lisalisamitchell) on Wednesday (October 8) with an update on the status of her debut album ‘The Attic Space’. The ‘Australian Idol’ season four finalist writes:

The album is finished. I had the most magical time recording it with Anthony Whiting, who produced it. I met him when I was in London last year and we enjoyed working together so much that I wanted to make and album with him. I’m a little mournful to have finished it – I would’ve loved to be in that cocoon of just recording and experimenting day after day for a lot longer. I would wake up every morning and chat to the cabbie on the way to the studio – usually they were in a good mood if I was running on time. Then I’d sit in ‘Peter’s Cafe’, (a dodgy little ‘greasy spoon’ diner-type place where all the fluoro-coated council workers go for their chips and burgers before their shifts start. Not bad coffee either.) a daily nook which I became quite fond of just near the studio for a cup of coffee and a moment to myself before we got into recording for the day. Into the green cavern of West Point studio to strum a beautiful old Gretsch electric guitar and spend hour after hour frolicking and probably the equal equivalent wrestling with perfection filled up the days. I suppose it had to end though, or else no one would ever hear it.

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