Lisa Mitchell Discusses Tour With The Panics

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lisalisamitchell) on Sunday (November 9), discussing her tour with Australian indie rock act The Panics. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So much has been happening! I’ve begun the support tour with The Panics and the last show on my own ‘Neo Politan Dreams’ tour was a few nights ago in Perth at one of the most amazing places I’ve ever set foot in, The DeVilles Pad. Rob Vasey and Jann Bangma are the new editions to my live show which before them consisted only of me and my guitar. It got a bit lonely out there on the road and now with Rob and Jann on drums and bass it’s like I’ve found the brothers and the show I never knew I had. And these boys aren’t your ordinary band, no! These boys know how to make glockenspiels sing like sopranos and where to find $50 notes on the pavement, how to dance like jazzcats, dress like beatniks, sip Absynthe like you spread your peanut butter and above all they sure as hell know how to play. So, yes, as you can imagine, these shows have been some of the most amazing times of my life! And they’re only going to get funner. I want more people up there, more beautiful instruments and voices and bodies dancing around the stage, and so the band will be continually growing and evolving into a wonder-band.

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