Lisa Origliasso In Serious Pain After Rolling Her Ankle

Lisa Origliasso of checked in with her Twitter followers (@Lisa_Veronica) moments ago after injuring herself. The 24-year-old writes:

Was running around the room making fun of an ex boyfriend that was on TV, jumped on our couch, rolled my ankle and fell flat on the floor!..

That’s karma for you I guess….. bahahaha. Oh dear.. I hope my foot isn’t broken! :(

Is laying on a couch with an elevated bandaged foot with an ice pack on it, in some SERIOUS pain. Oh maaaan, why is karma such a b!@#$

The best bit, is I was totally trying to impress @Jessicaveronica with my funniness & awesomeness. Massive fail by me. How embarrassing!!!!

In response, her twin sister Jessica said on Twitter (@Jessicaveronica):

@Lisa_veronica Baahaha BABE! It was totally worth it. Classic moment. Quality.. I’ve never seen anyyything like it. lol.

@Lisa_veronica I am soo happy your home :) even if you are defective ;) hehe. I love you

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