Lisa Scott Lee Gleeful Over ‘Totally Scott Lee’ Ratings

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee checked in with fans on her official website on Monday (September 5), following the debut of her MTV UK reality show ‘Totally Scott Lee’. “Hi Guys!!! Hope you’re all well and enjoying ‘Totally Scott-Lee’! Apparently you are coz I’ve just got the official viewing figures from MTV and they’ve informed me that we got 5x the average ratings for an MTV show,” she happily wrote. An incredible ——. 0.6 million watched us – so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support!! Keep watching and hopefully I’ll get a top 10 with ‘ELECTRIC’. I’ve just recorded it so as soon as it’s finished, we’ll post it on my website and you can tell me what you all think! Hope you like it!!! Lots of Love Lisa x”

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