Lisa Scott-Lee’s Hubby Reveals Why He’d Never Two-Time Her

Former Hear’Say star Johnny Shentall spoke with News of the World about his sex romps with his wife . “We make love whenever and wherever we can,” Shentall said. “We love having sex outside…it’s exciting knowing we could be caught at any minute.” Asked about a specific encounter with the former Steps beauty, Shentall revealed, “We went to ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ film premiere in Birmingham last month. We had a room in the Malmaison hotel and when I arrived Lisa was waiting for me in just a set of cream La Perla underwear. She was planning to do a striptease for me, but I couldn’t wait. We made love three or four times that night and made quite a bit of noise…I think we may have disturbed a few people!”

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