Little Idiot (Moby) Discusses ‘Wait For Me’ Album

Finally the Little Idiot, aka Moby, speaks… and so does his dog. talked about what he’s been up to since his prior album ‘Last Night’, where he made the new album ‘Wait For Me’, the inspiration for the album, taking a do-it-yourself approach, and more while playing tracks from the CD.

“When I finished making the last album, I was doing a lot of deejaying, and I went out on tour and played quite a lot of festivals, but really I’ve been spending most of my time working on this new album,” said when asked what he’s been up to. “I’ve been home in New York, where I have my studio.”

“I made my album at home in my studio,” said about the album’s recording location. “I have a two bedroom apartment and I sleep in the smaller bedroom, and I have the larger bedroom as my studio. I really do like working at home because that way I’m never worried about how much it’s gonna cost or having other people around, so in general I really like making records at home.”

Watch the animated interview/EPK below.

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