‘Little Red Boots’ Becomes The Crux Of Lindi Ortega’s Latest Record

checked in with fans on her blogspot on Wednesday (April 7), discussing the story behind her song ‘Little Red Boots’, inspired by a birthday gift from her manager, and how the song has helped shape the follow-up to her EP ‘The Drifter’. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

Needless to say, that song about my little red boots became the crux of my latest record. I’ve always been a rather imaginative character. I started to envision my life as though it were a spaghetti western and then wrote songs accordingly. You can certainly make out my influences with these new tunes that will be on the upcoming record. Elements of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Tom Petty shine through. Most of the songs were recorded over three days all live off the floor, just like how the old cats use to do it.

I will be laying down harmonies in the coming weeks and then gearing up to release the album in the fall. Somehow, the fall seems like centuries away. But, of course, thats an illusion because time is always creeping up on me and before I know it everything is history.

The entire post at lindiortega.blogspot.com has since been removed.

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