‘Living With The Beckhams’ Coming To Fox?

The People reports that former Spice Girl and husband David have been approached by Fox to do an ‘Osbournes’ style documentary ‘Living With The Beckhams’.

A source explained, “At the moment neither David nor Victoria are majorly famous in the States. But starring in their own show on one of America’s biggest channels would catapult them to instant stardom. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were watched by millions and bosses think a show on the Beckhams could be just as good.”

Posh Not Invited To Liz Hurley’s Wedding

Former Spice Girl has refused to speak to her former famous friend Liz Hurley after discovering she had been talking behind her back, and now The Sun reports Liz is striking back by not inviting Posh to her upcoming wedding.

“Victoria found out that Liz had been saying some pretty unpleasant things about her behind her back,” a source explained. “People told her how Liz was making nasty comments about her looks and her weight to others on fashion shoots. She also was saying really personal things about Victoria and the way she conducts herself. Victoria was furious and incredibly hurt.”

Posh Checks Out School In Santa Monica

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was spotted walking the grounds of the very exclusive Curtis private school in the Santa Monica Mountains on Mulholland drive, where tuition is $18,000 a year.

Posh Looks To Recreate Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion Success

The Sunday Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is meeting with Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday (January 17) because she is hoping to emulate her success as a celebrity fashion designer. “Victoria is meticulously planning everything,” a friend told the tab. “Her diary is crammed with meetings and dinner dates. But the J.Lo meeting is one of the most important. Victoria really wants to copy her success in moving from successful pop star to respected fashion designer.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

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