Liz McClarnon Faces Twitter Abuse From Kerry Katona Imposter

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Friday (January 15), talking about the sad death of bandmate Jenny Frost’s mother and someone sending abusive messages to her on Twitter claiming to be her former bandmate Kerry Katona. Liz writes:

Firstly can I just say thank you to everyone sending kind messages to Jen….
That’s very thoughtful of you!
I’ll just leave that there… but thank you xxx

Well, I had Twitter-gate this week….. I got a message from someone saying They were Kerry but there was just something about the way she came across that made me ask… “who is this?” well, my god you would not believe the abuse I got… being called a “skank” and all sorts BUT as soon as she said to me… “I was just trying to break the ice you skank” I KNEW it wasn’t her because there is NO ice to break between us… know what I mean… so me and a few friends set out to find out…. Whilst I was getting abuse from some randoms for not believing it was her….. Ha some people say some funny crap! ANYWAY….. Turns out, after this girl decides to tell everyone she’s preggers we ALL knew… thank god!

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