Liz McClarnon Lands Spot On Ronan Keating Tour With His Sister’s Help

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Tuesday (January 5), talking about filming ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’, singing at Stephen Gately’s memorial, doing the Rays Of Sunshine gig with JLS, and joining on his upcoming tour with help from his sister Linda. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

OH my GOD I’m starving!!! I’m on a sodding Detox!! I honestly ate sooo much over crimbo that it HAD to be done!! But my god I’d love a butty! ha!

But….gotta be fit for the RONAN TOUR!!!!!!!! wooooohooooo!! I’ve got some great outfits planned… costume changes! Gotta get a good looking (obviously) and sh*t hot band together! And listen if you were thinking of giving it a miss because you thought I won’t be on for long… Think again I’m doing like over half an hours worth of set so that’s a good bunch of songs!!! WHICH REMINDS ME!!!!

Don’t forget to vote on my website for which out of the Atomic Kitten songs you’d like to hear me sing! Because we are taking notice… we want you to have a good night!!! I’ll be singing the single and all that too obviously!

So blummin’ excited!!!

I’ll let you into a little secret…. I reckon it was Ronan’s sister Linda who helped me get onto the tour…. coz I was chatting away to her at the Emerald ball and I told her about it so she called Ronan over and was like… “Hey, Ro! Liz’s is going on your tour and that’s the end of it!” hahaha… how funny is that!! Classs!

So thanks Linda!! haha x

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