Liz McClarnon Overcomes Her Fear Of Flying

Liz McClarnon checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Sunday (November 23). The former Atomic Kitten tells readers:

I’d just like to say before I let you know what I’ve been up to… Happy 1st wedding anniversary to Tash and Riad!!! Ahhh!!! Yay! Maybe me one day…we’ll see! Ha Ha….


Don’t know if you saw ITV the other night but I’ve been on a fear of flying course courtesy of the “Tonight” team! Wow! It was really full on! Some people were crying and all sorts… but the outcome was that I can actually get on a plane now…. YAY! I had a very bad flight in the summer you see and therefore recently in September I was meant to be going to Marbella for a friends birthday… We got on the runway… and I said… “stop the plane! I’m getting off!” Sooo embarrassing! But I couldn’t do it! I’m sure you’ve all had that feeling once or twice where fear grips you for some silly reason and your mind is made up! Well anyway, now I honestly feel fine about it! I would highly recommend it!

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