Liz McClarnon Pens A New Song

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Saturday (July 24), discussing songwriting, doing several photo shoots including a makeup-less one, taking part in Race for Life, and the new season of ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’. The former writes:

So I’ve had a fun filled two weeks! Enjoying what I hope was not the last of the sunshine in our lovely (but now quite rainy country!) I was in the studio (as those of you on Twitter already know) and wrote an amazing song called “worth suffering for” you’d think that was a bit if a sad song but actually it’s not….and btw…it’s very “whole again” It was so funny though because I took the dog and she had a brilliant time as they had a garden there! She was chasing birds (just like her uncle Joe McC…haha sorry boy!) and tolling around! Ah! But the weirdest bit of the day was…. I took a trip to the bath room (as one does) and a good half an hour later, back in the studio, we heard a shout….. I’D LEFT THE TAP ON!!!!!!! Omg! I’d flooded the whole downstairs!!! No joke!!!Everyone was so nice about it but for three hours we were mopping the water up! I was so upset with myself! It was funny in the end though!!! Ha!

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