Liz McClarnon Writes A Sad Song Called ‘Stay’

Liz McClarnon checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Monday ( 7), talking about her work in the studio with Redeye, hearing a song they did with Mutya Buena, doing the Girl Guides centenary birthday celebrations, and running into Claudia Winkleman at a Starbucks. The former writes:

I was in the studio with producers called Redeye, they were so funny and we wrote very cool song called “Who You Are”…..gorgeous! They’ve worked with all sorts of people like Mutya and everyone and let me tell you i heard a song they did with her….i mean we ALL know that girl’s got a CRACKING voice but Oh My God you should hear her on this track, it will honestly knock you out!! She couldn’t have really done all those ad-libs in the Sugababes because everyone has to get a bit in don’t they…but i hope you get to hear her! You go girl!

I was also in with my chums Tinderbox and we started writing this song called “Stay” Oh my god, it’s so so sad! I’ve only ever had to hold tears in twice before while writing a song once was when writing “Kisses” because it’s about loved ones dying, the other was when I wrote, “Never Get Over You” for a Kittens album and now i did it again after writing Stay! Oh my god! Very pointed! I hope to finish that ASAP so you can hear it!

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