Liz McClarnon’s Theory On How She Was Misquoted About Lily Allen

Liz McClarnon checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Friday (August 7), talking again about a recent press report suggesting she offered a warning to Lily Allen. The former writes:

I guess I should start with saying…. As I’m sure, you’re all aware I have never said about anyone in my flipping life…. “She better watch out!”

Apparently, I said that the other day about Lily Allen… erm… nope! Now, I’ve been racking my brains trying to think where that came from and I have a thought! (Yes, was painful!)… I did an interview about two/three months ago where a journo said to me, something like… you don’t like Lily Allen? And just said… it’s not that, I just didn’t like her comments and the faces she pulled, on the Ant and Dec show that time… nothing more! The journo then proceeded to RANT about the girl for quite a while (obviously not a fan) to which my response was mostly…. “No?”… “Really?”…. “Ooooo”…. etc…. So, maybe it was that?! Actually, alot of comments she makes do tickle me… so Whatevs! Naughty Journo! But actually it doesn’t matter does it?! It happens all the time!

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