Loder: *NSYNC Recording Again: What’s The Point?

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MTV News correspondent Kurt Loder wrote a journal entry on his 2003 MTV VMA after-party experience. He writes, “Our little group wobbled over to a thing – I’m still not sure exactly what it was supposed to be – at Roseland, a cavernous rock club. Generally, I’d rather be boiled in oil than find myself within Roseland’s clamorous confines. But Justin’s a nice guy (is really making another album? What’s the point?) and we wanted to represent – although represent what was, by this time, not entirely clear. Our visit to this bash began with a full-wand body search, always a nice welcome. A peek inside the doors revealed a room full of randomness and disarray. We turned right around and marched out. Sorry, Justin.” Read about his other encounters with , Duran Duran, Snoop Dogg, Pamela Anderson, and more at MTV.com.

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8 thoughts on “Loder: *NSYNC Recording Again: What’s The Point?

  1. Stallion says:

    Funny when Kurt Loder said something good about N’sync than Elgato is quiet but when he say something bad Elgato is all over it.

  2. Diablo27 says:

    Oh jeez, elgato is this what you live for. Posting nothing but stupid disses about Nsync/Justin. Justin’s talented, Justin’s album is a world wide success. Nsync is scheduled work on the next record in January. That’s what the guys are saying and I’m not gonna live and die by someone’s opinion. Especially yours. Nice try elgato.

    All 5 guys have said January 2004 so who would go against that except you maybe. If Nsync is over they would say so, but they haven’t so apparently there not over. Nsync prob only have 1 or 2 albums left. BSB is no different. After that its solo albums. I personally think that Justin will be the most successful and long lasting of all the members of the 2 groups. (then maybe AJ) His album has sold like 10 million albums in a little under 10 months. That’s pretty damn impressive. People from the deftones and the counting crows have said they love his album and have act encouraged people to listen to it. Michael Jackson called Justin “The best thing to happen in the music industry in decades” He already an icon as a solo artist. And he has a very bright future ahead of him and that’s just an undeniable fact. If you don’t agree with me don’t even bother fighting it because this is just what I’ve heard. I didn’t and prob couldn’t make it up and you can’t deny it.

  3. elgato says:

    all of Justin’s “success” comes from his relationship with Britney Spears. YOU CAN’T DENY THAT. if ‘cry me a river’ wasn’t on that album, nobody would care. seriously, senorita and rock your body are crap crap crap.

  4. HoneyRain says:

    I’m not a Justin/nsync hater or anything like that.. but honestly speaking.. I couldn’t stand Rock your body and senorita sounds kinda weird.. maybe it just needs to grow on me but Rock Your Body sounds like a rip off version of a Bee Gees song.. his voice sounds so high pitched and squeaky on that song.

  5. Diablo27 says:

    There are some songs that really do take time to grow on you. U can’t give his album only 1 listen to decide if you like it or not. Senorita is one of those songs that’s has to grow on you. But that’s what makes his album good, its not a one time listen type album and once you listen to it and its grown on you its not coming out of your CD player. Justin also brought some of the old stuff back and mixed it with something that is him. He brought the 70’s and 80’s sounds back which was cool. But hey that my opinion on his album.

  6. FaustoAguilera says:

    Can we all just realize that boybands are over and dead? I mean move on you teenybopping whores!

  7. BringMeToLifee says:

    LMAO!! I know, like yeah! What is the point of Nsync making another album? All boybands are over and are really old men with saggy balls… Nskank sucks, for real

  8. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    oh gosh! agan. I got a couple of things to say 1.HEY ELGATO,TOO BAD NICK CARTER COULDN’T GET 3 MOONMEN! 2.it’s every boyband’s destiny to end. its every girl group destiny too. ex:beyonce says they gotta finish Destiny’s Child because all members have different aims now. its same in BSB and NSYNC too! 3.elgato your music looking is so basic. every singer or group that comes after BSB is a copy to u! STOP IT!

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