Lindsay Lohan And Hiltons Drama At Hyde

Sources inside Hyde nightclub in Hollywood on Friday night tell TMZ there was a ton of trash talk between and the Hilton sisters. At one point, sources say, Lindsay and Paris were literally face-to-face in a heated spat.

Dina Lohan: I’m Not A ‘Party Mom’

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina blasted portrayals of her in the media as a partying mom. “The first misconception people have of me, which is really funny, is that I go out with my teenage child,” she explained to Star magazine. “It’s completely untrue. We will go to dinners together and events, of course, but I don’t go out with my daughter when she’s going out with her college friends. It’s just silly.”

With Flowers

was photographed carrying flowers given to her by a mystery man she was earlier spotted kissing in New York City on Monday (May 8).

Lindsay Lohan Has Lunch At The Ivy

Lindsay Lohan was videotaped having lunch with a friend at the Ivy and reversed rolls by snapping some pictures of the growing crowd of paparazzi. She got up to exit from the back of the restaurant and the camera still rolled as the pack of photographers sprinted to the rear exit. The security from the Ivy tried to kick the paparazzi off the property but when Lindsay the scene became out of control. The security guard tried to control the situation, but at that point it was like trying to herd cats. Lindsay hopped in her convertible black Mercedes and sped off, followed by some photographers. video footage requires an account.

Lohan’s ‘Just My Luck’ Co-Star Lauds Her Luscious Lips

‘Just My Luck’ star Chris Pine spoke with ‘Extra’ about his onscreen smooch with Lindsay Lohan. “She’s got great lips,” he confessed. “Very soft lips.”

Lindsay Lohan: I’m No Dating Machine

Lindsay Lohan dodged questions about her love life, though she said she hasn’t dated nearly as many men as she’s rumored to have. “If I dated all the men they said I had, I would be dead by now,” Lindsay said on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

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