Lohan: ‘I Did Some Irresponsible Things, And Am Truly Sorry’

checked in with fans and friends on her stealth blog at MySpace from Promises rehab on Wednesday (May 30), and apologized to them for her recent behavior as well as Shanna Moakler for calling her kids ugly. “Day3 / I’m in between sessions & focusing on my treatment,” the 20-year-old writes as ‘3’ (those wondering about the authenticity should be comforted by postings from Lindsay’s pals Charlotte Ronson and Jason Preston, who is fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ boyfriend). “The past few months have been a roller coaster, mentally and emotionally, and I’m seeking help. I’m now thinking more clearly, and in a healthier state of mind. I want to be taken seriously as an actress, but sadly my personal life tends to overshadow that. I’m only human. I’ll be moving on and have a few projects I can’t wait to work on. Also want to apologize about my recent comments, your kids are beautiful and I’m truly sorry that we couldn’t get to know each other. I have a LOT on my plate right now, and just need to focus. I did some irresponsible things, and am truly sorry. Most importantly, I let myself, and my fans down. My family’s coming to visit me this afternoon, I’m really looking forward to that. My phones back on. xx”

Note: The MySpace has since been determined to be fake.

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