Lohan Interrogates Hastings Pals About Leaking Teddy’s Pictures

Lindsay Lohan’s stealth myspace.com/187956892 account has a new development, with a new screen grab and another she posted earlier of messages sent to Lauren Hastings on May 25th and her pal Lauren White. In the latest one, dated May 28th, referring to images of Lindsay and pals allegedly using cocaine in the bathroom of Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Lindsay asks (after saying “your left leg weights 96 [lbs]), “Honestly, we can keep this going forever. TELL ME now, if Lauren [Hastings] is the one who released the tape from Teddy’s. So many people told me she did it, and for…” before the screencap was cropped. In response, White said, “No she didn’t release the video, idiot. Get over it.” Since the messages, Lindsay no longer has Lauren White listed as a friend, but has added her sister Morgan White, as the 20-year-old apparently tries to continue her MySpace interrogation about the issue from Promises.

Update: The MySpace has since determined to be a clever fake.

Lindsay’s Dad Speculated On Her Addiction Treatment Based On Tabloid Claim

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael talked with ‘At Large with Geraldo Rivera’ about the 20-year-old’s meltdown and current stint at Promises rehab. During the segment, he backtracked his comments to E! on what Lindsay is being treated for at Promises.

The 47-year-old was slammed for invading his daughter’s privacy on that decision. “I didn’t say Lindsay is addicted to Oxycontin,” Michael explained. “I said from what I’ve seen, at the Chateau Marmont hotel, they found Oxycontin, they found Dilaudid, and some other painkillers in there. I said, if that’s the case and she’s using them, then you have… it’s a strenuous detox.”

Michael appears to have gotten info on drugs at Lindsay’s former hotel/home from Star magazine. Speculating on his daughter’s drug use based on a tabloid report and sharing it with the world probably wasn’t the best idea in his hopes to repair the fractured relationship.

The interview, aired Sunday (June 3), at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

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