Lohan Wasn’t ‘Banned’ From Timberlake Gig, But Too Young

Lindsay Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik assured Star magazine that the 20-year-old wasn’t “banned” from Justin Timberlake’s gig earlier this month at L.A.’s House of Blues by the former *NSYNC star’s management, as The Sun reported — and had the wrong weekend of the show to boot. “That’s not true, as was banned [too],” the rep explained. “No one under 21 was allowed.”

Lindsay Lohan Cleans Up Her Act

A friend of Lindsay Lohan tells The New York Daily News the 20-year-old has been “cleaning up her act” since getting warned by Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson for her ‘Georgia Rule’ tardiness. “It was a turning point,” the friend explained. “She realized it was a matter of either stepping up or stepping down. Lindsay took this seriously; she takes her career seriously. She has been going home early every night and [arriving] at work on time since the letter.”

Lohan Blacklisted… From Timberlake’s Non-Existent Show

The Sun reports that when Justin Timberlake performs a showcase of new album ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles on Saturday (August 19), the former *NSYNC star instructed the venue to bar Lindsay Lohan from the guest list.

“Justin’s gig will be packed with Hollywood A-listers and a lot of important names in music,” a source said. “The last thing his label want is Lindsay getting hammered and making a spectacle of herself, taking attention away from Justin and his new album. He has a lot riding on his big comeback and he doesn’t need any distractions. His people reckon any association with socialite liggers like Lindsay are bad for his image and career.”

Of course the gigantic hole in Victoria Newton’s lead story today is that Timberlake performed at the venue last week, and is set to perform Saturday at the New Daisy Theatre in his hometown, Memphis.

Lindsay Lohan Rep Blasts Anonymous ‘Herbie’ Gossiper

Lindsay Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik responded to a posting at worldofwonder.net claiming that the actress was a nightmare on the set of ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. “Until this person goes on the record like the producers of Morgan Creek did and attaches a face and name to their charges, I am not going to reply,” she fumed to The New York Post. “Stop hiding behind blind anonymity!”

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