Lindsay Lohan’s Exploits Leave New Orleans With Tales To Tell

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune shared his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan’s visit to the New Orleans area to film her new movie, and the teen queen’s request for extras on the set of ‘Untitled Project’.

The instructions were told to Tulane University student named Jordan Vance were: “Do not make eye contact with Lindsay Lohan. If looks at you, look away. Do not approach Lindsay Lohan.” Vance ended up getting escorted off the premises after asking “Is Lindsay leaving?” when he saw her storm off the set in a huff.

The entire story at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Describes ‘Ugly’ Way To Win Oscar

Lindsay Lohan claims a fast-track to Oscar success is to make yourself ugly, as Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman have done in recent years. “With movies now, it’s very easy for a girl to dumb herself down or look ugly or be naked or be a lesbian or gain weight,” Lohan said. “Those are the ones that win Oscars.”

Lindsay Lohan Betrayed By Grandmother Too

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother Marilyn (and the mother of Lindsay’s troubled father Michael) is now selling video and photos of teen queen as a young child, according to an insider, who fumed, “It’s disgusting.” Lindsay’s rep said, “Lindsay’s grandmother has been nothing but unsupportive of [Lindsay’s mother] Dina and the children and doing her son’s dirty work.”

Lindsay Lohan Is On Her Best Behavior

While back in the Big Apple, The New York Daily News reports that Lindsay Lohan has been on her best behavior, avoiding her favorite nightspots Marquee and Bungalow 8. “She’s very happy to be back in New York,” Lindsay’s rep said. “The highlight of her week was when told her that she karaokes to Lindsay’s songs with her niece.”

Lindsay Lohan Skips ‘SNL’ After Party After Wilmer Shows Up

Those seeing photos of Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan outside of Suede for the ‘Saturday Night Live’ after-party on Sunday morning thinking they had reconciled are off the mark, according to The New York Post. The teen queen was tipped off when she arrived that Valderrama was inside with several women, including Victoria’s Secret stunner Alessandra Ambrosio, so she decided not to go inside.

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    How Low Can The Writers Go!’, ‘Another wanna be writer trying to use Lindsay status as a teen celebrity to get some attention. This is so sad because he’s suppose to be an adult but, acts like a damn child.

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