Lolene ‘The Electrick Hotel’ Track List


is out with the track listing for her debut album ‘The Electrick Hotel’, coming out in the summer via Capitol/EMI.

1. Intro (Welcome to the Electrick Hotel)
2. Sexy People (/C.Rojas/Nasri.A)
3. Rich – Fake it til u make it (/Nasri.A/damon.S/Adam.M)
4. Lion Heart (Lolene/Shep.S/Tom.M)
5. Ordinary Girl (Lolene/Rune.W/Nellee.H)
6. Under The Bus (Ft Sam Sparro) (Lolene/Sam.Sparro/Jesse.R)
7. Interlude (Room Service)
8. Carousel (Lolene/Mushaq.O)
9. Radio (Lolene/Josh.A/Oliver.G)
10. Die Without Love (Lolene/Tom.M)
11. For The Record (Lolene/Richard.V/Luciana/Chico.B)
12. Bang Bang (Lolene/Damon.S/Carl.R)
13. Limousine (Lolene/Josh.A/Oliver.G/LP)
14. F*cked Up (Lolene/Oak.F/LP)
15. Beautiful Disaster (Lolene/Chris Braide)

16. Dancing On Diamonds (Lolene/Chris.R/Alex.J)
17. ZOO (Lolene/Chris.R/Alex.J)

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