‘Lollipop Head’ Starlets Start Fashion Trend

Samantha Jonas-Hain of FoxNews.com reports that starlets like Mary-Kate Olsen, and Nicole Richie have been dubbed “Lollipop Heads” because of their tiny bodies and propensity toward wearing disproportionately large designer sunglasses, such as the ones made by Gucci and Marc Jacobs, as well as swimmingly oversized “boho” clothing.

“It’s a chic young Hollywood style and it is all credited to Mary-Kate Olsen. That is who everyone is dressing like and that is what everyone wants to look like,” said John Eshaya, vice president of women’s clothing for Fred Segal in Los Angeles, a regular shopping destination for Lohan and Richie.

Lindsay Lohan May Be Subpoenaed In Parents’ Divorce

Lindsay Lohan is expected to be dragged into the dispute by her boozing, brawling dad, Michael, when he squares off with her mom, Dina, beginning today in a Long Island courtroom, a source close to the case tells The New York Daily News. “There’s a good chance she might be subpoenaed,” the source revealed.

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4 thoughts on “‘Lollipop Head’ Starlets Start Fashion Trend

  1. lilla says:

    lollipop head is another term for an anorexic because of their small bodies and big bobble heads. what is this the heroin chic style all over again, anorexic chic?

  2. ihatehilary says:

    hilary wants to be mary-kate’s triplet.

  3. ICYHOT says:

    That is who everyone is dressing like and that is what everyone wants to look like,” Yeah, that’s only happening cos dumb magazines keep putting these skinny tarts on the cover and running countless stories about them. If they’re not popularized, no one would wanna look like them. All their popularity comes from the media so the media has to accept responsibility for one minute, big upping them and then dissing them. Of course that doesn’t mean these chicks don’t have problems cos they do. Why’d they wanna damage their bodies like that is beyond me. And while on the topic – why exactly is Nicole Richie famous again? She’s a total non entity – I mean she “stars” in the Simple Life and now she’s a celeb. God save us from these half assed celebrities who are famous just for being famous. Sheesh..dont get me started..

  4. joshy420 says:

    great…just when “healthy” looking bodies become “fashionable” again (beyonce, j.lo) mary-kate comes along and ruins it. I once again hate my body. thanks alot girls!

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