‘Look-A-Like’ Ashlee Simpson

TV Guide Channel’s ‘Look-A-Like’ featured a style team making over Michelle Argyris took look just like Ashlee Simpson.

“As far as how much Michelle looks like Ashlee Simpson, to be totally honest, I’m a little bit skeptical at this point,” hair stylist Jeffrey Altenburg said. “She’s really, really pretty, and I’ve seen a couple of things that might work, but we’ll see. Hair and makeup can do some pretty cool things.”

Photographer Richard Sibbald added, “To be totally honest, when I first saw Michelle, I didn’t see Ashlee Simpson. It wasn’t until she smiled, then I could see okay, I’ve got something to work with.”

After it was all done, Michelle said, “My favorite part of the day was the photo shoot because it was fun and I love the music and I loved everyone clapping and they got me really into it. The most terrifying part of the day for me would be getting my eyebrows dyed, but it turned out really well and I ended up really liking it so it was good.”

The segment at YouTube has since been removed.

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One thought on “‘Look-A-Like’ Ashlee Simpson

  1. Oc says:

    I’m Ashlee’s look-a-like without being made to look like her. It’s kind of strange/scary.

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