Lorna Luft Claims Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Sing But Yodels

Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland (most famos for her song ‘Over The Rainbow’), who has been ‘labeled the other daughter’ and has lately outshone her older half sister Liza Minnelli, claims that Singer can sing but doesn’t do so and only yodels instead of singing.

In a recent interview with the St. Petersburg Times, when asked if there are any contemporary singers who could ever rival her mother, the talkative Luft takes a long pause before answering.

“I think there are singers that have great voices,” she says. “One of the great voices of all time was Whitney Houston. Unfortunately today, everyone thinks they have to do vocal aerobics. Just find a note and hold it. I do think that Christina Aguilera has a very good voice, but God knows, we can’t hear it because she’s so busy yodeling.

“I don’t hear anyone who can hold a candle to my mother only because my mother was an original and then they broke that mold.” Read more.

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    she blows

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